Daria Quotes in Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity (1987)


Daria Quotes:

  • Daria: Something tells me there's more in this jungle than meets the eye.

  • Tisa: [Upon entering a spacecraft] Where's the ignition on this one?

    Daria: It's voice activated.

    Tisa: Well, that shouldn't be a problem for you.

  • Daria: If life wasn't so cruel, everything would be beautiful.

  • Daria: What have we got to lose? Don't answer that!

  • Daria: I have a strangest feeling that the normal laws of time and space no longer apply.

  • Sebastian the Raven: [the "birthmark" on Hildegard's foot is smudged, proving that it's fake] Ahahahaha! I was right! Hildegard is NOT your daughter, Heath!

    Helsa: Ah! The pig's out of the bag!

    [Fearless the pig pops out of his hiding place - Princess and Hungry appear as well]

    Prince Rollo: Fearless? Princess, Hungry! But if you're here, then...

    Sebastian the Raven: Heath, your daughter is...

    Laird: RIGHT HERE!

    [camera pans to Laird above the crowd, Daria in his clutches]

    Daria: Let me GO!

    Prince Rollo: DARIA!

    Laird: Take another step, and she goes over the side!


    Laird: Helsa and Hildegard! Come to me!

    Helsa: [grabbing as much food as she can] I'm coming, I'm coming...

    Laird: NOW!

    [the women hurry]

    Heath: Hildegard... LAIRD! Where is your conscious?

    Laird: You're so predictable! Blade!

    [he throws a dagger to his bird, who flies to the chandelier above Rollo, cutting the ropes that hold it up]

    Laird: Say goodbye to your "future son-in-law"!

    Heath: ROLLO!

    [pushes Rollo out of the way, diving under the falling chandelier himself - it crushes him, and he appears dead]

    Laird: What a tragic accident! At this time of sorrow, I *sadly* proclaim myself king, and denounce this girl as an imposter!

    Heath: [slowly lifting his head] Wrong... again... brother!

    Laird: Hmm?



    Heath: [getting up] Let... my daughter... free!

    Laird: [groaning] My reign was short but glorious.

    [takes off with Daria]

  • Mark: Would you like to go with me?

    Daria: Where?

    Mark: Wherever I'm going.

    Daria: Are you *really* asking?

    Mark: Is that your *real* answer?

  • Daria: Hey, guy, you want a smoke?

    Mark: You know, you're taking to a guy under discipline.

    Daria: What's that?

    Mark: This group I was in had rules against smoking. They were into a reality trip.

    Daria: What a drag!

  • Daria: There's a thousand sides to everything - not just heroes and villains. So anyway... so anyway... so anyway... so anyway ought to be one word. Like a place or a river. "So Anyway River."

  • Mark: I always knew it'd be like this.

    Daria: Us?

    Mark: The Desert.

  • Kid: [Daria walks onto a large wooden platform wanting to question a group of kids. The elementary school aged kids run to and quickly surround her. One of the boys, about 10 years old, asks Daria a question] Can we have a piece of ass?

    Daria: Are you sure you'd know what to do with it?

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