Daniel Dravot Quotes in The Man Who Would Be King (1975)


Daniel Dravot Quotes:

  • Daniel Dravot: Peachy, I'm heartily ashamed for gettin' you killed instead of going home rich like you deserved to, on account of me bein' so bleedin' high and bloody mighty. Can you forgive me?

    Peachy Carnehan: That I can and that I do, Danny, free and full and without let or hindrance.

    Daniel Dravot: Everything's all right then.

  • Daniel Dravot: Now listen to me you benighted muckers. We're going to teach you soldiering. The world's noblest profession. When we're done with you, you'll be able to slaughter your enemies like civilized men.

  • Daniel Dravot: The more tribes, the more they'll fight, and the better for us.

  • Daniel Dravot: You are going to become soldiers. A soldier does not think. He only obeys. Do you really think that if a soldier thought twice he'd give his life for queen and country? Not bloody likely.

  • Daniel DravotPeachy Carnehan: God's holy trousers!

  • Peachy Carnehan: What's he saying, Billy?

    Billy Fish: Danny's bleeding. They know! He says not god, not devil, but man!

    Peachy Carnehan: [approaches Danny] They've twigged it, Danny. You've had it! The jig's up!

    Daniel Dravot: [grabs arrow and raises hand in proclamation] I, Sikander -

    Peachy Carnehan: [cuts off Danny] For God's sake!

    Peachy Carnehan: [grabs Danny and leads him down the temple stairs] We've got to brass it out, Danny. Danny, brass it out!

    Peachy Carnehan: [Danny, Peachy and Billy Fish try to escape the mob with heads held high] Bags of swank!

    Daniel Dravot: [Danny, Peachy and Billy Fish on the run] We'll get your riflemen, Peachy, and we'll come back and slaughter the dogs! A drenching in their own blood we'll give them! Riflemen, prepare to advance!

    Peachy Carnehan: [grabs rifles] Too many for that, Danny. Retire in sections!

    Daniel Dravot: Retire? Retire be damned!

    Peachy Carnehan: We've gotta make a run for it!

  • District Commissioner: It would have been wiser if you'd both gone home at the end of your army service.

    Peachy Carnehan: Home to what? A porters uniform outside a restaurant, attainin' tips from belching civilians for closing cab doors on them and their blowsy women?

    Daniel Dravot: Not for us, thank you. Not after watching Afghans come howling down out of the hills and taking battlefield command when all the officers had copped it.

    Peachy Carnehan: Well said, Brother Dravot.

  • Daniel Dravot: In any place where they fight, a man who knows how to drill men can always be a King. We shall go to those parts and say to any King we find - "D'you want to vanquish your foes?' and we will show him how to drill men; for that we know better than anything else. Then we will subvert that King and seize his Throne and establish a Dynasty.

  • Daniel Dravot: [admiring Roxanne, while a worried Peachy looks on] Just looking, Peachy. There's such a thing as admiring beauty for its own sake.

    Peachy Carnehan: [sharply] Being only human, one thing leads to another.

  • District Commissioner: I have your records before me. There's everything in them, from smuggling to swindling to receiving stolen goods to bare-faced blackmail.

    Peachy Carnehan: Sir, I resent the accusation of blackmail. It is blackmail to obtain money by threats of publishing information *in* a newspaper. But what blackmail is there in accepting a small retainer for keeping it *out* of a newspaper?

    District Commissioner: And how did you propose to keep it out?

    Peachy Carnehan: By telling the editor what I know about his sister, and a certain government official in these parts.

    Daniel Dravot: [Referring to Kipling, the journalist present] Let him put *that* in his paper, if he has need of news.

  • Daniel Dravot: The slut bit me!

  • Daniel Dravot: You have our permission to bugger off!

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