Dar Quotes in The Beastmaster (1982)


Dar Quotes:

  • Dar: [re: the eagle] I have my eyes...

    [re: the ferrets]

    Dar: I have my cunning...

    [re: the tiger]

    Dar: and I have my strength.

  • Dar: I've never seen a... pilgrim... who could use a staff the way you did.

    Seth: Ah, but sir; all pilgrims share a deep love of life; especially their own!

  • [Dar grabs Kiri from behind as she fearfully looks at Ruh]

    Dar: Don't move. The beast is fierce. But if we show no fear, we might escape.

  • Tal: Will you help us to free my father?

    Dar: Send your cousin over to ask me.

    [Tal whispers to Kiri, who smiles knowingly before going to Dar]

    Kiri: What can I do to convince you to help us?

    Dar: I'm very busy. The rescue will take some time. I...

    [Kiri smiles and leans over, kissing Dar]

    Tal: I think he's gonna help us.

    Seth: [chuckles] I have a feeling he might.

  • Dar: I'm Dar.

  • Dar: Those are the lost hounds.

    Jackie Trent: That's bad, right?

    Dar: They stalk the night searching for souls to drag down into the abyss.

    Jackie Trent: Sounds like a couple of guys I met in Tijuana last night.

  • Dar: The animals are the only family I have.

  • Dar: Podo, we must be in the land of lunatics.

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