D Quotes in Dance Flick (2009)


D Quotes:

  • A-Con: All we need is D to do his signature move.

    Thomas: He can't. It's too dangerous.

    A-Con: Yo I don't care about that man D's gonna do it.

    Thomas: But he can break his neck and be crippled forever.

    A-Con: D don't care about that man, alright he's gonna take one for the team!

    Thomas: Well, like a hundred million Americans, D doesn't have insurance!

    D: Yeah, he's right, I don't.

    A-Con: Yo man, he's doing the move and that's final. I want this!

    Thomas: Exactly YOU want this. Look man, there ain't I in team.

    A-Con: There ain't?

    Thomas: No.

    A-Con: What 'bout group?

    Thomas: Not in group either.

    A-Con: Crew?

    Thomas: No!

    A-Con: Troupe?

    Thomas: Uh-uh.

    A-Con: Gang?

    Thomas: No!

    A-Con: I-nsemble?

    Thomas: You just mispronounced that word to make it sound like it had an I in it.

    A-Con: Forget about all that man, let's do it!

    D: But guys!

    Thomas: Stay out of your business D!

    A-Con: Come on man!

    -- D
  • D: You and your kind do not belong among the living. You are nothing but visitors from the past, shadows from the world of darkness.

    Count Magnus Lee: World of darkness?

    D: You and your kind should go back to where you belong! Back to the abyss... OF OBLIVION!

    Count Magnus Lee: A challenger. How amusing.

    -- D
  • D: What's your name?

    Doris Rumm: My name's Doris Lang. Do you think you'll be able to help me? Don't worry, I can pay for it. I don't have much in the way of money, but I'll give you three meals a day, and you can sleep with me if you want to.

    D: So when did the vampire bite you?

    Doris Rumm: You ARE a Vampire Hunter! I knew it! Please, won't you help me?

    -- D
  • D: Go back to the castle and tell Count Lee, visitors from the past shall return to the darkness once they came.

    Lamika: What do you mean visitors from the past?

    -- D
  • D's Left Hand, Narration: Be honest with yourself. Do you think that your high and mighty code of honour kept you from responding to a young girls desire. Ha! And you have the nerve to call yourself a dampiel and claimed that your father is non-other than...

    D: That enough!

    D's Left Hand, Narration: So, hit a nerve, did I?

    -- D
  • D: I was once told of a mutant that could twist space around him, and it seems I have met him!

    -- D
  • [last lines]

    [at a funeral, a young girl spots a stranger]

    Girl: Hey, mister! Wait! Mister, wait! Um, excuse me, sir, but I was wondering if you knew my grandmother Leila... Yes. It's you, isn't it? My grandmother told me about you. So, I'd be honoured if you could come to our house. My father would be so happy...

    D: I appreciate the kindness.

    Girl: Oh, come on, we don't live very far...

    D: I just came to keep a promise I made to an old friend. She was afraid no one would mourn her death. I'm glad she was so wrong.

    Girl: Okay, I guess I see... anyway, thank you for coming.

    [D smiles at her, and rides out]

    Girl: Goodbye. Goodbye!

    Left Hand: Well, that was nice. You're not so bad after all... you just dress bad.

    -- D
  • [D discovers Leila is next to him, taking refuge from the rain]

    Leila: [points a gun at him] Don't get any ideas!... Hey, I'm just trying to stay dry here. If there was any other place to go, believe me, I'd be there. As soon as the rain lets up, I'll be gone from here and from you.

    D: I think I can guess your problem. Your family was the victim of vampires.

    Leila: You don't know what you're talking about. You don't know anything about it.

    D: All right. Perhaps I don't.

    Leila: [removes her earpiece] This stupid thing, it bothers me... You really are a weird one, you know that? In spite of being a dunpeal hunter and all that that entails. How did you know about my mother?

    D: You called her name, remember?

    Leila: She was kidnapped by vampires. My father went after her and was trying to rescue her, so they killed him. And after a while my mother returned, but she wasn't my mother anymore; she'd been changed. The people in the village stoned her to death while I watched. After that I left home. I met the Marcus brothers and joined with them. I wanted to be a hunter to avenge my parents' deaths. I've seen many terrible things since then: lives destroyed, families devastated, hopes crushed... everytime, it seems avampire is to blame.

    D: I can understand why you'd choose to do it. But the life of a hunter is no kind of life.

    Leila: It's the only life I'm any good for now. And it looks like it's the only life you've ever known. So I suggest we make a pact, since we're both in it for the long haul: whoever dies first, the other one can come and bring flowers to their grave. How's that?... It's the rain, makes me sentimental. I don't know why I should care about that - it's just I love flowers. And I don't think I'll be getting any, I'm all alone after all. We have that much in common, don't we? That we're both hunters and we're both alone. Oh well, I'm being silly, doesn't really matter...

    D: I'll do it. I'll bring you flowers if I survive this... but I don't expect to.

    Leila: Stop, I didn't really mean it when I said that. And anyway, I don't really understand why you should keep on doing this.

    D: Because I'm a dunpeal. I don't get to have a life, not like you.

    -- D
  • Borgoff: [clapping after seeing D catch his arrow & snap it in 2] Beautiful. Just Beautiful. I applaud you, stranger. Tell me what you're doing here. If we're in the same game, we should be friends. Tell me your name. Mine's Borgoff. Borgoff Markus.

    D: [short pause] D.

