Darrell Grant Quotes in Striptease (1996)


Darrell Grant Quotes:

  • [Shad appears besides Erin's car while Darrell is holding her at knifepoint inside it]

    Shad: Drop the knife! You got 'til three. One...

    Darrell Grant: Suck my dick!

    Shad: Whip the little fella out. Two...

    Darrell Grant: [brandishes the knife at Shad] This here's a domestic squabble...!

    [Shad seizes his knife hand and wrenches his arm over the window jam, snapping the bone. Darrell screams]

    Shad: Three.

    Darrell Grant: You broke my arm!

    Shad: You sure?

  • Darrell Grant: You got my daughter, and now you try and kill me with a ax.

    Malcolm Moldowsky: I don't have your daughter, you're confused! And it's "*an* ax."

  • Darrell Grant: I'm stoned, but I ain't confused!

  • Darrell Grant: Hey, are you that guy from Price is Right?

    Congressman David Dilbeck: No! I'm Congressman David Dilbeck!

    Darrell Grant: Congressman? No shit! Well, I steal wheelchairs, so we got a lot in common.

  • Darrell Grant: I don't need no stripper to telling me how to live!

  • Darrell Grant: [seizes Erin from behind and holds a knife to her neck] Evenin', everybody!

    Erin Grant: Oh, shoot!

    Darrell Grant: Where's my little 'un?

    Erin Grant: Where you can't get her.

    Darrell Grant: Is that ever the wrong answer. Now you bring her to me right now!

    Erin Grant: I am not bringing her to you anywere in this lifetime.

    Darrell Grant: Well, then I guess I'll just have to go to that nice old judge and tell him my whore of a wife has abducted...

    Erin Grant: Well, guess what, Darell? The judge is dead! So if you want Angela, then you're just going to have to kill me. Go on!

    Darrell Grant: Think I'm afraid to? You think I don't have the manliness to take your life?

    Erin Grant: Oh no, honey, you know what, I think you are all man. That death row lethal injection thing? Nah, come on, that's not gonna scare you!

    Darrell Grant: [hesitates, then] They'd never execute a daddy.

    Erin Grant: No?

  • [at the boat, Darrell peeps at Erin dancing for congressman Dilbeck]

    Darrell Grant: Well, there's a sight to raise the dead. Who's that old freak? Hold on a second. I know who that is. Is that the...? Hey, is that that guy from "Price is Right"?

  • Darrell Grant: I said no sugar.


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