Dan Packard Quotes in Dinner at Eight (1933)


Dan Packard Quotes:

  • Dan Packard: Remember what I told you last week?

    Kitty Packard: I don't remember what you told me a minute ago.

  • Carlotta Vance: Farewell, Lochinvar!

    Dan Packard: What did she call me?

  • Dan Packard: Aw, go lay an egg.

  • Dan Packard: So, you'd make a sucker out of me?

    Kitty: Well, I certainly ain't tryin' to make a gentleman out of ya. But, I'm gonna be a lady if it kills me.

  • Kitty: [stage whispers during the dinner] Go on, tell Jordan.

    Dan Packard: Shut up.

    Kitty: Go on and tell 'em.

    Dan Packard: Shut up.

    Kitty: If ya don't, you'll be sorry as long as you live.

    Dan Packard: Shut up, shut up, shut up. Sh - shut up.

  • Dan Packard: That's no elevator. That's a birdcage!

  • Dan Packard: Say, who put up this building? Peter Stuyvesant?

  • Dan Packard: You send me all the dope. I'll do whatever I can. So long.

  • Dan Packard: Do you know why I'm going to Washington tonight? Because the President wants to consult me about the affairs of the nation. That's why.

    Kitty: What's the matter with them.

    Dan Packard: Everythings the matter with them. That's why he's sending for me.

  • Kitty: Doctor Talbot says that you're an extrovert and I'm a introvert.

    Dan Packard: A what?

    Kitty: A introvert, you dummy! And that's why I gotta be quiet a good deal and have time to reflect in.

    Dan Packard: Reflect in? What have you got to reflect about? I have to think and act at the same time!

  • Dan Packard: I called on a fella this morning who can't handle one little business and I juggle fifty things at once and he doesn't handle one. Here's the blow off. He's got the layout that I've been looking for for two years and the sap lays it right in my lap!

  • Dan Packard: Oh, I can't go and eat his dinner. If he's a sucker, that's his funeral.

  • Kitty: Once in our life we get asked to a classy house and I got a new dress that will knock their eye out and we're going!

    Dan Packard: We're not going!

    Kitty: We are so!

  • Dan Packard: Goodbye, Kitten. See ya tomorrow.

  • Dan Packard: I'm just beginning, Tootsie, I'm just beginning.

  • Dan Packard: How'd you like to be a Cabinet member's wife? Mingle with all the other Cabinet members' wives and the Ambassadors.

    Kitty: Nertz! You're not going to drag me down to that graveyard. I seen their pictures in the papers, those girlies. A lot of sour-faced frumps with last year's clothes on. Pinning medals on girl scouts and pouring tea for the DARs and rolling Easter eggs on the White House lawn.


    Kitty: A swell lot of fun I'd have. You go live in Washington! I can have a good time right here.

  • Dan Packard: I'm the works around here and I'll give you orders what to do!

    Kitty: Who do you think you're talkin' to? That first wife of yours out in Montana?

    Dan Packard: Now you leave her out of this.

    Kitty: That poor mealy-faced thing, with her flat chest, that didn't have nerve enough to talk up to you?

  • Dan Packard: [Sarcastically] After I picked you out of the gutter, this is the thanks that I get. Thank you.

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