Connie Quotes in Unstoppable (2010)


Connie Quotes:

  • Oscar Galvin: Did I or did I not tell you to get 1206 off the main?

    Connie: I asked them nicely.

  • Oscar Galvin: [after 777 rips through the derails] What - what the hell was that?

    Connie: THAT was ten million pounds of train, Mr. Galvin! And THIS is the sound of me saving your ass!

    [punches the transmitter]

    Connie: 1206, do you copy?

  • Connie: How the hell did this happen?

    Dewey: It just got away from me.

    Connie: It got away from you? It's a train, Dewey, not a chipmunk!

  • Connie: [walking up to Frank and Will] Sir, I was wondering if you could help me?

    Frank: Connie?

    Connie: I can't decide which I one of you I'm going to kiss first.

    Frank: ME!

    [all three of them laugh happily]

    Will: Problem solved, go get them Connie.

    Connie: All right, bring it on

    [kisses Frank on the cheek]

    Connie: [Will kisses his wife Darcy]

  • Connie: How's Will?

    Frank: He's, ah... He's different. Over.

  • Frank: So, what was the long story you didn't want to make long?

    Will: I come home from work two weeks ago, and she's, uh... she's texting on the phone. I ask her who it is, she says "Nobody." So I said "Let me see the phone." She says no. This goes on, I dunno, five or six times.

    Frank: Wait, wait. You're losing me. She's texting...

    Will: There's this guy we both went to school with. He's a cop, he's a PA state trooper. And he's always had a thing for Darcy. Going way back.

    Connie: [calling over the radio] 1206, where are you?

    Frank: 1206 here, Connie. We're just passing milepost 57.

    Connie: You're about a mile and a half behind.

    Frank: How far out of Arklow is 777?

    Connie: Seven and a half miles. It picked up speed. You better step on it.

    Frank: I'm stepping on it, in it, around it, and through it, Connie. Thank you. Over.

    Will: She's texting on the phone, I keep on asking for it, she keeps on saying no. And, um... she starts to walk away, and I grab for it.

    Frank: You hit her?

    Will: No, no, no. I mean, I scared her, but I didn't- I didn't hit her. Anyway, I drive to this guy's house and tell him we need to talk, let's take a ride. He jumps in my truck, and starts in with "You've got it all wrong, we're just friends." And then he stops once he sees... the gun I got on the dash.

    Frank: Oh!

    Will: I look him in the eye and I say "She's my wife. You find a new friend."

    Frank: You pulled a gun on a cop?

    Connie: [calling on the radio again] Frank? Frank, 777 just passed milepost 61.

    Frank: Thank you, Connie.

    Will: But you wanna hear the kicker?

    Frank: Yes, I do.

    Will: It wasn't even him that was texting her. It was my sister-in-law.

  • Oscar Galvin: God damn it! You listen to me, you son of a bitch! You will be fired!

    Frank: You're breaking up... sorry... you're... this garbage is

    [pretends that the signal over the radio has become weak]

    Connie: Sir, I think they're gone.

  • Ned Oldham: Connie. Yeah, it's Ned.

    Connie: Did you throw that switch yet?

    Ned Oldham: Yeah, six minutes ago. But your train, it's not here. I thought it might be going a little slower than you guessed, but these two numbnuts that you sent, they just showed up and they ain't seen it either.

    Connie: Are you saying our train's already passed?

    Ned Oldham: Yes, ma'am. That'd be my guess.

    Connie: It's not a coaster. That train's under power.

    Ned Oldham: That'd be my guess, too.

  • Inspector Werner: I thought you were in favor of derailment.

    Connie: Yeah, when they were in the middle of nowhere, not now. It's just town after town out there.

  • Connie: Ned, where are you?

    Ned Oldham: Oh, Connie. Hey, um, I-I'm just driving in now.

    [whispering to the diner waitress]

    Ned Oldham: I gotta go.

    Connie: How far are you from milepost five?

    Ned Oldham: [checking his watch] Roughly six minutes, traffic contingent.

    Connie: Great. I need you to haul ass over there and throw the siding switch. We got a coaster.

    Ned Oldham: [his interest piquing] A coaster? Really?

  • Connie: [after Frank and Will antagonize Oscar Galvin] I like them.

  • Connie: [learning Frank and Will are headed straight for 777] Tell Galvin we got two guys out on the mainline about to play chicken with our train.

  • Connie: [after suggesting to derail 777 in open farmland, Connie gets on the phone] Mr. Galvin, I know how much money that will cost the company...

    Oscar Galvin: Do you think? Ms. Hooper, we are not going to intentionally destroy one of our own trains, not when we can still stop it.

    Connie: We can avoid...

    Oscar Galvin: Now I'm going to extend you my last ounce of goodwill and pretend this conversation never happened!

    [Hangs up]

    Connie: [pauses for a moment] He thinks I'm worried about my job.

    [hangs up angrily]

  • Connie: [over the phone] Got an FTA for you, ready to have some fun?

    John Cho: [strumming a small paper guitar, baked out of his mind] Tell her yes!

    Stephanie Plum: You can hear that?

    John Cho: Ninja ears!

    [plays with his ears]

  • Connie: Stephanie Plum! Swear to Christ, I thought you were here to make bail. That would have been sad. You look confused. It's me, Connie Rosoli, you graduated Central with my little sister Tina.

    Stephanie Plum: Tina Rosoli, holy crap! How's she doing?

    Connie: Not good. Big as a house.

    Stephanie Plum: Huh.

    Connie: Enough about me and mine.

  • Connie: Maybe Vinnie'll let you do some skip chasing. How comfortable are you with the lowlifes?

    Stephanie Plum: I sold lingerie in Newark for three years.

    Connie: You're good to go.

  • Stephanie Plum: [looking through the latest FTAs] I need fast money, not easy money.

    Connie: Well, it's not gonna come knocking on your door, honey... oh, wait. This one might. William Earling, exhibitionist. Got kicked out of two retirement homes for flashing his junk. He lives in your building.

