Dakuan Quotes in Ninja Scroll (1993)


Dakuan Quotes:

  • Dakuan: They poisoned the wells, and killed the villagers, and then said it was an infectious disease. This was their method of keeping the curious away. They're planning something, something very extraordinary.

    Jubei: I'm interested in finding out what it is they're planning.

    Dakuan: That's admirable. But don't get yourself in too deep, or you'll surely wind up dead.

  • Dakuan: Well, this ninja girl is very useful. You see she has the technique of poisoning the man she sleeps with... In fact, the man you thought you killed, was poisoned by her. Anyone who makes love to her dies. So you see, she's perfect in this amoral world.

  • [last lines]

    Jubei: [after cutting part of Dakuan's robes and letting a gold ingot fall into the sea] That will be your payment, old man. Make sure I never see you again.

    Dakuan: Aha - so, you beat me. I thought I would shut your mouth in Edo, but on second thought, you probably wouldn't live that long as you so love risking your life. Everything ends exactly as I have written it!

    [laughs crazily as Jubei leaves]

  • Dakuan: To understand people's minds and control them is the secret of the ninja strategy. But only true sympathy can move the human heart. A pompous old ninja like me can't hope to do it.

  • Dakuan: We're arriving. There's a weird bloody air hovering around here, as no hell lies beyond.

  • Jubei: [stabs Dakuan with what he thinks is a poisoned ninja star] Now you need the antidote as well, old man.

    Dakuan: Oh, boy. You're such a fool. That isn't the same dart that stabbed you. I threw that hellish thing away!

    [screams as Jubei throws him into the springs]

    Jubei: Demon!

    Dakuan: Jubei Kibagami, you have lost this time. Well, live and learn. My name is Dakuan. Let's be friends!

  • Chamberlain: You, ninja girl! You've done well.

    Kagero: You must hurry, or they'll get away! Are there any other members?

    Chamberlain: Don't be worried, we've already surrounded this area.

    Kagero: Then please, you must go quickly!

    [They are surrounded by Yumimaru and other ninjas. Kagero prepares to defend the Chamberlain, but he suddenly stabs her from behind. She screams]

    Kagero: Jubei!

    Jubei: [watching from a rooftop] Kagero!

    [Dakuan holds him back]

    Dakuan: No, stop! Don't do it, it's a trap!

    Chamberlain: You idiots! Sakaki Hyobu died two days ago!

    [laughs as he morphs into Gemma]

    Lord Himuro Gemma: I killed him myself.

    Jubei: [screams] GEMMA!

  • Shijima: [trying to locate Dakuan] Interesting - he vanished. A strange technique.

    Dakuan: [reveals to have disguised himself as a tree branch] Yours is interesting as well, my friend.

  • [Kagero has poised her sword at Dakuan's back]

    Dakuan: What are you planning to do?

    Kagero: The man you hired will die of poison soon unless you give him an antidote. You must tell me how to save him.

    Dakuan: Why ninja girl, you amaze me. Do you mean to tell me that... you're in love with him?

    Kagero: Old fool, he saved my life and I'm simply... returning the favour!

    Dakuan: [chuckles] I don't think so. Imagine a ninja woman who believes she's falling in love...

    [Kagero stabs through his hat]

    Dakuan: If you kill me, then he will die as well.

    Kagero: Hmm. Yes that's true, but your mission won't be accomplished either.

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