Dee Dee Quotes in Muscle Beach Party (1964)


Dee Dee Quotes:

  • [Dee Dee walk in on Julie making out with Frankie]

    Frankie: Dee Dee, hi. Um... you remember her? Her name's Julie.

    Dee Dee: Oh, I remember her. The bride of Godzilla!

  • Dee Dee: I have just one question. Did you kiss him because he's lovable, or because he's the only man on the beach?

    Julie: Because he looked hungry. His last meal obviously didn't satisfy him.

    Dee Dee: Oh, it's a good thing you happended along. I'm sure you could cater supper to an entire army.

    Frankie: Now that's in bad taste.

    Julie: Oh, no. One man at a time. I like to be a devoted chef.

    Dee Dee: But right now you're serving a lot of free meals. Sort of a one-woman bread line.

    Frankie: Ooo, that's smart!

    Julie: [getting angry] I can afford it!

    Dee Dee: Then he must be of your charity cases!

    Frankie: Hold on, the football here would like to say something.

    Dee Dee: Well, I'm not through!

    Frankie: Figures!

    Dee Dee: [to Julie] As the man said, this is a public beach and we're supposed to keep it clean.

    Frankie: Now that's really in bad taste!

    Julie: [to Dee Dee] Then perhaps, you better leave.

    Frankie: Very good!

    Dee Dee: [to Julie] I plan to!

    Frankie: No, wait. Don't quit now, Dee Dee. I think your ahead.

    Dee Dee: Okay, how's this for a closer?

    [slaps him]

  • Dee Dee: Hey! Listen... They're fucking.

  • Frankie: You know something? A kiss is worth more than a thousand words.

    Dee Dee: Then why don't you stop talking?

  • Dee Dee: Wanna buy a Brownie outfit, cheap?

  • Dee Dee: Men! They're all beasts!

    Animal: Yeah. But isn't it wonderful?

  • Dee Dee: Get off our backs.

    Dino: I kinda get off on your front.

  • Dee Dee: Can I get you a doctor or a vanilla milkshake or something?

  • Absid: What do you intend to do during your lifetime?

    Dee Dee: Well, I was thinking about becoming a nun or a bomber pilot. Or maybe even going into politics.

  • Dee Dee: I'm going to the ladies room... Try not to kill anyone before I get back.

  • Absid: I'm an alien.

    Dee Dee: Well, that's okay, there's lots of English bands. What about Menudo?

  • Dee Dee: I guess it's not surprising I'd fall for an alien. Lois Lane fell for Superman. Uh, there've been lots of mixed couples like that. Fay Wray and King Kong...

  • Dee Dee: I still can't believe you're an alien. What a novelty act!

  • Dee Dee: You don't know what it's like, Bone, getting out on your own, then being dragged back home. You wait a few years, get yourself a sweetheart, a job that pays your own money, stuff you like to do that your mama says is silly or sinful. Just about everything I like in this world is silly or sinful. But then, mama, I don't care. I got my car and I got my own plans, and as soon as that car is paid for you can bet your ass I'll be gone again. Next time the devil himself ain't gonna be able to drag me back.

  • Phil: Have no fear. Wonder Manager will save the day!

    Dee Dee: "Wonder Manager"?

    Max: Yeah. It's a wonder he's our manager!

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