    Stephanie Plum: Yeah, Mr. Earling! He lets me use his old newspapers for my hamster's cage.


    Stephanie Plum: He's a perv?

    [Flipping through the file, she sees a photo and recoils]

    Stephanie Plum: Whoa...

    [Connie laughs]

    Stephanie Plum: That's bold.

  • Connie: Curtis? Are you dead?

  • [seeing the trucks circling around the truck stop]

    Connie: Oh my God. "When we get to that truck stop, everything will be alright." Oh, yes...

    [laughs softly, mockingly]

    Connie: [Curtis shifts the car geer into drive]

    Connie: What are you doin'?

    Curtis: You see that gap? The next time it comes around, I'm gonna shoot right through it.

    Connie: No you don't! They'll gang up on us and squash us!

    Curtis: I can do it!

    Connie: All so we can be inside where they are?

    Curtis: What do you think's gonna happen to us if we stay out here?

    Connie: [pauses, then softly] I'm scared.

    Curtis: Me too.

  • Curtis: We gotta get some gas.

    Connie: That's good, because I got to go to the ladies room.

    Curtis: Can I come in and watch?

    Connie: No, you cannot come in and watch!

    Curtis: Damn.

  • Connie: Where's your wife?

    Eric: What? Oh, the ring... I'm divorced.

    Connie: You still wear the ring. What happened?

    Eric: I had, uh, too many scars.

    Connie: I think scars are sexy. I'm divorced, too. My husband said I was too aggressive, so I smacked him.

  • Dr. Herbert Lee: Did you get to Pat and Terry in time to warn them?

    Connie: Oh, no. They got there first and break phonograph record all to pieces.

    Dr. Herbert Lee: Good!

    Connie: Then they go to Fang's headquarters and blow it up. Bang!

    Normandie Drake: Are they all right?

    Big Stoop: Now they go to Fang's hideout and blow it up. Bigger bang!

  • Dwayne: Where I come from we treat ladies with respect!

    Connie: Thank you, Dwayne, but I'm no lady. I'M A DUCK!

  • Isaac Davis: You honestly think that I tried to run you over?

    Connie: You just happened to hit the gas as I walked in front of the car?

    Isaac Davis: Did I do it on purpose?

    Jill: Well, what would Freud say?

    Isaac Davis: Freud would say I really wanted to run her over, that's why he was a genius.

  • [Connie gulps down an entire sub sandwich]

    Ronnie: [impressed] Wow! My Mom's the only other woman I know who can take a sandwich like that!

    Connie: [pointing at Ronnie's sub] You going to finish that?

  • Connie: How can it take so long to do a simple alignment on an american sedan with standard rack-and-pinion steering and MacPherson struts When your garage is equipped with the proper Borg-Warner digital hydraulic radiometer?

    Ronnie: Maybe because I was out back finishing a beer.

  • Prymatt Conehead: He was behaving like a flarndip?

    Connie: [Confused] Flarndip?

    Prymatt Conehead: A masher, a hustler, an uninvited grasper of cone.

    Beldar Conehead: [Overhears this and is irate] FLARNDIP?

  • Connie: I think I'll have some Tang.

    Prymatt Conehead: Ah Tang, the drink astronauts took to the moon.

    Beldar Conehead: Astronauts to the moon?

    [Beldar and Prymatt laugh]

  • Ronnie: Yeah, my grandfather's from the "Old Country".

    Connie: Oh really, which one?

    Ronnie: I'm not sure. One of the big ones.

  • Beldar Conehead: [Spotting a tattoo on Connie's head] What have you done to your cone?

    Connie: Nothing?

    Beldar Conehead: No? Turn around!

    [turns her head]

    Beldar Conehead: NYAAAHH!

    Connie: Ehhhh! It's not a real tattoo.

    Beldar Conehead: Mebs! Mebs! Unacceptable!

    Connie: It's just a decal; everyone's wearing them.

    Beldar Conehead: If everyone jumped into a bituminous cauldron, would you jump in too?

    Connie: I am not a little cone anymore, Dad!

    Beldar Conehead: Maintain low tones with me! Maintain low tones! Now, you are to go to the hygenic chamber and remove it! Also, you are wearing far too much lip and cheek enhancement.

    Connie: Mom - ! My makeup looks okay, doesn't it?

    Beldar Conehead: Do not involve the approval of your other parental unit. Now, if you wish to accompany me to the enclosed retail compound, you will go to the hygenic chamber upstairs immediately, and REMOVE THE DECAL!

  • Beldar Conehead: [Catching Ronnie and Connie together] NYAAAAHHH! Senso-rings? Where did you get those?

    Connie: Under your bed?

    Beldar Conehead: Unacceptable! Your cone is too young!

  • Connie: [Talking about Go-Go the Martian] This kid is a kook!

    Aunt Wendy: No, dear not a kook - a Martian.

    Connie: A Martian!

    Aunt Wendy: From Mars.

    Connie: Both you birds belong in a clock.

  • Connie: Even in the old days he was known as an honest crook.

    Dr. Thornton Poole: That's an oxymoron.

    Connie: Gee, you shouldn't oughta said that, Doc.

    Snaps: Yeah, leave Connie alone. He does the best he can.

  • Snaps: Connie! Am-scray!

    Connie: Do I have to, Boss? Every time I leave I fall behind.

  • Connie: I got it! You daughter's not your daughter, and the cash that used to be the jewels is now your underwear!

  • Connie: I warned him, boss.

    Aldo: Anthony said it was a matter of life and death, boss.

    Snaps: And will you two mugs stop callin' me "boss"? It ain't respectable!

    ConnieAldo: Sorry, boss.

  • Snaps: [Theresa is looking for Anthony and is asking Snaps where she might find him] I may have an idea where he is.

    Theresa: Where?

