Cozy Heart Penguin Quotes in The Care Bears Movie (1985)


Cozy Heart Penguin Quotes:

  • Friend Bear: Swift Heart, are you alright?

    Swift Heart Rabbit: You bet, Friend Bear! It takes more than that to slow me down!

    Love-a-Lot-Bear: Where are Kim and Jason?

    Gentle Heart Lamb: Maybe they're hiding and are afraid to show themselves.

    Tender Heart Bear: Okay, Brave Heart, you round up your friends and try to find Kim and Jason. Care Bears, follow me.

    Cozy Heart Penguin: What are you going to do, Tender Heart?

    Tender Heart Bear: We have to try and get through to Nicholas.

    Share Bear: And make him believe that we really do care about him.

    Love-a-Lot-Bear: And that he really cares about everyone else.

    Cozy Heart Penguin: With a Care Bear stare?

    Share Bear: That's right, Cozy Heart.

    Gentle Heart Lamb: I wish there was some way we could express our feelings like that.

    Friend Bear: There's always a way around others to share your feelings, Gentle Heart. Always.

  • Cozy Heart Penguin: I'm Cozy Heart Penguin. Helping someone in need is what warms my heart and keeps me cozy.

    [Cozy Heart splashes in the water and gets Tender Heart all wet]

    Tender Heart Bear: Brrr! Well, it must work, Cozy Heart. This water is freezing!

    Cozy Heart Penguin: I love it!

  • [trapped in a cave]

    Tender Heart Bear: I can't see a thing.

    Bright Heart Raccoon: [appears] Steer to the left!

    Tender Heart Bear: Who said that?

    Lotsa Heart Elephant: Not me.

    Funshine Bear: Neither did I.

    Cozy Heart Penguin: Wasn't me.

    Bright Heart Raccoon: It was me! I said it!

    Tender Heart Bear: Who are you?

    Bright Heart Raccoon: Don't ask questions - steer left, quick!

    Tender Heart Bear: Hang on, everyone.

    Bright Heart Raccoon: Whew! That was close - you almost smashed right into that big rock!

    Funshine Bear: Look, I see light up ahead.

    [the ship comes into the light again]

    Tender Heart Bear: A raccoon? No wonder you could see in the dark.

    Lotsa Heart Elephant: Not just a raccoon - Bright Heart Raccoon.

    Bright Heart Raccoon: I can usually see my way through anything.

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