Conklin Quotes in The Bourne Identity (2002)


Conklin Quotes:

  • Conklin: Let's ask Marie what she wants to do.

    Jason Bourne: Actually, I don't think she gives a shit. She's dead.

    Conklin: I'm sorry to hear that. How did that happen?

    Jason Bourne: She was slowing me down.

  • Jason Bourne: Who am I?

    Conklin: You're U.S. Government property. You're a malfunctioning $30 million weapon. You're a total goddamn catastrophe, and by God, if it kills me, you're going to tell me how this happened.

  • Jason Bourne: I don't want to do this anymore.

    Conklin: I don't think that's a decision you can make.

    Jason Bourne: Jason Bourne is dead, you hear me? He drowned two weeks ago. You're gonna go tell 'em that Jason Bourne is dead, you understand?

    Conklin: Where are you gonna go?

    Jason Bourne: I swear to God, if I even feel somebody behind me, there is no measure to how fast and how hard I will bring this fight to your doorstep. I'm on my own side now.

  • Jason Bourne: You sent me to kill Wombosi.

    Conklin: Kill Wombosi? We can do that any time we want. I can send Nikki to do that, for Chrissakes. Mr. Wombosi was supposed to be dead three weeks ago. He was supposed to have died in a way where the only possible explanation was that he'd been murdered by a member of his own entourage. I don't send you to kill. I send you to be invisible. I send you because you don't exist.

  • Jason Bourne: Who are you? Are you Treadstone?

    Conklin: Am I Treadstone? Me? What the hell are you talking about?

    [to Nicky]

    Conklin: He's lost it!

  • Conklin: Where's your field box?

    Nicolette: It's right there. The system's gone haywire. That's this window right here.

    [She receives a message in her earlink]

    Nicolette: ...Dining room window? Damn, the phones are dead.

    [the power shuts down, the lights go off]

    Nicolette: It's Bourne, isn't it?

  • Jason Bourne: You move, you die.

    Conklin: Bourne.

    Jason Bourne: Gun down.

  • Nicolette: He killed our man.

    Conklin: What, in the apartment?

    Nicolette: Yeah.

    Conklin: Well, you got to clean that up.

    Nicolette: No, I can't clean it up; there's a body in the streets.

    Conklin: So?

    Nicolette: There's police. This is Paris.

  • Ward Abbott: Can you really bring him in?

    Conklin: I think we're past that, don't you? What, do you have a better idea?

    Ward Abbott: Well, so far, you've given me nothing but a trail of collateral damage from Zurich to Paris. I don't think I could do much worse.

    Conklin: Well, why don't you go upstairs and book a conference room. Maybe you can talk him to death.

  • Conklin: Great police work, really brilliant! Why don't they just hang out a banner that says "Don't come back"! Jesus Christ. What is the French word for 'stake-out', huh?

  • Conklin: You're worried about a budget meeting? If we don't take care of this, we don't make it to the men's room. Is that clear enough for you? We will burn for this. We will both of us burn.

  • Conklin: [to his team] I want Bourne in a body bag by sundown.

  • Conklin: Now Jason, this only goes two ways. Either you come in and let us make this right, or we're going to have to keep going until we're satisfied.

  • Conklin: We've been sleeping down there. Believe me, we're doing everything we can.

    Ward Abbott: And you don't let me know this?

    Conklin: You never wanted to before.

    Ward Abbott: You never made a mistake before.

  • Conklin: What is the French word for "stakeout," huh?

  • Conklin: [to Abbott] You're asking me a direct question? I thought you never were going to do that. You never wanted to before.

  • [first lines]

    Conklin: [voiceover - memories] This is not a drill, soldier. We clear on that? This is a live project. You are go. Training is over. Training is over.

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