    Snaps: Closer than I thought. Now, I want you to stay here and don't come out. You owe me this, sister.

    Connie: I thought she was your daughter.

    Snaps: Shut up!

  • Connie: She's obviously made up her mind, so let's just handle this like mature adults.

    Walter: Right, right. You distract him, and I'm gonna hit him in the head with a shovel.

  • Connie: Where's your warrant... to bust in here?

    Ricardo Bodl: I can tell you in two words, national security.

    Connie: I can tell you back in two words. Bull

    [pumps shotgun]

    Connie: shit!

  • Larry: Ah. Boy, Connie, you know what your malts do to me?

    Connie: Countin' on it, darlin'. I get off in an hour.

    Larry: Ain't gonna take that long. I got Crisco at my house.

  • [last lines]

    Connie: I didn't think I'd ever see you again, 'cept maybe on "Cops".

    Larry: Well, guess I had to take the long way around to figure out what I really wanted was just to be with you.

  • Connie: What's this?

    Paco: This is a Rolls Royce.

    Connie: Wow, that's like the Cadillac of automobiles, huh?

    Paco: No, the Mercedes-Benz is the Cadillac of automobiles. This is a Rolls Royce.

  • [Connie and Grace have performed a duet in which Connie has had to fake her lines]

    Christine: What a singular interpretation!

    Connie: Oh, fuck off.

    Grace Winterbourne: You heard her, fuck off.

  • Connie: It's nice to meet a grown man who's still afraid of his mommy.

  • Connie: Oh, Mother Winterbourne. Come in.

    Grace Winterbourne: Mother Winterbourne! That's what I called my mother-in-law because she seemed so cold and distant.

    Connie: Oh. What did you end up calling her?

    Grace Winterbourne: Mother Winterbourne. She was cold and distant.

  • [Bill has just proposed to her]

    Connie: Shit!


    Bill Winterbourne: You know, I always imagined this moment would be like this.

  • Annette: I've always sort of wanted to be the bad girl...

    Connie: Impossible. But I'll tell you something. You sure have wasted an incredible pair of hooters.

  • Lee: All queens rise

    [they all rise and put their hands on their breasts]

    Brian: Oh blessed Saint Mary of drag queens. Please grant your never humble servants and our new friends with grace, jewels, and support hose.

    LeeBrianPaulRobert: Gay-men

    ConnieCarla: Gay-men

  • Connie: Let your eyes crinkle, let your skin wrinkle.

    Connie: Our lines show that we've lived.

    Connie: If he doesn't love you when you look like a map, tell him to hit the road.

  • Connie: We gotta go some place where we can just blend in. Somewhere where they'd never look for us, because there's no theatre, no musical theatre, no dinner theatre, no culture at all!

    Carla: Los Angeles.

  • Connie: We could be LA girls now, we could work out.

    [Connie and Carla think for a second, then laugh hysterically]

    Carla: Good one.

  • [while on stage, pretender to be a man in drag]

    Carla: I have a confession to make.

    Connie: Carla no

    Carla: ...I am... an EATER!

  • Connie: Carla, calm down. Your voice is giving me cramps.

  • Connie: I like him!

    Connie: I saw him before when we were still girls. He was standing out front. We had this moment Carla. He was nice to me.

    Carla: What are you talking about?

    Connie: Right. Why would he ever be attracted to me? I'm a drag queen.

  • Lee: Good falsies. What do you use?

    Connie: None of your beeswax.

    [Lee proceeds to feel her breasts]

    Carla: Yea, they're really good you should all have a feel.

    [All of the guys walk over to feel her breasts]

    Robert: Supple. Good.

    Connie: Ok, then.

    [Gives Carla a look]

  • Carla: Maybe we're having a delayed reaction to the trauma of being shot at like those guys in 'Nam.

    Connie: You can say 'Name Carla. You weren't in 'Nam. You have to call in Vietnam.

    Carla: Shut up Connie! I can call it what I want!

  • Connie: Oh God! I kissed Jeff! I kissed Jeff and I wanna kiss him again without my wig!

  • Connie: [she and Carla are having a fight] Ow! Your knee is in my cootchie!

  • Professor Wagstaff: You know, this is the first time I've been out in a canoe since I saw the American Tragedy?

    Connie: Oh, you're perfectly safe, Professor.

    Professor Wagstaff: I don't know. I was gonna get a flat bottom, but the girl at the boat house didn't have one.

  • Connie: If icky baby don't learn about the football signals, icky baby gonna cwy.

    Professor Wagstaff: If icky girl keep on talking that way, big stwong man's gonna kick all of her teef wight down her fwoat.

  • Baravelli: You sing-a high.

    Connie: Yes, I have a falsetto voice.

    Baravelli: That's-a funny; my last pupil she had-a false set-a teeth.

  • Connie: [Professor Wagstaff and Connie are in a canoe - a duck is swimming nearby. Connie speaks in a baby voice] Is gweat big stwong man gonna tell icky baby all about the bad football signals?

    Professor Wagstaff: Was that you or the duck? 'Cause if it was you, I'm going to finish this ride with the duck.

  • Connie: Oh, Professor, you're full of whimsy.

    Professor Wagstaff: Can you notice it from there? I'm always that way after I eat radishes.

  • Professor Wagstaff: Who was that?

    Connie: The iceman.

    Professor Wagstaff: Is that so? Well, you can't pull the wool over my ice.

    Connie: Oh!

    Professor Wagstaff: That iceman stuff leaves me cold. And if I leave you cold, I'm not the man I used to be.

  • Frank: Dad wants me to give you up. You know, you're interfering with my studies.

    Connie: Ha-ha-ha. He must think I'm terrible.

    Frank: But I think you're wonderful. You're beautiful.

    Connie: Are you making love to me?

  • Connie: [Talking on the phone to Professor Wagstaff] But Professor, I don't understand.

    Professor Wagstaff: You don't, eh. Well, I want to see you. Come right over to my office. You can't? You're in bed? Well, in that case, I'll come over to your office.

