Cora Munro Quotes in The Last of the Mohicans (1992)


Cora Munro Quotes:

  • Hawkeye: My father's people say that at the birth of the sun and of his brother the moon, their mother died. So the sun gave to the earth her body, from which was to spring all life. And he drew forth from her breast the stars, and the stars he threw into the night sky to remind him of her soul. So there's the Cameron's monument. My folks' too, I guess.

    Cora Munro: You are right, Mr. Poe. We do not understand what is happening here. And it's not as I imagined it would be, thinking of it in Boston and in London...

    Hawkeye: Sorry to disappoint you.

    Cora Munro: No, on the contrary. It is more deeply stirring to my blood than any imagining could possibly have been.

  • Duncan: You are defending him because you've become infatuated with him!

    Cora Munro: Duncan, you are a man with a few admirable qualities, but taken as a whole, I was wrong to have thought so highly of you.

  • Cora Munro: They're going to hang you. Why didn't you leave when you had the chance?

    Hawkeye: Because what I'm interested in is right here.

  • Cora Munro: What are you looking at, sir?

    Hawkeye: I'm looking at you, miss.

  • Hawkeye: My father warned me about you...

    Cora Munro: [interupting] Your Father?

    Hawkeye: Chingachgook, he warned me about people like you.

    Cora Munro: Oh, he did?

    Hawkeye: He said "Do not try to understand them".

    Cora Munro: What?

    Hawkeye: Yes, and, "do not try to make them understand you. That is because they are a breed apart and make no sense".

  • Cora Munro: He saved us. We're alive only because of him.

    Colonel Munro: The man encouraged the colonials to desert in this very room and in my presence! Sir! He is guilty of sedition. He must be tried and hanged like any other criminal, regardless of what he did for my children.

    Cora Munro: But he knew the consequences, and he stayed. Are those the actions of a criminal?

  • Duncan: And who empowered these colonials to pass judgement on England's policies, and to come and go without so much as a "by your leave"?

    Cora Munro: They do not live their lives "by your leave"! They hack it out of the wilderness with their own two hands, bearing their children along the way!

  • Cora Munro: Why were those people living in this defenseless place?

    Hawkeye: After seven years indentured service in Virginia, they headed out here 'cause the frontier's the only land available to poor people. Out here, they're beholden to none. Not living by another's leave.

  • Cora Munro: Justice? If that's justice than the sooner French guns blow the English out of America the better it will be for the people here!

    Colonel Munro: You do not know what you're saying, girl!

    Cora Munro: Yes I do, I know exactly what what I'm saying, and if it is sedition, than I am guilty of sedition too!

  • Cora Munro: You've complimented me with your persistence and patience, but the decision I've come to is this. I would rather make the gravest of mistakes than surrender my own judgment.

  • Cora Munro: You've done everything you can do. Save yourself! If the worst happens, and only one of us survives, something of the other does, too.

  • Hawkeye: Take me!

    Duncan: [as he is being forced away] My compliments, sir! Take her and get out!

    Cora Munro: Duncan! What are they doing to Duncan?

  • Cora Munro: A breed apart, we make no sense?

    Hawkeye: In your particular case, Miss, I'd make an allowance.

    Cora Munro: Thank you so much.

  • Cora Munro: The whole world is set on fire.

  • Cora Munro: The whole world's on fire isn't it.

  • Cora Munro: Surely among his own people he is a prince!

    Capt. Randolph: You! - the daughter of Colonel Munro! - admiring a filthy savage!

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