Cy-Kill Quotes in GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords (1986)


Cy-Kill Quotes:

  • Cy-Kill: [meeting Magmar for the first time] Magmar, I presume?

    Magmar: Your presume correctly. What are you?

    Cy-Kill: I am Cy-Kill, leader of the Renegades! Surely, you've heard of me... the greatest warrior of all time, the most powerful GoBot that ever was!

    Magmar: No, I've never heard of you. Now, what do you want?

  • Cy-Kill: [watching Solitaire struggle against her restraints] Save your strength, you cannot break free, Your Majesty. And if you did, I'd have one of my associates here turn you into costume jewelry.

  • Cy-Kill: ...I'm known throughout the galaxy as friend of the oppressor. A champion of the evil cause.

  • Cy-Kill: [about Leader-1] That GoBot has more lives than a cat!

  • Cy-Kill: I won't miss twice.

    [the scepter begins to take on a life of its own]

    Cy-Kill: What's happening?

    Slimestone: [as the Rocklord Warlords look on] It serves him right.

    Marbles: If he doesn't let go of the scepter soon its powers will start to overwhelm him.

    Cy-Kill: Help! It's melting in my hand.

    Crasher: Cy-Kill! What do we do?

    Talc: Let's get out of here.

    Fitor: I'm with you.

    Crasher: Oh okay.

    Cy-Kill: Help!

    Leader-1: [sighs] I know I'm going to regret this later.

    [Leader-1 shoots the scepter out of Cy-Kill's hand. The scepter then begins to fly over top of Stonehenge and then disappears leaving only Magmar's battle axe]

    Scooter: Leader-1?

    Cy-Kill: Wait for me you imbiciles!

  • Turbo: I'm gonna wrap your spokes around your ugly face, Cy-Kill!

    Cy-Kill: Dream on, Turbo.

  • Cy-Kill: [as Nuggit tries to escape] These stones have such gall!

  • Cy-Kill: I'm losing my patience! Which is Magmar?

    Solitaire: Very well, I suppose it makes no difference now.

    [Solitaire points to Boulder]

    Solitaire: That's Magmar leading the charge.

    Cy-Kill: Blast *that* rock!

    Solitaire: What? No!

    Crasher: I'll reduce him to sand! Ha ha ha!

    Solitaire: Why attack Magmar?

    Cy-Kill: Because you're not a very convincing liar. Ha ha ha ha!

  • Cy-Kill: [as the Renegades attack the Rock Lords] All right, show these rocks what GoBots can do!

  • Cy-Kill: First we must come to an understanding.

    [Produces Solitaire's power scepter]

    Sticks: That's Solitaire's power scepter.

    Stones: Yeah of course that's Solitaire's power scepter you dope.

    Magmar: Give it to me.

    Cy-Kill: I have something else for you the owner of this scepter to do with as you please.

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