  • Professor Wagstaff: Listen, madame, you've gotta give my son up.

    Connie: Give him up?

    Professor Wagstaff: You can't take him from me. He's all I've got in the world except a picture of George Washington crossing the Delaware.

    Connie: But, Professor, I...

    Professor Wagstaff: Whatever you say is a lie. He's only a shell of his former self, which nobody can deny. Whoopee!

    Connie: Oh!

    Professor Wagstaff: I tell you, you're ruining that boy. You're ruining him. Why can't you do as much for me?

  • Professor Wagstaff: Did my son tell you - you had beautiful eyes?

    Connie: Why, yes.

    Professor Wagstaff: He told me that too. He tells that to everyone he meets.

  • Professor Wagstaff: Let's see. Where were we? Oh, yes, I was on your lap - and doing pretty well as I recall it.

    [Knock at the door]

    Connie: Quick! Hurry! Get out! Hurry! And remember, stay under cover.

    Professor Wagstaff: You've got more students than the college.

  • Baravelli: Oh, Professor, I no see you. What are you doing here?

    Professor Wagstaff: Nothing, right now. But, I was doing alright until you came in.

    Connie: Oh, so you know the Professor.

    Baravelli: Sure. He put me in business. He got me on the football team.

    Professor Wagstaff: Now all's I gotta do is get him off the couch!

  • Jennings: Now look, all you've got to do is to get to Professor Wagstaff. He's got the Huxley signals and I'm depending on you to get them here before the game.

    Connie: Yes, but how?

    Jennings: You know how! Romance him, baby. Romance him. And remember, all you're to get is football signals.

  • Preacher: Do you take this man to be your lawful wedded husband?

    Connie: I do.

    Preacher: Do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife?

    Professor WagstaffBaravelliPinky: We do!

  • Connie: Hi, I'm Connie - I'm mom in 'I slept with my step-daddy.'

    Charlie: I'm Charlie, 'Man By Day, Woman By Night.'

  • Dispatch Operator: Has her water broke?

    Connie: Yes, all over my floor.

  • [Sonny pays a visit to his sister Connie. He is surprised to find her subdued and evasive]

    Sonny: [surprised] What's the matter? Huh? What's the matter?

    [He looks at her swollen face and understands what has happened. He pulls away to go after Carlo... ]

    Connie: [grabbing his shoulders] It was my fault!

    Sonny: Where is he?

    Connie: [weeping with terror] Sonny, please. Sonny, it was my fault. It was my fault. I started a fight with him. Please, Sonny...

    [Sonny, now under control, hushes her and kisses her forehead]

    Sonny: Okay... I'm just going to get a doctor to come down and take a look at you.

    Connie: Sonny, please don't do anything. Please don't do anything.

    Sonny: What's the matter with you, huh? What am I going to do? Am I going to make that baby an orphan before he's born?

    [Connie gives a chuckle, and Sonny kisses her again and good-humouredly shrugs his soldiers]

    Sonny: All right?

    [cut to Sonny beating up Carlo]

  • [Sunday dinner at the Corleone home... ]

    Sonny: Niggers havin' a real good time up in Harlem...

    Carlo Rizzi: I knew that was going to happen as soon as they tasted the big money.

    Connie: Papa never talked about business in front of the kids.

    Carlo Rizzi: Shut up, Connie.

    Sonny: Hey, don't you EVER tell her to shut up, you got that?

    Mama Corleone: Santino, don't interfere.

    [Silence reigns around the table for a while]

    Carlo Rizzi: Sonny, Tom, I'd like to talk to you after dinner. I think I can do a lot more for this family...

    Sonny: We don't discuss business at the table.

  • Connie: [shrieking at Michael] You killed my husband! You waited until our father died so nobody could stop you and you killed him! You killed him! You blamed him for Sonny, you always did, everybody did. But you never thought about me. You never gave a dam about me. What am I going to do now?

    Kay Adams: [taking Connie in her arms] Connie...

    Connie: Why do you think he kept Carlo at the mall? All the time he knew he was going to kill him. And then he stood Godfather to our baby. You think you know your husband? You know how many men he had killed! Read the papers. Read the papers! That's your husband!

    [Michael takes Connie into her arms, but she goes wild again and tries to attack him]

    Michael Corleone: Take her upstairs. Get her a doctor.

    [Michael's bodyguards grab Connie and pull her out of the office]

    Michael Corleone: [to Kay] She's hysterical.

    Kay Adams: Is it true?

    Michael Corleone: Don't ask me about my business, Kay.

    Kay Adams: Is it true?

    Michael Corleone: Don't ask me about my business...

    Kay Adams: No...

    Michael Corleone: [slams the desk] ENOUGH!

  • Connie: Dinner's on the table.

    Carlo Rizzi: I'm not hungry yet.

    Connie: Your food is on the table. It's getting cold.

    Carlo Rizzi: I'll eat out later.

    Connie: You just told me to make you dinner!

    Carlo Rizzi: Hey, vaffanculo, eh?

    Connie: Aw, vaffanculo you!

  • Connie: What's the matter, Carlo?

    Carlo Rizzi: [punk sore at the world] Shut up and set the table!

  • Connie: Michael, I hated you for so many years. I think that I did things to myself, to hurt myself so that you'd know - that I could hurt you. You were just being strong for all of us the way Papa was. And I forgive you. Can't you forgive Fredo? He's so sweet and helpless without you. You need me, Michael. I want to take care of you now.

  • [last lines]

    [flashback - Don Vito Corleone's birthday in 1941]

    Fredo CorleoneTom HagenSantinoConnieSalvatore "Sally" TessioTheresa HagenCarlo Rizzi: Surprise!


    Fredo CorleoneTom HagenSantinoConnieSalvatore "Sally" TessioTheresa HagenCarlo Rizzi: For he's a jolly good fellow/For he's a jolly good fellow/For he's a jolly good fellow/ Which nobody can deny...