    [rides off]

    -- D
  • Carmila: Dunpeal Hunter! Your mother was human, but your father was a vampire and you're betraying his ancient blood. You side with humans against us. Our people are facing extinction, and you are contributing to their demise. You stalk and kill your own ancestors, dunpeal. You should be ashamed! Your human self is your weaker self! Humans are nothing more than livestock, we prey on them as they prey on beast! This is the rule of nature!

    D: Your time is coming to an end. Your kind must face extinction. You cannot survive, you must die. THAT is the rule of nature.

    Carmila: Ah. Very strong words for a dunpeal, but you seem to forget: our spirits are eternal.

    D: No, Carmilla. Nothing lasts forever.

    Carmila: I see. I should have known better than to reason with your kind, dunpeal hunter. I guess my only option is to use force!

    [D screams]

    -- D
  • Meier Link: She is here by her own choice, dunpeal. So unless you're the kind of man who would take a woman against her will for the money in it - and I am sure it's a lot - I suggest you save your sorry ass now and leave us to travel in peace.

    D: I would if I could believe you, Meier. Your credibility, however, is less than impeccable under the circumstances. You kidnapped the girl.

    -- D
  • D: It may be too late for her. Your sister may already have been tempted. What then?

    Alan Elbourne: You have to get there before that happens, what do you think we're paying you for?

    John Elbourne: That's enough!... My son is emotional, please excuse him. This has been difficult for all of us. If you knew my daughter, you'd understand. She's kind and beautiful, and her loss is more than this old soul can bear. Now, I need to ask you something: if you find her changed, can you see that her death is without suffering. Be kind to her, please.

    Alan Elbourne: No! No, we can't do that! It isn't right! No, she won't be changed! You're talking about your own daughter!

    John Elbourne: Alan, listen to me. It's not easy to ask him for this, but it's something that must be done. I'm sorry. Do you understand?

    -- D
  • [as the rocket ship takes off]

    Leila: Where is he taking her?

    D: Away from here.

    -- D
  • Left Hand: D? Are you awake?

    D: I need your help... to swallow up this spell.

    Left Hand: You're a slave driver, you know that?

    -- D
  • D: I am here for the young woman.

    Meier Link: I wouldn't recommend it, dunpeal. Taking on a vampire at night is a mission for morons and fools. Which are you?

    -- D
  • Polk: [to Sheriff] I can tell you, I won't think twice about using this weapon. I might even enjoy it.

    [to D]

    Polk: Get on your horse, stranger.

    D: [genuinely] Thank you.

    [gets on the horse; starts to leave]

    Polk: No, it's only fitting I Thank you. It's the least I can do.

    [D stops, looking at Polk]

    Polk: I may be just an Old Fool now, stranger, but I can never forget a face like yours.

    [Polk sparing a look at D; sounding grateful]

    Polk: And I'll never forget what you'd done for me back then.

    [all the Sheriff's men sound & look shocked]

    Polk: That's right. I was one of them kids!

    [pause, letting it sink in; eyes on the Sheriff again]

    Polk: And I always felt bad about that. The way you was treated. How nobody stopped ya; nobody thanked you. Instead the ignorant bastards, ran you right out of our town!

    [looks at D again]

    Polk: So it's true, isn't it, what they say about you Dunpeal's: you don't age.

    [focuses once again on his target]

    Polk: Now go, I'm getting tired.

    [D clicks & the horse starts out of there; once outside he gets the horse up to a run]

    -- D
  • D: Who hired the Barbarois? Who were you working for?

    Mashira: [slashed in half] It was Carmilla who hired us. And as a Barbarois, my duty has been fulfilled. Now I can die in peace.

    -- D
  • D: Stop right there, Meier. I'm taking her back, back to her family who loved her.

    Meier Link: She knew I loved her best of all. You can't understand it. You've never loved a human.

    D: I've never killed one, either.

    -- D
  • [Japanese dub]

    Meier Link: You should bear in mind, D, that your struggle to resist our nature can't last forever. One day, the urge for their blood will be stronger.

    D: And when that day comes, another will hunt me. It's as simple as that.

    -- D
  • Marcus: Let's just say that once upon a time, there were 3 bears

    Lou: Oh God, not another story!

    D: Yeah Marcus, just spit it out!

    Marcus: The bears went out one day looking for food which was other bears

    Lou: Ah, cannibalistic bears!

    Marcus: And when these 3 bears got back to their house, they found little Goldilocks sleeping in their bed. Just before they could eat her, Papa bear said, 'Now just wait, we're cannibalistic bears!'

    D: Yes, yes we are

    Lou: I wanna be Mama bear

    D: *Three* bears

    Marcus: Ah, the bears. Goldilocks is tasty to us so Goldilocks must be tasty to other bears, and what we really would like to eat is other bears, so why don't we use Goldilocks as a trap for the other bears. And all the bears nodded their heads and thought it was good, so they did. Goldilocks was a very good trap for the other bears, and the 3 bears went back home to their nice homes at night, simply stuffed to the gills with bear. Yum yum!

    D: So who do we use for bait? Not Goldilocks

    Lou: Not who, but what

    Marcus: Precisely

    D: Im lost

    Lou: Of course you are, you're stupid!

    -- D
  • D: I can't be here for this. This is wrong. Wrong time, wrong place... wrong life.

    -- D
  • D: This is DC138621-S113, code name "D".

    -- D
  • D: Don't Scream!

    Rowena Le Vay: Then don't hit me again!

    -- D
  • Rowena Le Vay: Who... Who are you?

    D: We are the gun to your head!

    -- D
  • D: Is that Mr. Mitchell?

    -- D

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