Dan Kelly Quotes in Ned Kelly (2003)


Dan Kelly Quotes:

  • [the scene flips back and forth through time, between the bank holdup, where Ned dictates a letter with the aid of others around him, and Premier Berry who reads Ned's letter to his subordinates]

    Ned Kelly: So, if I can beg your patience, this is my statement to the Premier of Victoria, Graham Berry, and you here are my witnesses. Joe, take out a pen and paper. We'll write ourselves a letter. Dear sir. Dear sir.

    Premier Berry: "Dear sir, I wish to acquaint you with some of the occurrences of the present, past and the future. It will pay government to give those people who are suffering..."

    Ned Kelly: ...justice and liberty.

    Premier Berry: "... justice and liberty. I seek revenge for the evil name given me and my relations. By the light that shines, this is my warning."

    Ned Kelly: My brother and sisters and mother have to put up with the brutal and cowardly conduct of a parcel of...

    Premier Berry: "... big, ugly..."

    Ned Kelly: ...big, ugly, fat-necked...

    Premier Berry: "... fat-necked..."

    Dan Kelly: ...wombat-headed...

    Ned Kelly: ...wombat-headed...

    Premier Berry: "... wombat headed, big-bellied..."

    Woman: ...magpie-legged...

    Ned Kelly: ...magpie-legged - thank you very much, ma'am; Joe, write that down - magpie-legged...

    Premier Berry: "... narrow-hipped, splaw-footed, sons of Irish bailiffs..."

    Ned Kelly: ...or English landlords, better known as - what? - Victorian police.

    Premier Berry: [to the Superintendent Hare] This section here you might find less amusing, Superintendent.

    Ned Kelly: I give fair warning to all those who have reason to fear me not to attempt to reside in Victoria. Neglect this and abide by the consequences, which shall be worse than the rust in the wheat. I do not wish to give this order full force without timely warning but I am a widow's son outlawed and my orders must be obeyed!

  • [At the end of the Glenrowan shootout, right before they each commit suicide]

    Dan Kelly: I'm out of rounds. Do you have any left?

    Steve Hart: Only two.

    Dan Kelly: I guess that's all we need then, isn't it?

    Steve Hart: We never stood a chance, did we?

    [They both commit suicide]

  • Dan Kelly: Where do you think Da is, heaven or hell?

    Ned Kelly: No. He... he wouldn't be in hell, you know. He wasn't such a bad fella. He... he was just a dumb paddy who got picked on his whole life. And that does something to your pride, you know?

  • Dan Kelly: We need bread, new beards and I need you to pick me up some penicillin. For my Syphilis.

    Ned Kelly: Alright.

    Dan Kelly: Oh and some fresh milk.

    Ned Kelly: Can't we just get that from our horses?

    Dan Kelly: I'm not even going to dignify that with an answer.

  • Dan Kelly: Jesus Ned, pull yourself together.

    Tina: Is your friend alright?

    Dan Kelly: He's fine. He just saw his family... raped... by Pirates.

  • Ned Kelly: Heard you guys were lookin' for a fourth outlaw?

    Dan Kelly: Maybe we are, maybe we aren't... You lookin' to join up?

    Ned Kelly: Maybe I am, maybe I aren't.

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