Danny Churchill, Jr. Quotes in Girl Crazy (1943)


Danny Churchill, Jr. Quotes:

  • Danny Churchill, Jr.: Cody College... 8 miles

  • Ginger Gray: Were you always out of your mind?

    Danny Churchill, Jr.: No, no just lately.

  • Polly Williams: Hi ya Church, hows your steeple?

    Danny Churchill, Jr.: So long Polly, watch your crackers!

  • Danny Churchill, Jr.: He certainly does pack a terrific wallop.

    Ginger Gray: Who?

    Danny Churchill, Jr.: Mr. Put-Your-Cards-On-The-Table.


    Ginger Gray: He's a very nice fella.

    Danny Churchill, Jr.: Yes. He's a very nice fella, just the guy to get Juliet off the balcony...

  • Dean Phineas Armour: Supposing we just forget all about it.

    Henry Lathrop: Yes, sir, but the student council.

    Dean Phineas Armour: Hoot on the student council. There's my glass.

    [Pulls out a pair of glasses]

    Dean Phineas Armour: If this young man thinks we're a...

    Danny Churchill, Jr.: A diljo?

    Dean Phineas Armour: A diljo, that's his privilege. We're still in America, aren't we?

    Henry Lathrop: Yes, sir.

    Dean Phineas Armour: Well that gives him a right to cal us a diljo.

    [to Danny]

    Dean Phineas Armour: As for you, young man, supposing you stop unpacking, packing and resigning... and start learning something around here? Huh?

    Danny Churchill, Jr.: Yes, sir,

    Dean Phineas Armour: Well, get going, both of you.

    [They start to leave]

    Dean Phineas Armour: Oh, just a minute. There's another American custom.

    [Walks over and puts their hands together for a handshake; they smile and shake]

    Dean Phineas Armour: Well, don't stand there like Ike and Mike, scoot.

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