Darla Quotes in Finding Nemo (2003)


Darla Quotes:

  • Darla: [Darla taps madly on the tank glass trying to knock Peach off; singing loudly] Twinkle twinkle little star!

    Peach: [slowly falling off the glass] Find a happy place! Find a happy place! Find a happy place!

  • [shaking Nemo's bag]

    Darla: WHY... ARE... YOU... SLEEPING?

  • Darla: I'm a piranha! They live in the Amazon!

    Dentist: And a piranha is a fish, just like your present!

  • Darla: [taps at the fish tank] Twinkle twinkle little star!

    Peach: [starts falling off fish tank window] Find happy place, find happy place!

  • Darla: What are you looking at? Wipe that face off your head, bitch.

  • Darla: Lick me, all of you.

  • Darla: What did she say? Like, what did she call me?

    Shavonne Wright: Nothing!

    Darla: Oh, come on, "nothing", I know you're lying when you do that. I know you're lying, you bitch.

    Simone: Come on, we know they talk about us, just tell us.

    Shavonne Wright: You swear you're not gonna get mad?

    Simone: I'm not gonna get mad, I'm just curious.

    Darla: I'm not gonna get mad, I think it's a riot. I don't care what she thinks.

    Shavonne Wright: OK, she called you a bitch and you a slut.

    Simone: A slut? She called me a slut? Oh my god, what a bitch.

    Shavonne Wright: [laughing] Simone, everybody calls you a slut.

    Darla: Oh, shit!

    Simone: Shavonne! That bitch, I'm gonna kick her ass!

    Shavonne Wright: I thought you said you weren't gonna get mad?

    Simone: I'm not mad.

  • Darla: Air raid or it's your ass.

    Tony: Don't do it Sabrina

    Darla: [drunk] Oh that's it, Miss Hot Stuff. I'm gonna make the next year of your life a living hell

    [laughs and walks off]

    Darla: LICK ME! All of you!

  • Darla: Ok girlies. It's really hot out here and I'm really sick of looking at you.

  • [singing]

    Tammy: Are you scared we're on live?

    Tracy Turnblad: No, I'm sure I can cope.

    Amber Von Tussle: Well, this show isn't broadacst in...

    TammyAmber Von TussleShelleyNoreenDoreenVickiDarlaBecky: [with the other council girls] Cinemascope!

    Velma Von Tussle: I never drank one chocolate malt. No desserts for Miss Baltimore Crabs.

  • Darla: Just as I thought, you are ashamed of me

    Alfalfa: I'm not ashamed of you I'm proud of you... I just don't want anyone to see you.

  • Darla: This tastes like somebody poured it through an old boot!

    Billy "Froggy" Laughlin: Actually, it's a sneaker!

  • Darla: Waldo, I think we have to turn here!

    Waldo: Girls have no sense of direction.

    Darla: You know, you're starting to get on my nerves!

  • Darla: Alfalfa, that's a part of you I've never seen before!

  • Waldo: We just moved into town. My father bought the oil refinery.

    Darla: That explains why you're so refined!

    Alfalfa: Yeah, and so oily!

  • Clark: We're married!

    Chris: Married?

    Samantha James: MARRIED!

    Darla: We have a son, his name is TJ!

    Samantha James: TJ!

  • Darla: [seductively] I'm a naughty little schoolgirl...

    Barry: You look a little old to be a schoolgirl.

    Darla: I need to be punished. I cheated in class. Don't you want to be my school teacher?

    Barry: I'm really not qualified I work for the IRS.

    Darla: [winks] Not tonight...

    Barry: No, all the time. I work...

    Darla: Ok, ok! You work for the IRS and I have been very, very bad. I haven't paid my taxes and I need to be spanked, NOW!

    Barry: Well, that's really not the way it works, you probably just have to pay the difference, plus interest...

  • Darla: I'm a naughty schoolgirl!

    Barry: You look a little old to be a schoolgirl.

  • Darla: You see, I can't leave. He's got this implant in my head and all he has to do is hit a button and BOOM! Just, BOOM!

    Jenny: [laughing] There's nothing in your head, lady.

    W.E.: Girl, you just said a mouthful.

  • Vilmer: Are we having a party or what? Here we go!

    [pours gasoline on Heather]

    Jenny: No, you can't do that! She has nothing to do with this!

    [lights match]

    Vilmer: Fire in the hole!

    [lights Heather on fire, Jenny screams]


    [Darla puts her out with a fire extinguisher]

    Darla: Now why'd you have to do that? You know I can never get this smell outta my clothes.

  • Bud's Pizza Attendant: Uh, Miss, I think there's something in your trunk...

    Darla: Oh that's just somebody I got tied up back there.

  • Darla: [talking about her breasts] Phony as 3-dollar bills. Changed my life though.

  • Darla: It's just local boys trying to give you a little scare, that's all.

  • Darla: Hey! We see you you old fart!

  • Darla: That man is so horny not even the crack of dawn is safe.

  • [after finding Edith's body]

    Tara: Look at that! A puncture in her jugular vein.

    Darla: A vampire!

    Tara: No, there's only one hole.

    Darla: He could've lost a tooth. Maybe it's an old vampire.

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