Cornelius Cobb Quotes in Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936)


Cornelius Cobb Quotes:

  • Cornelius Cobb: [Approaching a Vermont farmer who is busy unloading boxes] Good morning!

    Farmer: Morning, neighbors. 'Morning.

    Cornelius Cobb: A...

    [farmer walks away with a box]

    Cornelius Cobb: That's an excellent start. At least we've broken the ice.

    John Cedar: [the farmer returns] I say, my friend, do you know a fellow by the name of Longfellow Deeds?

    Farmer: Deeds?

    John Cedar: Yes.

    Farmer: Yes, sir. Yes, indeedy. Everyone knows Deeds.

    John Cedar: Yeah, we...

    [farmer walks away with a box]

    Cornelius Cobb: Must be a game he's playing.

    John Cedar: [the farmer returns] We'd like to get in touch with him. It's very important.

    Farmer: Who's that?

    John Cedar: Deeds! Who do you think I am talking about?

    Farmer: Oh, yes, Deeds. Fine fellow. Very democratic. You won't have no trouble at all. Talks to anybody.

    [walks away with a box]

    John Cedar: I guess we'd better try somebody else.

    Cornelius Cobb: No. We won't. The next time that jumping jack comes out, I'll straddle him while you ask him your questions.

    Farmer: 'Morning, neighbor.

    Cornelius Cobb: Remember us, the fellows who were here a minute ago?

    Farmer: Oh, yeah. Yes, indeedy. I never forget a face.

    Cornelius Cobb: Listen, pop. We've come all the way from New York to look up a fellow by the name of Deeds. It's important. It's *very* important.

    Farmer: You don't have to get rough, neighbor. All you've got to do is ask.

    Cornelius Cobb: Then *please* pretend, for just one fleeting moment, that I'm asking. Where does he reside?

    Farmer: Who?

    Farmer: [Gives up in desperation]

  • Longfellow Deeds: Cedar, Cedar, Cedar and Budington. Funny, I can't think of a rhyme for "Budington".

    Cornelius Cobb: Why should you?

    Longfellow Deeds: Well, whenever I run across the funny name, I like to poke around for a rhyme.

  • Cornelius Cobb: [Reading entrance sign of Mandrake Falls town, written by Deeds] Welcome to Mandrake Falls Where the scenery enthralls Where no hardship e'er befalls Welcome to Mandrake Falls.

  • Cornelius Cobb: You're wasting your time. He doesn't want any lawyers. He's sunk so low he doesn't want help from anybody. You can take a bow for that. As swell a guy as ever hit this town, and you crucified him for a couple of stinking headlines. You've done your bit. Stay out of his way.

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