Cordelia Quotes in Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight (1995)


Cordelia Quotes:

  • Cordelia: [to Brayker] You hurry up and finish dinner,

    [she climbs onto table in a seductive manner]

    Cordelia: I'll take care of "dessert".

    [a black cat also climb onto the table and meows]

    Uncle Willy: Ah, don't worry. Good Cleo knows better than to eat that slop.

    Irene: Goddammit! Get that pussy off the table!

    [Cordelia quickly gets off the table]

    Irene: I meant the cat.

  • Cordelia: Are my sheets done yet?

    Jeryline: They're downstairs. And I couldn't get all those stains out, either.

    Cordelia: Damn guacamole.

  • [a hearse drives past]

    Wild Bill Bonhomme: Who died?

    Cordelia: No one. The world is out of joint, William.

  • Cordelia: [to Wild Bill] Always determine what your father would do in a situation, then do exactly the opposite.

  • Cordelia: William, disappearances and extinctions are matters of human perspective. Illusion and reality are interchangable.

  • Wild Bill Bonhomme: Can you help me? Henry isn't back yet. I've got to find Henry!

    Cordelia: You can't, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. All human endeavor is illusion, though not necessarily futile.

  • Cordelia: Beware, young man. Hell is empty; all the demons are here.

  • Cordelia: I'll tell you a secret: Carcajou's cursed. A loup-garou - he don't know what he is - part skunk, part wolf... I know how to break his curse. Listen carefully....

  • Cordelia: Things have gone well for you then? Failure of any kind inspires your father's finest moments. Remain here and you'll wind up wearing him like a jacket!

  • Cordelia: Remember you cannot possess land any more than you can possess another person. We dispossess ourselves through possessions. Never regard the ordinary without perceiving in it the extraordinary. Mine and yours; mine not yours; earth endures.

  • Cordelia: [Tori ignores Paulie's beckoning to her and Mouse and sits with Cordelia and Kara, and Mouse continues to Paulie's table]

    [to Tori]

    Cordelia: So... how are you?

    Tori: First of all, whatever they're saying is trash talk. Stupid. I know you guys won't listen to it.

    Cordelia: Of course not. God, I mean, even if it was true, I'd still be like, "So? Grow up."

    Tori: But it's not true.

    Cordelia: I mean, like, my aunt is gay. Like, get over it.

    Tori: Yeah, but I'm not. Totally. So...

    Cordelia: No, I know.

    Mouse: [She and Paulie have overheard the conversation] She's upset. Give her time.

    Paulie: Bedford, this is a dark day.

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