Countess DeLave Quotes in The Women (1939)


Countess DeLave Quotes:

  • Countess DeLave: Get me a bromide - and put some gin in it.

  • Countess DeLave: This sweet thing is getting her first divorce too! She's a very dear friend of mine... What did you say your name was again darling?

    Miriam Aarons: Miriam Aarons.

    Countess DeLave: [Introducing Mary and Miriam] This is Mrs. Haines. You know, yanked the scalp off that Allen woman in the fitting room?

    Miriam Aarons: Oh yeah! Good for you! I was afraid you were a wet firecracker, sister. Shake!

  • Countess DeLave: I never got a sou out of anybody except my first husband, Mr. Strauss. Oh he said the most touching thing in his will, I remember every word of it... He said "To my beloved wife Flora, I leave all my estate... To be administered by executors because she is an A-1 schlemiel."


    Countess DeLave: Isn't that sweet?

  • Countess DeLave: Oh, the publicity! La publicit√ɬ©!

  • Countess DeLave: But whither... Whither shall I fly?

    Miriam Aarons: To the arms our our pet cowboy, darling!

    Countess DeLave: [Gasps] Miriam Aarons!

    Miriam Aarons: Why, he's plum loco for you, countess! He likes you even better than his horse! And it's such a blasted big horse, too!

  • Mary Haines: [Introduces them] This is the Countess DeLave... Mrs. Howard Fowler.

    Countess DeLave: [Same time] How do you do?

    Sylvia Fowler: [Same time] How do you do?

    Mary Haines: And Miriam Aarons.

    Miriam Aarons: How do you do?

    Sylvia Fowler: [Looks closely at Miriam's flat chest] How do *you* do?

  • Countess DeLave: Oh, l'amour, l'amour, how it can let you down. Hmm. How it can pick you up again.

  • Countess DeLave: Oh, poor creatures. They've lost their equilibrium because they've lost their faith in love. Oh l'amour, l'amour.

  • Lucy: [singing] If the ocean was whiskey, and I was a duck, I'd dive to the bottom, and never come up. Oh baby, oh baby, I've told you before, the more I drink whiskey, I love you the more! Oh baby, oh ba...

    [gets cut off]

    Countess DeLave: [Walks through the door] Oh, l'amour, l'amour!

  • Countess DeLave: Mary, you're not cross because my Buck's had a wee droppy too much?

    Miriam Aarons: Don't be modest, Flora. Your ducky is stinko!

  • Countess DeLave: [sitting on Sylvia Fowler] Take it easy, Mrs. Fowler. I'm only trying to help in my own way.

    Sylvia Fowler: Oh, you big moose!

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