Dawn Weiner Quotes in Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995)


Dawn Weiner Quotes:

  • Brandon: Why do you hang out with that faggot?

    Dawn Weiner: Just because Ralphie's a faggot doesn't mean he's an asshole.

  • Dawn Weiner: Why do you hate me?

    Lolita: Because you're ugly.

  • Dawn Weiner: [looking at beefcake photos of Steve] Who took them?

    Steve: Valerie Mondello. She's the photo editor of the yearbook.

    Dawn Weiner: Was she your girlfriend?

    Steve: For a few days. It was worth it, though, don't you think?

  • Steve Rodgers: Special people?

    Dawn Weiner: Yeah.

    Steve Rodgers: Do you know what "special people" means?

    Dawn Weiner: What?

    Steve Rodgers: Special people equals retarded. Your club is for retards.

  • Dawn Weiner: I don't mean to be a cunt.

  • Dawn Weiner: Do you think about girls?

    Mark Weiner: Are you kidding? I want to get into a good school.

  • Dawn Weiner: I don't want to go to Disney World.

    Mark Weiner: Don't be stupid. If nothing else, it'll look good on your college résumé.

  • Dawn Weiner: [opening lines]

    [walks up to Lolita]

    Dawn Weiner: Can I sit here?

    Lolita: If you feel like it.

    [looks at Dawn eating her lunch]

    Lolita: Someone barfed there fourth period.

    Cookie: [walks up with cheerleaders] Hi, Dawn, sorry to bother you, but we were just wondering... Are you a lesbian?

    [camera cuts to Dawn]

    Cookie: Well, are you?

    Dawn Weiner: No.

    Lolita: Liar. She made a pass at me.

    Cookie: [with group] Lesbo, Lesbo, Lesbo.

  • Ralphie: Dawn? Do you think I'll get into the Hummingbirds next year?

    Dawn Weiner: Boys always get in.

    Ralphie: Do you think they'll go on a trip to Disney World next year also?

    Dawn Weiner: I don't know! Maybe. Depends.

    Ralphie: On what?

    Brandon: Hey, dog-face!

    Dawn Weiner: Drop dead!

    Ralphie: Let's go.

    Brandon: What's the matter, faggot? In a hurry to run home to Mommy?

    Dawn Weiner: Shut up!

    Brandon: Make me, lesbo!

    Dawn Weiner: You think you're so cool!

    Ralphie: You think you're hot shit but you're really just cold diarrhea.

    Brandon: Hoo-HOO! Listen to this faggot!

    Dawn Weiner: Shut up, you asshole!

    Ralphie: Yeah, shut up!

    Brandon: Man, if I were you, faggot, I'd be shittin' in my pants, 'cause when you go to junior high, man, I'm gonna smash that little fairy face of yours into a mushy pulp!

    Dawn Weiner: Yeah, well, at least he won't stay back a year!

    [Brandon knocks her soda out of her hand and laughs]

    Dawn Weiner: Retard!

  • Dawn Weiner: [to Steve] Want to see my fingers?

  • [Dawn offers Steve something to eat while he waits for Mark to come home]

    Dawn Weiner: Ring Dings, Pop Tarts, whatever! I can make Jell-O.

  • Missy Wiener: [to Dawn] Were you playing with my dolls?

    Dawn Weiner: [defiantly] No!

    [Missy stares at Dawn, unconvinced]

  • Dawn Weiner: [after Troy gets punched] Troy, are you okay?

    Troy: Leave me alone, Wienerdog!

  • Ralphie: [after Brandon leaves Dawn's backyard] Don't worry, Dawn. Brandon's just a retard.

    Dawn Weiner: FAGGOT!

  • [after seeing Dawn about to enter a school bathroom stall, then going over to the sink]

    Lolita: You didn't come in here to wash your hands.

    Dawn Weiner: Y - yes, I did.

    Lolita: You came in here to take a shit.

    Dawn Weiner: No, really. I don't have to go. My hands were just dirty, that's all.

    Lolita: Liar. I can smell you from here.

  • Dawn Weiner: Drop dead, lesbo.

  • Missy Wiener: We're having a party!

    Dawn Weiner: What for?

    Mark Weiner: Mom and Dad's 20th, dinghead.

  • [Looking at pictures of Steve]

    Dawn Weiner: Oh, Steve, they're all so beautiful.

    Steve: I'm thinking of using this one on my first album cover.

    Dawn Weiner: You're gonna have a record?

  • Dawn Weiner: I was fighting back.

    Mrs. Weiner: Who told you to fight back?

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