Corinne Jeffries Quotes in Chances Are (1989)


Corinne Jeffries Quotes:

  • [Corinne tells her psychiatrist Dr. Bailey, about feeling attractive after meeting Alex]

    Corinne Jeffries: Oh, Dr. Bailey, I don't know if it's just his body I'm attracted to or his soul. Or if it's just me.

    Corinne Jeffries: [Corinne lays back in the long chair] Mmm. I'm feeling... Generally... Attractive. The truth is, I'm so ripe, I'm about to fall off the vine.

  • [Miranda demands an explanation from her mother Corinne, on why Alex has to leave]

    Corinne Jeffries: He's... Weird.

    Miranda Jeffries: Mom... Weirdness is not a criminal offense. If it were, you'd be serving a life sentence.

  • [Corinne tells Philip that her and Louie are having a baby]

    Corinne Jeffries: Philip.

    Philip Train: Hmm?

    Corinne Jeffries: We're having a baby.

    Philip Train: [Philip pauses, whispering to Corinne in front of Louie] How are we going to break the news to Louie?

    Corinne Jeffries: [the three laugh together and hug each other] Philip!

  • [Philip accuses Alex of only using Corinne and tells her]

    Corinne Jeffries: Corinne, he's got you figured out. All he wants is your money.

    Corinne Jeffries: You're wrong. He wants my body.

    [Philip stares down Alex]

  • [Corrine talks about the psychiatric term to her condition over her late husband]

    Corinne Jeffries: My psychiatrist says I suffer from the halo effect, the tendency of widows to idealize their dead husbands. He says it keeps me from falling in love again. He has a point, but I can't imagine I'll ever stop loving Louie.

  • [Corinne tells her psychiatrist Dr. Bailey, about meeting Alex]

    Corinne Jeffries: Dr. Bailey. I came here to tell you... That I'm interested in someone. A man. Well, he's almost a man.

    Dr. Bailey: What do you mean?

    Corinne Jeffries: He's 22 years old. But it's not like I'm rushing into anything, I've known him for 26 years.

    Dr. Bailey: Corinne.

    Dr. Bailey: It's a little complicated.

    [as Dr. Bailey notices Corinne is wearing opposite colored shoes, when Corinne tries to cover one shoe with the other]

  • [Philip finally tells Corinne that he's in love with her]

    Philip Train: I'm finding out once and for all what it feels like to hold the woman I love. I've always loved and will always love 'till the day I die.

    Philip Train: [Philip kisses Corinne on the lips] I love you, Corinne.

    Corinne Jeffries: Why didn't you ever tell me?

    Philip Train: How could I?

    Corinne Jeffries: All these years...

    Philip Train: Louie was always there with us, every moment. In your heart. In my heart. In the air.

    Corinne Jeffries: But I don't feel him here now.

  • [Louie walks into the backyard of his home, seeing Corinne plant the new tree seedling with Philip]

    Corinne Jeffries: Philip, I think we'll call the tree George.

  • [Corinne tells her psychiatrist, Dr. Bailey, how she's been feeling about Louie]

    Dr. Bailey: How have you been feeling?

    Corinne Jeffries: Fantastic. It was Louie's birthday on Saturday. I baked him a cake with little cherries on it.

    Dr. Bailey: I thought we agreed that you were going to stop cooking for him.

    Corinne Jeffries: It was his birthday. It makes me happy to feed him. The Egyptians fed their dead.

    Dr. Bailey: Not after 23 years.

  • [Alex tries to tell Corinne that he's Louie]

    Alex Finch: I'm not going to beat around the bush. You won't believe me, but there's something you should know.

    Corinne Jeffries: All right.

    Alex Finch: [Alex holds back from telling Corinne the truth, yelling] Our rain forests are being destroyed at a rate of 50 acres a minute!

  • [Corinne asks Philip if he believes someone like Louie could come back to life]

    Philip Train: Corinne... I can understand how a person's desires might lead her to believe that. It would be a dream come true. But the last guy to come back, that I know about, was Jesus Christ. You'll see Louie someday.

    Corinne Jeffries: I know, in Heaven.

    [Corinne kisses Philip on the cheek]

  • [Alex and Corinne have a pillow fight as she denies to believe he's the real Louie]

    Alex Finch: I know everything about you, Corinne. I know that you love peanut butter, and rhubarb, and cats with yellow eyes.

    Corinne Jeffries: You're a psychic. You're one of Shirley McClaine's kooks! A spook-bender.

    Alex Finch: You love Johnny Manthis.

    Corinne Jeffries: [Corinne hits Alex with the pillow] Get out of here!

    Alex Finch: You hate flat feet.

    Corinne Jeffries: [Corinne hits Alex with the pillow again] Before I scream so loud that everybody in the neighborhood shows up. I'll have you arrested for impersonating a person.

    Alex Finch: And I know you did the Watusi before Lucy Baines, remember? Remember this?

    [Alex kisses Corinne's mouth which gets her mouth to scream while closed, as she moans, the two fall-kissing in her and Louie's bed]

  • [Corinne and Alex talk about Miranda while out on a date]

    Alex Finch: What was Miranda like at 10?

    Corinne Jeffries: At 10? Precocious. Opinionated. Fiercely independent. She got braces then, which she removed with pliers after wearing them for about an hour.

    Corinne Jeffries: [Alex chuckles] I remember Philip telling her, 'All great beauties must suffer and sacrifice'

  • [Alex asks Corinne to have more babies with him]

    Alex Finch: [Alex holds Corinne in his hands] I want to have at least... Two more.

    Corinne Jeffries: Babies?

    Alex Finch: [Alex nods] It's not too late is it?

    Corinne Jeffries: No.

    Alex Finch: [Alex frowns and smiles] Can we start tonight?

  • [Corinne sneaks into Alex's bedroom and into his bed wearing only lingerie, crawling under the sheets, not knowing it's Philip she starts to kiss]

    Corinne Jeffries: Oh, Louie!

    Philip Train: Louie?

    Corinne Jeffries: [Corinne sits up turning on the bedroom light] Philip?

    Corinne Jeffries: [Corinne covers her chest with the blanket sheet] What are you doing here?

    Philip Train: I'm not sure.

    Corinne Jeffries: Whatever just happened between us was...

    Philip Train: A miracle.

    Corinne Jeffries: We almost... We could've...

    Philip Train: We still can.

  • [the real Alex compliments Corinne on getting married to Philip]

    Alex Finch: I just want to say congratulations. You and Philip make a great pair.

    Corinne Jeffries: [Corinne takes Alex by the shoulder] Thanks Alex. You know. You're the first boyfriend of Miranda's I ever really liked.

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