  • Michael Corleone: [after learning of Zasa's assassination] Don't ever give an order like that again. Not while I'm alive.

    Vincent Mancini: Uncle Mike, it had to be done. You were too sick to make a decision. I got the go ahead from Neri and Connie.

    Michael Corleone: Connie.

    Vincent Mancini: It was the right thing to do.

    Michael Corleone: It was not the right thing to do. I command this family, right or wrong. It was not what I wanted! Understand?

    Vincent Mancini: Yes.

    [Michael looks at Neri]

    Al Neri: Yes.

    [Michael looks at Connie for a long time]

    Connie: Yes!

    Michael Corleone: Vincent, help me to my bed. I want to talk to you alone.

    Michael Corleone: [Vincent helps Michael into his bed] My brother, your father, he and I. Opposites. But I never doubted his love. He would do anything for me. But his temper. Clouded his judgement. I don't want to see the same thing happen to you.

  • Vincent Mancini: You had a gun. They only had a knife. You could have talked them into surrendering. Turned them over to the police.

    Vincent Mancini: Hey, Uncle Mike, Zasa sent these guys I was just sending him a message that's all.

    Michael Corleone: Now he has to send you a message back.

    Vincent Mancini: Joey Zasa's gonna send me a message? Joey Zasa's gonna send me a message?

    Connie: Michael, he did the right thing. He got Zasa's name.

    Michael Corleone: What's Joey Zasa got to do this this? Joey Zasa's a patso. Joey Zasa. Alright, you are what you are. It's in your nature. From now on you stick close to me. You don't go anywhere, you don't do anything, you don't talk to anyone without checking with me first, understand?

    Vincent Mancini: Yeah.

    Michael Corleone: I've got problems with the commission, young man!

    Vincent Mancini: Yeah, I know.

    Michael Corleone: You don't make them any easier.

    Vincent Mancini: I know.

    Michael Corleone: Alright, go on. Get out of here.

    Connie: Michael.

    Michael Corleone: Yes.

    Connie: Now they'll fear you.

    Michael Corleone: Maybe they should fear you.

  • Joey Zasa: The Miucci association and elected you their Italian American man of the year.

    [hands Michael a plaque]

    Michael Corleone: Oh, Miucci. Who's Miucci?

    Joey Zasa: He's the Italian American who invented the telephone. He did it one year before Alexander Graham Bell.

    Michael Corleone: Oh. And this is the reason you have come to my home on this day.

    Joey Zasa: I have a stone in my shoe, Mr. Corleone. A two-bit punk who works for me. Who thinks he's related to you. A bastard.

    Al Neri: He's here. Vincent Mancini. He's at the party.

    Michael Corleone: Well, bring him in.

    Joey Zasa: I think it's good that we talk. I have a problem. Now I have to find out if it is my problem or your problem.

    Michael Corleone: Joey, your business is your business. I have no interest, no percentages. I'm out.

    Joey Zasa: Good, then it is my problem.

    Connie: [Connie and Vincent enter] Michael, you know Vincent Mancini. Sonny's boy.

    Vincent Mancini: Hey, how you doin' Mr. Corleone.

    Michael Corleone: How you doing.

    Vincent Mancini: I'm doin' good. How you doin'?

    Michael Corleone: Good.

    Vincent Mancini: Nice party.

    Michael Corleone: Oh, you like it?

    Vincent Mancini: Yeah, I had to sneak in.

    Michael Corleone: Well, you dressed for it. What's the trouble between you and Mr. Joe Zasa?

    Vincent Mancini: Just trouble. I'll take care of it.

    Michael Corleone: That's foolish of you.

    Vincent Mancini: Foolish of me? It's a little foolish of this guy don't you think? Right? RIGHT!

    Michael Corleone: Temper like his father. Vincent, Mr. Joe Zasa now owns what used to be the Corleone family business in New York. Out of the kindness of his heart he gave you a job with his family. Contrary to my advice you took the job. I offered you something better. Something in the legitimate world. You turned me down. Now you both come to me with this bad blood. What do you expect me to do? Am I a gangster?

    Vincent Mancini: No, no, you're not a gangster, Uncle Mike.

    Connie: Michael, that's Papa's old neighborhood now it's a sewer. Zasa runs it like a disgrace the ladies told me.

  • Joey Zasa: I earned that territory with my talent. The commission gave it to me. You approved.

    Michael Corleone: Yes.

    Vincent Mancini: Hey, Uncle Mike, I'm just here for the party. I didn't come here to ask for help. I could just kill this bastard. He's the one who should be asking for help.

    Michael Corleone: Then kill him. What does this have to do with me?

    Vincent Mancini: Well, he's going around your back saying "fuck Michael Corleone." That's what it has to do with you.

    Vincent Mancini: [to Zasa] Say it to his face one time. ONE TIME!

    Joey Zasa: Mr. Corleone, all bastards are liars Shakespear wrote poems about them.

    Vincent Mancini: What am I gonna do with this guy. WHAT!

    Michael Corleone: Joey, if there is someone going around this city saying "fuck Michael Corleone" what do we do with a piece of shit like this? He's a fuckin' dog.

    Joey Zasa: Yes, if someone were to say such a thing they would not be a friend, they would be a dog.

    Michael Corleone: My interests don't conflict with Mr. Joe Zasa's.

    Vincent Mancini: Oh yes they do, Uncle Mike. More than you know.

    Connie: Michael, he needs your support!

    Vincent Mancini: Hey, Uncle Mike, don't make me work for this guy no more. I come work for you.

    Michael Corleone: For me? As what? A tough guy? I don't need tough guys. I need more lawyers. Joey, since we have no conflicts no debts I accept your tribute. I wish you well. Vincent, come make your peace with Mr. Joe Zasa.

    Joey Zasa: [Vincent hugs Zasa] Bastarde.

