Cynthia Fine Quotes in The Goodbye Girl (1977)


Cynthia Fine Quotes:

  • Elliot Garfield: Lady Anne! Lady Anne! The black prince is dead! England is yours! You don't want England? How about Spain? Spain I can get you cheap.

    Lucy McFadden: What are you doing in that thing?

    Elliot Garfield: Come on, let's get going, will ya? This horse has got a meter on it.

    Lucy McFadden: Where to?

    Elliot Garfield: We're going home! To Tara! Come on! Cynthia Fine, right? I think you've got charisma, too.

    Cynthia Fine: Lucy, did you tell him? I never said anything like that. I'm going to get you for that Lucy you big creep.

    Elliot Garfield: You want to go to my opening tonight? I owe you a good time after the last one.

    Lucy McFadden: I have homework.

    Elliot Garfield: What are you sore about? Me and your Mom?

    Lucy McFadden: It's none of my business why should I be sore?

    Elliot Garfield: Yeah, well, since you and I are exchanging bedrooms tonight I kinda think it is. But I'm a little old fashioned. I'd like to have your approval.

    Lucy McFadden: Me? I'm only ten years old. I'm not even old enough to vote yet.

    Elliot Garfield: I like your style, kid, I really do. Oh, I'm sorry, I hear you don't like to be called kid.

    Lucy McFadden: I'm a kid it fits.

    Elliot Garfield: Do you like me?

    Lucy McFadden: Ask Cynthia Fine she's crazy about you.

    Elliot Garfield: Lucy, do you like me?

    Lucy McFadden: You're wasting your money because I'm really not enjoying this ride.

    Elliot Garfield: Lucy, I'm going to keep asking you until you answer me. Do you like me?

    Lucy McFadden: Do you mind if I get off? I think I'm getting nauseous.

    Elliot Garfield: Answer my question, Goddamn it. Lucy it makes no difference to me one way or the other because I'm moving in with your old lady but I want to hear it from your own lips. Now answer me, yes or no do you like me?

    Lucy McFadden: No!... Yes.

    Elliot Garfield: A really, really, really lot?

    Lucy McFadden: Yes, yes, alright?

    Elliot Garfield: Okay. But as much as you like me it's not 1/1000th as much as I'm crazy about you. You can cry all over yourself I don't care. I am certifiably nuts about you. You and your ditsy mom. So blow that into your handkerchief.

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