Darryl Revok Quotes in Scanners (1981)


Darryl Revok Quotes:

  • Darryl Revok: This was a test campaign used in 1947 to market a new product. The product was a drug, a tranquilizer called 'Ephemerol'. It was aimed at pregnant women. If it had worked it would have been marketed all over North America. But the campaign failed and the drug failed, because it had a side effect on the unborn children. An invisible side effect.

    Cameron: It created Scanners.

  • Darryl Revok: [strikes back at Cameron with scanner abilities] All right. We're gonna do this the scanner way. I'm gonna suck your brain dry! Everything you are is gonna become me. You're gonna be with me Cameron, no matter what. After all, brothers should be close, don't you think?

  • Cameron Vale: Then what did you need Keller for?

    Darryl Revok: ConSec had hardware. It had contacts. Keller could see the future.

    Cameron Vale: The future? You murdered the future.

    Darryl Revok: That's negative, Cam. Defeatist. Disappoints me to hear you talk that way. You're starting to sound like them.

    Darryl Revok: [continues talking while walking through the room. Cameron takes a stone paperweight in his hands from Revok's desk and observes it] There's a whole generation of scanners soldiers just a few months away from being born. We'll find them. Train them to be like us. Not like Obrist and their band of cripples. We'll bring the world of normals to their knees. We'll build an empire so brilliant, so glorious. We'll be the envy of the whole planet.

    Cameron Vale: You sound just like him. Like Ruth.

    Darryl Revok: No, not like him.

    [furiously yelling]

    Darryl Revok: Like Revok, Darryl Revok!

    Cameron Vale: No. Like him. It's as though he's been reincarnated in you.

    Darryl Revok: [sighs] You're not listening to me. Not co-operating, Cam. You're not co-operating with me at all. I've been counting on you for years Cameron. Tell me you're not gonna betray me like al the rest. Tell me you're not.

    Cameron Vale: [yelling] No!

    [hits Revok in the face with the paperweight]

  • First Scanner: [ConSec is holding a press conference on a scanner demonstration] I would like to scan all of you in this room, one at a time. I must remind you that the scanning experience is usually a painful one... sometimes resulting in nosebleeds, earaches, stomach cramps, nausea. Sometimes other symptoms of a similar nature. There is a doctor present, Dr. Gattineau. I know that you've all been prepared for this, but I thought I'd just remind you just the same. There is one other thing... no one is to leave this room once the demonstration has begun. At this point, I'd like to call for volunteers.

    [audience looks at each other, looking for the first volunteer]

    First Scanner: Anyone, it doesn't matter.

    [Revok raises his hand]

    First Scanner: [spotting Revok's raised hand] Fine.

    [Revok walks to stage]

    First Scanner: [pulls out chair for Revok at table] Just sit right here, please.

    First Scanner: Now I'd like you to think of something specific. Something that will not breach the security of your organization and that you will not object to having disclosed to this group. Something personal, perhaps.

    Darryl Revok: All right. Yes, I have something. Do I have to close my eyes?

    First Scanner: It doesn't matter.

    Darryl Revok: All right, I have something, yes.

    [scanning process begins, First Scanner's head begins to twitch, gradually becoming more severe, Revok's face reveals that he himself is now scanning the scanner, who tries to resist... scanning duel intensifies... first scanner's head explodes, prompting in screams from the audience, pandemonium breaks loose, security confronts Revok]

    Security One: You need to come with me.

    Darryl Revok: I didn't do anything.

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