    Michael Corleone: [Vincent bites Zasa's ear and Zasa's is taken out of the office] Jesus! Shut it, shut it, shut it.

    Vincent Mancini: Hey Uncle Mike this wasn't the time for this. I mean, I know you're into bankers and Wall Street and your word is gold but I just want to protect you from this guy and your lawyers can't do that.

    Michael Corleone: But you can.

    Vincent Mancini: Yeah, I can.

    Michael Corleone: And why should I be afraid of Joe Zasa?

    Vincent Mancini: Because he knows you're keeping him from moving up in the commission. I say we make him dead. You give the word and I'll take care of it myself.

    Michael Corleone: Maybe you should come with me for a few weeks. See what happens. See how much you learn. Then, we'll talk about your future.

    Vincent Mancini: I won't let you down.

    Michael Corleone: Alright, go on.

  • Connie: Now they'll fear you. Michael.

    Michael Corleone: Maybe they should fear YOU!

  • Mo: I used to write poems. I'd write poems, right, instead of talking to people. Write poems, never show 'em to nobody.

    Maria: Why not?

    Mo: 'Cause I was embarrassed.

    Danny: 'Cause he thought he might kill somebody if they laughed at him.

    Maria: [laughs]

    Connie: He's serious.

  • Connie: So tell me, are you as good in bed as you are on that dance floor?

    Connie: [a few minutes later, after having danced together] So when is Connie going to get her answer?

    Tony Manero: You know, Connie, if you're as good in bed as you are on the dance floor, I'll bet you're one lousy fuck.

    Connie: Then how come they always send me flowers the next morning?

    Tony Manero: 'Cause most guys don't know a good fuck when they've had one. Or I dunno. Maybe they thought you was dead.

  • [last lines]

    Connie: Wake up, Number Thirty Seven.

  • Connie: Hey! Do you know that woman?

    John Klein: What woman?

    Connie: She just left. You didn't see her?

    John Klein: No.

    Connie: That's strange. She had long red hair, green eyes, real pretty. She was asking about you, John?

    John Klein: Did you see which way she went?

    Connie: No.

    John Klein: What did she say?

    Connie: She asked a lot of strange questions. You know, "What are you doing here?". And she asked if you were happy.

    John Klein: What did you say?

    Connie: I asked her for some I.D.

    John Klein: Did she give you any?

    Connie: No. She just said, "Tell John I'm sorry for ruining everything", and then she got up and walked out. What's wrong?

    [John shows her a picture of his DEAD wife]

    John Klein: Was it her? Was it her?

    Connie: That's your wife!

    John Klein: It was her.

  • Connie: I grew up right over that hill.

    John Klein: On a farm?

    Connie: Shucks, no! A real live house. Indoor plumbing and everything!

    John Klein: Sorry.

    Connie: We even had shoes for church and schoolin' and stuff!

  • Connie: [to John] You're a long way from D.C. What are you doing here?

  • Connie: Past few months people have been coming up to me and reporting that they've been seeing strange things. And I'm not talking about the town's speed freak. I'm talking about good, honest, churchgoing people. Now, I've known these folks my entire life and they seem downright embarrassed to be bringing it up.

    John Klein: Bringing what up?

    Connie: It's hard to explain.

  • Connie: There've been weird lights, strange phone calls, you. Seeing a UFO is one thing. What do you do when someone comes into your office and tells you they saw this in their backyard?

    [John stares at her]

    Connie: What is it?

    John Klein: My wife died two years ago. She saw something. Drew pictures. Who showed you this?

  • Connie: John, I can't call in sick just because you have a bad feeling about today.

  • John Klein: You know, when Mary got sick, I couldn't help thinking: "This isn't real. I can stop this. I know I can. I can stop this".

    Connie: No one can stop it, John. Listen to me. Planes are gonna crash. Earthquakes are going to happen. People you know and love are going to die. And no matter what that voice tells you, there's nothing you can do about it.

  • Connie: Do you realize what's happening to you?

  • Connie: You're alone, and that's just no way to be.

  • Connie: What are you thinking, Joe?

    Joe: Nothing. There's nothing I can do and I hate it.

    Connie: That's not true.

    Joe: Yeah, it is. You look at me like I can make a move. What are you thinking when you look at me like that? Don't you care? I don't know who I am, but I know what keeps me alive is restraint. Keeps me out of jail. Keeps me from hurting people. A mark of some fucked-up faith that there's a reason. A reason for all of this. A reason in most moments I shouldn't do what I wanna do. I do as I'm told. These men who bust their asses work like dogs - and I believe in them - but every day they hurt. They get old, they peel back... There's no frontier anymore. And I watch that boy, and I see someone who's... nothing like me, but... he's a child folks left behind. And he's on a fence, balanced right there.

    Connie: What do you want? What is it you want?

    Joe: Nothing.

    Connie: Just tell me what I can do. I like you.

    Joe: I like you, too, but what's the point in any of it? Fuck to this day. I mean, fuck to this day. It's all just gonna boil up and wash us away. Maybe you'll still be here. Maybe you won't.

  • Connie: Connie Wong. Always Wong, never Wight.

    [Zach looks up]

    Connie: Bad joke. I was born in Chinatown, lower east side.

    Zach: How old are you?

    Connie: I was born December 5th, four thousand six hundred and forty two, the Year of the Chicken.

  • Connie: Tapping's not my strongest point!

    Larry: I see that.

  • Sally Hyde: There's not enough beds. There's not enough staff. It''s really crowded and guys have to wait in line. They are just not prepared for the number of wounded guys that are being sent back.

    Martha Vickery: I don't think we are really clear at what you are asking us for, Sally?

    Sally Hyde: Well, it's what I said. I think we could do an article in the paper, you know, maybe using some of these photographs, interviewing some of the guys, maybe.

    Officer Wife: Isn't it difficult for the men to be around young women? When I joined Weight Watchers, I didn't want any candy around the house.

