Dahl Quotes in Riddick (2013)


Dahl Quotes:

  • Riddick: Love those toenails, by the way.

    Dahl: Yeah? Predator Pink.

    Riddick: Matches your nipples.

  • [Riddick just killed Santana]

    Diaz: Yeah. Let's cut him loose.

    Dahl: That was five seconds.

    Riddick: I like to be a man of my word.

  • Riddick: Now here's what's gonna happen. In 60 seconds you're gonna take these chains off me. We're gonna make a play for those nodes and get off this rock. But somewhere along the line, when it gets really bad, Johns is gonna fold just like Little Johns did. Then when it's all over and the rest of you are ready for Dead Animal Pickup, I'm gonna go balls deep into Dahl. But only because she asked me to. Sweet-like.

    Lockspur: What does he mean, "When things go bad"? What? This doesn't mean qualify as bad?

    Dahl: What the fuck is happening? How fucked are we?

    Riddick: Who knows how long it will rain? Or just how many of them are buried out there?

    Lockspur: He saw it. He saw it with those eyes of his and he didn't even tell us what.

  • Santana: What the fuck do you want, man?

    Boss Johns: You know what? I'm gonna fold you in, Santana. But I give orders to Dahl. And Dahl's gonna give orders to you. And that's the chain of command from this point forward.

    Santana: Why am I not loving this plan so far? Oh, I know, I know. Because it sucks ass and swallows! I'm not taking orders from your pet whore who think I won't smack her right back...

    [Dahl punches Santanta]

    Dahl: I don't fuck guys. Occasionally I fuck 'em up if they need it.

  • Riddick: You grant any last wishes?

    Riddick: [to Dahl] I was referring to you.

    Dahl: Not that the chains aren't a hot look, but no. I'm not gonna straddle you in front of all these guys.

    Riddick: What if I killed all of 'em first?

    Dahl: Easy, boy. There's a lot more tranq where that came from.

  • Boss Johns: If Riddick comes back here without us, you go ahead, you kill him on general principle.

    Dahl: Is that before or after I'm supposed to fuck him?

  • Vargas: I might be able to get the emergency beacon working again.

    Luna: That would be like an ambulance calling for an ambulance, isn't it?

    Dahl: It's back-up for the fucking back-up. We can't.

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