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David Rand Quotes:

  • Snake: You know that there be Purty Boy's gun. Where'd you get that, huh?

    David Rand: I found it... in the woods.

    Snake: Well, I found this

    [produces a huge hunting knife]

    Snake: in my cousin Tull's body. And I figure you just

    [takes a swipe at David]

    Snake: know who it belong to!

  • Red Beard: Which one of you sons-a-bitches wants to die first?

    [he points a shotgun at the hunters]

    Red Beard: It's y'all's pleasure... a lot of folks like you can't keep up with the likes of us!

    David Rand: We can squeeze a trigger as easy as you can!

  • Ralph Coleman: [the hunters find the mutilated body of a game warden hung from a tree] Holy mother of God!

    Marty Adler: We're screwed!

    Mason Rand: Like hell we are!

    Marty Adler: They're gonna kill us! We're all gonna...

    Mason Rand: Shut up, Marty, God-dammit! How long since the wardens took the poachers out of here, David?

    David Rand: Three hours?

    Ralph Coleman: We gotta get out of her right now! They could be any place around here!

    Mason Rand: Listen, Ralph, if they knew where we were, we'd be fighting them right this minute. It's not all bad if we handle ourselves and don't fucking panic!

    Al Coleman: Look, if we can get back to that Bronco, I can get us out of here.

    Mason Rand: No. They're probably hitting the camp right now. They're not going to let us out of here alive Al, they can't do that.

    Ralph Coleman: I thought this was over with... it's just beginning!

  • Marty Adler: [the hunters have just cut the game warden's body down from the tree] What are we gonna do if we run into these guys?

    Mason Rand: Kill 'em. Get rid of that jacket. They'll spot you.

    Marty Adler: [Not wishing to part with the bright orange jacket] But it could be cold tonight!

    David Rand: You'd be colder dead.

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