    Connie: I don't think that that's our function, Sally. It seems that we're more a Base gossip sheet. You know, fun and games for the fellas.

  • Jack: Don't worry, I'm a good swimmer.

    Connie: I knew you'd be good.

    Jack: I am for you.

  • Connie: I even imagined it with you.

    Jack: That's... yeah.

    Connie: In a bathtub, I imagined I was with you.

    Jack: You took a bath?

    Connie: No, I was in a bathtub imagining it was a pitch black night. We were in a bed in a spaceship flying through superspace.

    Jack: That... that's a long way off... space travel for tourists.

  • Katherine: A penny.

    Connie: For what?

    Katherine: You know what.

    Connie: For my thoughts? They're not worth it.

  • Connie: You don't understand. I mean, it's not what you think. I'd never do that. It's just... the boys are so nice to you. When we're together... I never knew it was gonna be so nice. Did you ever have a boy hold you close and sing to you? This one boy, Eddie... he sang to me right in my ear. And he held me so sweetly. June, don't you know how that feels? Just to be held like that?

  • Connie: Just because no one understands you doesn't make you an artist.

  • Connie: [entering the room holding a newspaper after Midge just dumped Haley as his manager] Hey, did you see what Walker says?

    [pauses when he notices their dour expressions]

    Connie: What's the matter?

    Haley: Nothing. This is a celebration. Midge is getting a shot at the title and he's got himself a new manager... a blonde.

  • Connie: Oh, this rotten business!

    Midge: Aw, lay off the business. It's like any other business, only here the blood shows.

  • Connie: And I know you, but I didn't know you up in that ring. You looked as if you wanted to kill that guy. As if you would've killed him if they hadn't stopped you.

    Midge: Is that bad?

    Connie: I don't know. I really don't know. But I kept thinking you weren't just hitting that guy in the ring. I kept thinking you were hitting a lot of guys. Different guys. All the guys that ever hurt you. I can't put my finger on it but there's... there's something wrong about that.

  • Midge: Look, you and me and the old lady. That's what's important. Nobody else.

    Connie: What's happened to you? Nothing stands in your way anymore, does it? First, Emma, then Johnny Dunne, now Haley. You've got your own way of destroying people and I don't want any part of it.

    Midge: Well, who's twisting your arm?

    Connie: Thanks, Midge. You've made it easy for me.

    [starts to leave]

    Midge: OK, go on. Feed yourself for a change. Find yourself a job. Go with Haley. Ah, take your bleeding heart out of here.

    Connie: It's not that, Midge. It's just that I wouldn't get much sleep at nights wondering when it was going to be my turn.

    [he exits]

  • Connie: [to Midge] Why did you do it? Because you were bored? Did you have to prove to yourself you're really the champion? You stink! You stink from corruption! You're worse than a murderer. You're a grave robber!

    [Midge knocks him down]

  • Connie: Why haven't you divorced him?

    Emma: I don't know. You know there's more loneliness than anything else in the world. You could be lonely in an awful lot of places - movies, dance halls, in your own room. People are funny.

    [she looks at her wedding ring]

    Emma: One little piece of cheap gold can almost make you believe things are different than they really are. What do you want, Connie? Does Midge want a divorce? He can have it!

    [she cries and leaves]

  • Connie: You still love him. You know you do.

    Emma: Do I? I don't think so.

    Connie: Love isn't something you can put on or take off like an overcoat, you know.

  • Connie: Hey, you're crazy. You don't know anything about boxing. You'll get your ears knocked off.

    Midge: Listen, for 35 bucks, I'd get my head knocked off.

  • Connie: [taking the high road about Midge to a reporter] He was a champion. He went out like a champion. He was a credit to the fight game until the very end.

  • Connie: [inspecting classroom, Connie describes scene to blind Cecelia] Classroom, small. Open space in the middle. Pentagram in the centre.

    Cecilia: What kind of Pentagram? Ordinary run of the mill or second-coming apocalypse?

    Connie: It's pretty.

  • Connie: [Screaming] Ahhhhhhh!

    Harry Stonehouse: [Annoyed] Now what?

    Connie: A spider!

    David Prade: Oh, it's quite harmless... unless you're a male spider. This is a female.

    Connie: You sure have good eyesight!

    David Prade: No, the male is always small, and, in case you're interested, he gets eaten by the female after he has performed his necessary function.

    Baroness de la Vailion: [In French] Ooo lala!

    David Prade: Ah, you know, women tend to do the same thing.

    Baroness de la Vailion: I must say I have never tried it.

    David Prade: [laughs] I mean mentally and psychologically.

    Denise Colby: You've obviously talked to a lot of spiders.

    David Prade: No, but I've talked to men, and, like spiders, many of them enjoy being eaten psychologically.

    Harry Stonehouse: [Alan seems to react negatively to this last remark] You can take me off the list.

    David Prade: Oh, some fight against it. It's a mechanism of this sort, a bid to stave off being eaten by women which operates in certain individuals.

    [Alan again appears to take Prade's remark personally]

    Denise Colby: Is that why you're a bachelor?

    [Everybody laughs]

  • [Kay finds his girlfriend bound and gagged in a closet]

    Connie: Do you want to ruin everything?

    Kay Kyser: But she'll smother in there! There's not enough air.

    [Connie opens and closes the door several times]

    Connie: That ought to hold her.

  • Connie: [having become a 3rd wheel] You know, I see a guy over there who's just cute enough to catch my interest, and just drunk enough to think like wise. So excuse me...

  • Babe Stewart: Do your eyes bother you?

    Connie: No. Why?

    Babe Stewart: They bother me!

  • Connie: You'd be lovely to have around, just to sprinkle the flowers with your personality.

  • Connie: Just a New York cowboy aren't you? Passing through and giving a little small town girl her big moment.

  • Connie: The girl who lands him will say no and put an anchor on it... But isn't it tough when all you can think of is yes?

