DeeAnna Moran Quotes in Hail, Caesar! (2016)


DeeAnna Moran Quotes:

  • Eddie Mannix: Let me see if Arne is open to matrimony. You sure he's the father?

    DeeAnna Moran: Yeah, yeah. Absolutely, he's the father, yes!

    [Mannix starts to walk away]

    DeeAnna Moran: ... Pretty sure.

  • DeeAnna Moran: Hey, Maxie, bring me my ass back!

  • DeeAnna Moran: [Watching Joe working the seal to notarize] You must have very strong forearms. Is it hard... squeezing that thing like that?

    Joe Silverman: Comes with the job, ma'am.

  • Stagehand: You have gas again, ma'am?

    DeeAnna Moran: Ma'am? Miss! Do I look married?

    Stagehand: No, Miss.

    DeeAnna Moran: No! Do I have gas again...

  • Eddie Mannix: Any more thought about who you might marry?

    DeeAnna Moran: I ain't doin' that again! I had two marriages. It just cost the Studio a lot of money to bust them up.

    Eddie Mannix: Well, we had to have those annulled. One was to a minor mob figure...

    DeeAnna Moran: Vince was not minor!

    Eddie Mannix: And Buddy Flynn was a bandleader with a long history of narcotics use.

    DeeAnna Moran: Yeah. Yeah. That's what I'm sayin'! They were both louses! Marryin' a third louse ain't gonna do me no good.

    Eddie Mannix: I've offered you some very suitable young men.

    DeeAnna Moran: Pretty boys, saps and swishes! What you think if there wasn't a good reliable man, I wouldn't have grabbed him?

    Eddie Mannix: What about Arne Seslum? He is the father isn't he?

    DeeAnna Moran: Yeah. Yeah.

    Eddie Mannix: A marriage doesn't have to last forever; but, DeeAnna having a child without a father would present a public relations problem for the Studio.

  • Stu Schwartz - Accounting: Joe will be the foster parent until such time as you adopt the child. Which you can do as soon as Joe takes possession of it.

    DeeAnna Moran: And he's reliable?

    Joe Silverman: I'm bonded, Miss.

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