Crash Corrigan Quotes in Undersea Kingdom (1936)


Crash Corrigan Quotes:

  • [first lines]

    [flexing muscles during a Naval Academy physical]

    Crash Corrigan: How 'bout it, Doc. Do you think I'll live?

    Navy Doctor [Ch. 1]: You look kind of weak and puny, but I think you'll pull through.

  • Prof. Norton: There was that signal again. They've been sending it every five minutes.

    Diana Compton: They? Just whom do you mean by they?

    Crash Corrigan: Professor Norton maintains that these signals must be the work of some human agency apparently coming from the bottom of the ocean

    Diana Compton: I hope you're not going to spring that fantastic yarn about the lost continent of Atlantis.

    Prof. Norton: Exactly - only now I have some definite evidence.

  • Dusty King: You haven't gotten yourself in trouble again?

    Crash Corrigan: [sarcastically] No, I'm just wasting ammunition for the fun of it!

  • Alibi Terhune: Did you hear something?

    Dusty King: Not a thing.

    Alibi Terhune: Well, I thought I did. Anyhow I don't like it Take a look down that street.

    Crash Corrigan: What's the matter with it?

    Alibi Terhune: It gives me the creeps. I ain't scared of anything that lives and breathes, but when it comes to a place like this, you can count me out. I don't aim to get my hair full of spooks

  • Marshal Luke Graham: [referring to Dawson] But we ain't never had no trouble lest you count his tryin' for the marshal's job same as I was. Uh, maybe he's still tryin' to beat me out with Grace.

    Crash Corrigan: Say, he wouldn't be tryin' to get you fired plus get your job, would he?

    Marshal Luke Graham: Don't know why. Bein' marshal's a big headache.

    Dusty King: Yeah, but it might be an awful big steppin' stone to a lot of easy money if you're not too particular who you hold hands with.

  • Crash Corrigan: How about that girl back in Colorado.

    Dusty King: Which one?

    Crash Corrigan: Why, the one that threw that pail of water on yuh.

    Dusty King: Um. oh, um, that one. She just didn't have an ear for music, that's all.

    Crash Corrigan: I wouldn't wonder. Every time you sing, I wish I was minus a couple of ears myself.

  • Jim Dawson aka Phil Sanford: I thought you'd be out there chasin' those robbers by this time.

    Crash Corrigan: Oh, no, my partner and I have a little system. He rides out of town and chases the robbers in. i just stay put and tthrow a little alt on their tails.

  • Crash Corrigan: [to Jim Breeden] Harmon, you and your gang have stampeded your last peace officer. Sit down - I want to talk to you.

  • Dusty King: [to Alibi] Elmer's sure got your number, Alibi.

    'Crash' Corrigan: [to Elmer] We're gettin' pretty fed up with that jabberin'!

    'Crash' Corrigan: [to Alibi] Why don't you put that dummy away?

    Elmer Sneezeweed - Alibi's Dummy: Whose that dummy, you big ape? Get down off that horse and I'll tear yuh apart... if I ketch yuh.

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