Cornelius Hackl Quotes in Hello, Dolly! (1969)


Cornelius Hackl Quotes:

  • Cornelius Hackl: I've lost everything: my job, my future, everything people *think* is important, but I don't care - because even if I have to dig ditches for the rest of my life, I shall be a ditch-digger who once had a wonderful day.

  • Cornelius Hackl: [infatuated with Irene] Well, you see, we're two ladies about town and we're looking for a had to Malloy and...

    Barnaby Tucker: We're hats, you see, and we're looking for a lady to Malloy with for the af...

    Cornelius Hackl: [signals Barnaby to be quiet] We want a hat!

  • Cornelius Hackl: Look, I'm dancing!

    [carelessly backs into a chair and falls]

    Cornelius Hackl: Uh, I was.

  • Cornelius Hackl: Smile Barnaby.

    Barnaby Tucker: [forcing a smile] I'm smiling.

    Cornelius Hackl: Look rich, gay, and charming.

    Barnaby Tucker: [a small beat] I'm looking gay and charming.

  • Cornelius Hackl: Barnaby, you don't know anything about women.

    Barnaby Tucker: Only that we can't afford them.

  • Cornelius Hackl: We're gonna close the store.

    Barnaby Tucker: Close the store?

    Cornelius Hackl: We have to, 'cause some rotten cans of chicken mash are going to explode.

    Barnaby Tucker: Holy cabooses, how do you know?

    Cornelius Hackl: Because I'm gonna light some candles under them.

  • Cornelius Hackl: Cornelius Hackl here.

    Barnaby Tucker: Barnaby Tucker here.

    Irene Molloy: Irene Malloy here.

  • Fritz, German waiter: And what would you like, sir.

    Cornelius Hackl: Six months off for good behavior.

  • Cornelius Hackl: I've never touched a woman before.

    Irene Molloy: You still haven't. That's my corset.

  • Horace: Corneilius Hackl! What are you doing in New York?

    Cornelius Hackl: Oh, I'm just delivering some oats.

    Horace: Delivering some oats? With my former intended? You're discharged!

    Cornelius Hackl: You can't fire me. I quit!

    Irene Molloy: So do I!

    Horace: Barnaby Tucker, you're discharged.

    Barnaby Tucker: You can't fire me. I quit!

    Minnie Fay: So do I!

  • Irene Molloy: Mr. Vandergelder is a substantial man they tell me, and very well-liked.

    Cornelius Hackl: Oh, he's a lovely man.

    Irene Molloy: And a large circle of friends.

    Cornelius Hackl: Oh, yes indeed. Five or six.

    Barnaby Tucker: Five.

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