  • Connie: [to Babe about the lake party] It's too lonesome. No subways. No Elevators. None of the rush or noise of the city.


    Connie: Just pale moon, quiet lake, soft breeze, hardly rustling the pine leaves...

    [Snaps back to reality and looks at Babe]

    Connie: You'd be bored to death.

  • Connie: Oh, I've been busy leading my usual life of sin.

  • Connie: No, there's nothing wrong, cause there's nothing right.

  • Connie: Well, what's been happening that's exciting? Did the Drug Store get in the banana flavored ice cream yet?

  • Connie: No, George, I'm not sore at you. I wish I were, then there'd be some hope. Sure, I like you, George; but, where do we go from there?

  • Connie: Well, would you like Shakespeare?

    Babe Stewart: Oh, Shakespeare's all right. But, you know how it is. Some nights you just don't feel like Shakespeare.

    Connie: No.

  • Connie: You could be nice. Try it sometime.

    Babe Stewart: I might even be nice if you liked it.

    Connie: You write the words and the music, don't you?

    Babe Stewart: Clever girl.

    Connie: Yes, I thought I told you that.

  • Babe Stewart: See you at nine o'clock.

    Connie: Sure of yourself, aren't you?

    Babe Stewart: I wouldn't be if I was sure of you.

    Connie: I have a date. I have a steady date, every night - with my bed.

  • Connie: That's the freshest specimen that ever stepped in this library. And he asked me to go out with him! Is he looking?

    Mattie: No.

    Connie: You sure?

    Mattie: Ah-huh. You do want to go out with him, don't you Connie?

    Connie: He is nice, isn't he.

    Mattie: He's reading now.

    Connie: Make sure.

    Mattie: He's reading.

    Connie: He has lovely dimples, doesn't he? Did you notice? And when he smiles at you...

    Mattie: Oh, go ahead Connie.

  • Connie: Oh! You scared me. It's time to go. We'll be closing. It's nine o'clock.

    Babe Stewart: What do you do with all the hearts you break? Hmm?

    [long kiss]

  • Connie: [after a long kiss with Babe] You shouldn't have done that. I must go and you must go. See you in church.

  • Mrs. Randall: Connie, if you must go to the lake, for heaven's sake don't ask Mr. Stewart. Those hoodlums, drinking and card playing, he'll get the wrong impression of you!

    Connie: Well, I didn't ask him, mother.

    Mrs. Randall: Oh, no. You didn't ask: Quiet lake. Pale moon. Pine trees. Soft breezes.

  • Connie: What on earth are you doing way up here?

    Babe Stewart: Well, you invited me up, didn't you?

    Connie: Yes. But, I didn't think you'd accept.

    Babe Stewart: I never disappoint a lady.

    Connie: Oh, how thoughtful of you.

    Babe Stewart: Well, here I am.

  • Connie: You wouldn't ruin a ladies reputation, would you?

    Babe Stewart: No! No-no-no. No neighbors, have you? Mmm! Pajamas.

    Connie: Lounging pajamas.

    Babe Stewart: Oh, I'm glad you told me.

  • Babe Stewart: Now, let's talk this whole thing over.

    Connie: Well, why don't you say something?

    Babe Stewart: You're awfully sweet.

    Connie: You think so?

    Babe Stewart: Mm-hum. And that isn't all.

    Connie: What else?

    Babe Stewart: Oh, a lot of things.

  • Babe Stewart: It's very proper. We're dancing. Come on, you like this.

    Connie: Well, I hadn't thought about it. Will you give me till tomorrow to answer?

    [Babe squeezes Connie closer]

    Connie: Please, you don't interest me that way, really. Doesn't that hurt your pride?

    Babe Stewart: No. You're much too pretty.

  • Connie: Of course, I forgot. I promised Charlie I'd meet him at the dance.

    Babe Stewart: Certainly. Why don't you go?

    Connie: Because you fascinate me.

  • Connie: [Babe kisses Connie] You still refuse to be nice, don't you?

    Babe Stewart: All right. What does a nice guy do? Sit around and talk?

    Connie: Yes. I know some nice people who talk.

    Babe Stewart: Lovely evening, isn't it.

    Connie: Charming.

    Babe Stewart: You think it will rain tomorrow?

    Connie: Oh, it probably will. It's a holiday.

    Babe Stewart: Well, that takes care of the weather.

  • Babe Stewart: Why keep kidding around like this?

    Connie: I'm not kidding. Only, well, you just walk in and pick up a girl and walk out. Is that fair?

    Babe Stewart: No. No, you're right.

  • Connie: Why don't you be a sport? Why don't you give a girl a break? Why don't you take a chance?

    Babe Stewart: I don't get you?

    Connie: Have you ever gambled?

    Babe Stewart: Yeah, I'll gamble on anything.

    Connie: Why don't you gamble with me.

  • Connie: Oh, darling, why did we take such a fast train?

  • Connie: Darling, don't keep me waiting too long. I'm liable to get lonesome.

    Babe Stewart: All right, honey.

  • Babe Stewart: Honey, you knocked 'em dead tonight.

    Connie: What a break for little Connie. The only girl with four men. You can't deny I was the most popular woman there.

  • Connie: Are you a millionaire or something? Losing three thousand dollars, that way, in one evening. I never knew there was that much money in the world.

  • Connie: Oh, you look grand darling. If we weren't married, I'd sleep with you.

    Babe Stewart: Why don't you try it anyway.

  • Connie: I'm not trying to talk you into anything. I know you need a lot of rope. Whether you hang yourself or bring the rope back, I don't know. It's up to you.

  • Babe Stewart: I changed my mind about your staying here. You're going back to Glendale.

    Connie: But I like it here.

    Babe Stewart: I'm not going to leave you in this hard boiled town. You're going back to Glendale on the next train.

  • Babe Stewart: If I wasn't such a toughie, you'd get under my skin.

    Connie: You're not so tough.

    Babe Stewart: No? You don't think so, huh?

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