Customs Officer Quotes in Firefox (1982)


Customs Officer Quotes:

  • Col. Kontarsky: The KGB has just arrested Boris Glazunov, at his flat. Who is in the truck with Upenskoy?

    Customs Officer: [confused] Well, it should be Boris Glazunov.

    Col. Kontarsky: Exactly! It *should* be Glazunov, *if* Upenskoy is making a delivery.

    Customs Officer: Sir, the truck is definitely heading out of the city.

    Col. Kontarsky: Well, this is most curious.


    Col. Kontarsky: Where is Upenskoy supposed to make his delivery?

    Customs Officer: I don't know, but we can certainly find out.

    Col. Kontarsky: No. Follow the car to the checkpoint. Priabin is bringing in the other Jew. Perhaps he can tell me something...

  • Customs Officer: [finding two large bottles of whisky in Shannon's luggage] Do you have a drinking problem, Mr Brown?

    Shannon: I thought there might be a problem with the water.

    Customs Officer: [confiscating one of the bottles] There is.

  • [last lines]

    Customs Officer: Welcome back, Miss Jones.

    Alice: Thank you.

  • Customs Officer: How long do you plan to be here?

    Ray Cutler: Three days.

    Customs Officer: Honeymooners?

    Polly Cutler: That's right.

    Customs Officer: That isn't liquor you have in that case under your coat, is it?

    Ray Cutler: Uh, books. I'm going to catch up on my reading.

    Customs Officer: Reading!

  • Customs Officer: American?

    Curt: Yeah.

    Customs Officer: Fingerprints.

    Curt: Why?

    Customs Officer: You take our fingerprints. So... we take yours.

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