Dabu Quotes in Be Cool (2005)


Dabu Quotes:

  • Dabu: You don't even have to say it, I already know... Don't give me no damn gun! You know what I'm gonna do with it!

  • Dabu: What's up, dawg?

    Sin LaSalle: Must you play into the stereotypes? Turn that mess down. This is the suburbs. I'm in that damn neighborhood watch!

  • Sin LaSalle: You talk to the PD?

    Dabu: The police? The poli...

    Sin LaSalle: The program director.

    Dabu: Check this out.

    Sin LaSalle: Well, hello Mr. Program Director. You see what happens if you don't spin my records?

  • Chili Palmer: Dabu.

    Dabu: Player!

  • Sin LaSalle: Dabu, Tea? What's with the finger what's that?

    Sin LaSalle: That's not gangsta! That's not gangsta!

    Dabu: Got you.

  • Dabu: You don't even have to say it, I all ready know... Don't give me no gun in here!

  • Chili Palmer: How many miles to the gallon to you get on those Hummers, about 12?

    Dabu: Nine.

    Sin LaSalle: Dabu! Thank you, Mr. Goodwrench.

  • Chili Palmer: Evening, gentlemen. Interesting choice of music.

    Sin LaSalle: "That cold black cloud's comin' down." Gotta love Dylan, man. Biograph. It's a great album. You know, we wouldn't have this song without it.

    Chili Palmer: But we would've. Because, you see, Dylan wrote that originally for that Peckinpah movie with James Coburn.

    Sin LaSalle: You're in no position to correct me.

    Chili Palmer: It was to a soundtrack. Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid.

    Dabu: Yup. Same song they played when Slim Pickens died in his wife's arms. Right?

    Chili Palmer: This man knows his westerns.

    Dabu: Good movie.

    Sin LaSalle: [Sarcastically] Gentlemen, thank you very much for that VH1 moment in music history.

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