Dawn Schafer Quotes in The Baby-Sitters Club (1995)


Dawn Schafer Quotes:

  • Kristy Thomas: When can you start?

    Alan Gray: Yesterday.

    Kristy Thomas: You've got a deal.

    Dawn Schafer: Kristy! He's a dweeb.

    Kristy Thomas: He's a free dweeb!

    Alan Gray: Yeah, I'm a free dweeb.

  • Mallory Pike: We're rich!

    Jessi: We can almost buy a car!

    Mallory Pike: In five years, we can drive it!

    Kristy Thomas: Hey, you guys, if we raise enough money, we can have our own office!

    Stacey: That's a great idea!

    Mallory Pike: We could have a fax machine!

    Jessi: Go international!

    Claudia Kishi: That would sure let me off the hook if I flunk.

    Mary Anne Spier: You're not going to flunk.

    Kristy Thomas: Claude, I'll help you.

    Claudia Kishi: [Hesitant, smiles] Okay.

    Dawn Schafer: I say we start looking.

    Mary Anne Spier: Stace, how many people signed up so far?

    Stacey: For out last count, we have...

    [Hesitant, disappointed]

    Stacey: Twelve.

  • Mary Anne Spier: [Referring to Kristy] She'll be here any minute.

    Claudia Kishi: [Coldly] She's been late all summer.

    Stacey: [Referring to Kristy's birthday cake] Why is the cake melting?

    Jessi: [Tastes the cake with her finger] Who bought an ice-cream cake?

    Mary Anne SpierClaudia KishiStaceyJessiDawn Schafer: [All the girls turn to Mallory]

  • Kristy Thomas: Hey, guys. Sorry I'm late. Can we start?

    Claudia Kishi: We already have. Okay, new business. The Miss Haberman problem.

    Kristy Thomas: Who's Miss Haberman?

    Dawn Schafer: She's our next door neighbour who's going to call the city and take away our permit.

    Kristy Thomas: We don't need a permit, I checked it out!

    Stacey: Well, it would've been nice if you were there to tell her that.

    Kristy Thomas: I had an appointment, okay?

    Claudia Kishi: Since when is a date an appointment?

    Kristy Thomas: It wasn't a date! Look, Claude, I said I was sorry. I'll talk to her, it's no big deal.

    Mary Anne Spier: It is a big deal, Kristy. We could lose the camp.

    Kristy Thomas: I said I'd handle it, okay?

    Stacey: I have to go meet Lucas.

    Jessi: I have to sit for Becca.

    Dawn Schafer: Come on, Mary Anne. The Masons are coming for dinner.

    Mallory Pike: I have to finish my novel.

  • Jessi Ramsey: Oh, Dawn. I heard that Alan Gray likes you.

    Mallory Pike: Likes her? Or ''like'' likes her?

    [Makes Jessi laugh]

    Dawn Schafer: That dweeb? Spare me. It doesn't matter anyway because I don't like him. Or ''like'' like him.

    Mary Anne Spier: Something's wrong here, you guys. School's out and I miss it.

    Dawn Schafer: I know, it's not that I love it, just...

    Mary Anne Spier: We don't get to see each other everyday?

    Jessi Ramsey: And we end up baby-sitting at different houses.

    Mallory Pike: We might as well be on seperate planets.

    Mary Anne Spier: Yeah.

  • Dawn Schafer: [Referring to Cokie] That girl is developing some really bad karma.

  • Claudia Kishi: [after Dawn offers her a snack] Soymill chips? Forget it.

    Dawn Schafer: They're good for sugar addiction!

  • Mallory Pike: [after getting off the phone with Kristy] We got cut off.

    Stacey: [Worried] Where is she?

    Mallory Pike: I don't know!

    Dawn Schafer: [Turns to Mary Anne] Mary Anne?

    Mary Anne Spier: I can't, I promissed.

    Dawn Schafer: Mary Anne, something horrible could've happened.

    Claudia Kishi: We have to find her.

    Dawn Schafer: [Mary Anne hesitates] Mary Anne!

    Mary Anne Spier: Kristy's dad came back... her real dad.

    Jessi Ramsey: [Shocked] Wow.

    Claudia Kishi: We have to call her mom.

    Mary Anne Spier: No! Kristy made me swear!

    Dawn Schafer: Well, we can't just stand there

    Stacey: Mallory, when are your parents coming home?

    Mallory Pike: [Sadly] Late.

    Mary Anne Spier: We need a car to get there.

    Stacey: I think I know someone.

    [the girls gather around Stacey as she makes a phone call]

  • Dawn Schafer: Suzi... what are you doing in there?

    Suzi Barrett: Shaving!

  • Dawn Schafer: Want some tahini?

    Mary Anne Spier: [Smiles] I'll pass, thanks.

    Dawn Schafer: [Sits next to Mary Anne] What's up with you and Kristy?

    Mary Anne Spier: [Hesitant] Nothing.

    Dawn Schafer: Well it doesn't look like nothing, you're always whispering!

    Mary Anne Spier: That's not true.

    Dawn Schafer: [Raising her tone] It is true!

    Mary Anne Spier: Do you think I should get my ears pierced?

    Dawn Schafer: Don't change the subject!

    Mary Anne Spier: Please don't be mad at me. I'd tell you if I could. But I promised Kristy.

    Dawn Schafer: [Coldly, stands up and leaves] Go be her sister then.

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