Cpl. Thomas Searles Quotes in Glory (1989)


Cpl. Thomas Searles Quotes:

  • Colonel Robert G. Shaw: [points at the flag-bearer] If this man should fall, who will lift the flag and carry on?

    [Thomas steps forward]

    Cpl. Thomas Searles: I will.

    Colonel Robert G. Shaw: I'll see you in the fort, Thomas.

  • [watching Searles practice with his bayonet]

    Sgt. Mulcahy: Oh, what do we have here? Bonnie Prince Charley and his toy bayonet! You're not reading your books now. Stab me.

    Cpl. Thomas Searles: What?

    Sgt. Mulcahy: Stab-me.

    [Searles comes at him gingerly and Mulcahy slaps it away]

    Sgt. Mulcahy: I said STAB, not TICKLE! Come on, you prissy little schoolgirl! You're the worst soldier in this whole company, now HIT ME!

    [Searles comes at him again, Mulcahy disarms him and slams the rifle butt into his stomach, then his face. Searles falls to the ground, writing in pain and sobbing]

    Sgt. Mulcahy: No shame, son, get up... I SAID GET UP!

    Trip: Nigger forgot to duck, that's all!

    Colonel Robert G. Shaw: Sergeant, deal with that man!

  • [the 54th has just been attached to Col. Montgomery's regiment in the hope of seeing combat. The troops are marching through the regiment's camp]

    Cpl. Thomas Searles: Who are these ragamuffins?

    John Rawlins: Contraband soldiers, straight from the field.

    Short contraband: Hey, we slaves in the field when the Yankee man come. Say we soldiers.

    [to Thomas]

    Short contraband: Hey, where from?

    Cpl. Thomas Searles: Massachusetts.

    Tall contraband: You walk like the bukra soldier, even talk like him!

    Cpl. Thomas Searles: [to Rawlins] What'd he say?

    John Rawlins: He says we march like white soldiers. How you like the Army, contraband?

    Tall contraband: Oh, we love it! We thank the Lord every day for da good vittles and these beautiful clothes! Every day like kismis!

    Cpl. Thomas Searles: [to Rawlins] What?

    John Rawlins: Like Christmas.

    Cpl. Thomas Searles: Oh.

  • Trip: Hey, yo, nigger, that's my spot, see.

    Cpl. Thomas Searles: If you don't mind, there's more sufficient reading light here.

    Trip: Oooh, I like it when niggers talk good as white folks!

    Cpl. Thomas Searles: I'd be happy to teach you. It would be my pleasure

    Trip: Now, listen here, snowflake. I ain't got nothin' to learn from no house nigger, you hear?

    Cpl. Thomas Searles: I am a free man! As was my father before me.

    Trip: Oh, really? You free? Then why don't you move your free black ass out my spot, see!

  • Cpl. Thomas Searles: It's not true, is it? I mean about not being allowed to fight. The men are living for that day. I know I am.

  • Jupiter Sharts: [seeing that Thomas is reading] Good book, brother?

    Cpl. Thomas Searles: Yes it is, actually. The name's Searles, Thomas Searles.

    Jupiter Sharts: Jupiter Sharts, sir. What it 'bout, that book?

    Cpl. Thomas Searles: It's a collection of essays, actually... Fourier, Emerson... all the transcendentalists.

    Jupiter Sharts: [nods smiling] It got pictures?

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