Count Axel de Fersen Quotes in Marie Antoinette (1938)


Count Axel de Fersen Quotes:

  • Count Axel de Fersen: I must let you go. Goodbye.

    Marie: Good night. Or, if you wish good morning. I shall never say goodbye.

  • Count Axel de Fersen: When I'm gone you'll be glad that I didn't stand in the path of your destiny making you less than you were meant to be.

    Marie: And that other kingdom? The love, the youth, the happiness we might have had... what of that?

    Count Axel de Fersen: We shall dream of it more tenderly because we didn't destroy it.

    Marie: Shall I never see you again?

    Count Axel de Fersen: If you need me I shall come to you.

    Marie: [Through tears] I shall always need you.

    Count Axel de Fersen: And if I should ask you, "Was it well done?", you'll tell me, "It was well done."

    Marie: Take me in your arms again.

    [He embraces her tenderly, she puts her head on his chest]

    Marie: Let me have that memory. When I loose heart to go on I shall close my eyes, feel your arms about me. I shall know that I'm in your thoughts, that your loving me...

    Count Axel de Fersen: [He hugs her more tightly] Always, my dear... always.

    Marie: me strength to live... goodbye, my love.

    [They share one last kiss, he breaks the embrace and goes quickly so not to prolong one another's suffering in their parting; we see her watching him as he walks away, her arms still outstretched from their final embrace]

    Marie: .

  • Marie: I think I've known you would come. You promised to, you know?

    Count Axel de Fersen: If you needed me, I said.

    Marie: Yes, you said that.

    Count Axel de Fersen: And, I said I would ask you: "Was it well done?"

    Marie: It was well done. My husband has needed me. I am thankful to not have failed him.

    Count Axel de Fersen: I understand.

    Marie: I even love him. But the love I have for him takes nothing away from my friend. Of all there was between us the night you went away nothing has changed. For me, nothing has changed or ever will. Forgive me for telling you this without asking you if you had the right to hear it.

    Count Axel de Fersen: I have the right. We knew each other for only a few hours and have been parted for long years, but the memory of you has always, will always, stand in the path of any living woman. Goodnight, madame.

  • Marie: You thought of me as something quite wonderful, didn't you? But instead you found an empty-headed, ill-mannered little fool. You see, monsieur, how sadly I am changed.

    Count Axel de Fersen: Oh no, madame! You've made pleasure a shield against lonliness and slander, but you could never change so deep a heart, so eager to be loved. Everyone, even the highest, has some dream of love in his heart and unless he achieve it he must fill that emptiness with noise, fame, excitement, pleasure.

    Marie: Where did you learn this, monsieur?

    Count Axel de Fersen: In museums, mostly.

    Marie: Museums?

    Count Axel de Fersen: They're very dull, most of them, and neglected, but you'll always find someone there gazing over the relics of queens who were true lovers. There isn't much to see... a ring, a glove, a fan perhaps, but we preserve them as much as we do our laws and we have much more faith in them.

    Marie: Do you think one-hundred years hence some Swedish gentleman wandering in Paris might smile over a relic of Marie Antoinette? A miniature perhaps, or a ring? This very ring, for instance.

    [She removes a ring from her hand and shows it to him]

    Marie: Its centuries old. It has an inscription on it

    [She reads it aloud]

    Marie: "Everything leads me to thee."

    [Now she places the ring in his hand]

    Marie: Can you see it? Lying on a velvet cushion in its little glass case?

    Count Axel de Fersen: I don't know... you might make a present of it, perhaps, to some man who had loved you and it would be worn on his hand for as long as he lived and buried with him when he died because he loved you reverently and as was fitting from a respectable distance but with all his heart for all this life.

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