Commander Carl Nelson Quotes in King Kong Escapes (1967)


Commander Carl Nelson Quotes:

  • Commander Carl Nelson: He said an Oriental skeleton, a devil who lies like a gutter rat, kidnapped Kong and took him away into the skies.

  • Commander Carl Nelson: This is Mondo Island, the home of Kong. And in addition to Kong, there are mammoth reptiles living on the island that have long since become extinct on other continents. This island could be called a living museum of the prehistoric age.

  • Lieutenant Susan Watson: Well, I don't see how you could be amused by gorillas. I think they're dull.

    Lt. Commander Jiro Nomura: Well this one's sixty feet tall. What do you think of him?

    Lieutenant Susan Watson: Sixty feet?

    Commander Carl Nelson: That's right. This is Kong, the strongest living creature on Earth.

  • Reporter: Uh, at the meeting of the scientific community this morning, it was decided to send the explorer out again. Is this for the purpose of capturing Kong?

    Commander Carl Nelson: No, not to capture him, but to study him in his natural habitat. It would be, to say the least, difficult to care for him here in New York.

  • Madame Piranha: Kong was apparently gentle with Miss Watson, may I ask why?

    [Susan becomes embarrassed and fails to answer]

    Madame Piranha: Miss Watson, do you know a reason you could tell them?

    Commander Carl Nelson: It's very easy for us to understand. You see, as ridiculous as it may sound, Kong is a male and, uh, Miss Watson is... Well, see for yourselves, gentlemen.

  • Mondo Islander: Wong Kong! Wong Kong!

    Commander Carl Nelson: Wong... That means King. The natives call him King Kong. He said we're trespassing on Kong's home.

    Lieutenant Susan Watson: You mean he actually exists?

    Commander Carl Nelson: We'll soon find out.

  • [last lines]

    Lieutenant Susan Watson: Kong! Kong! King Kong!

    Lt. Commander Jiro Nomura: Don't call.

    Commander Carl Nelson: Yeah, let him go.

    Lieutenant Susan Watson: But he's going.

    Commander Carl Nelson: He's going home. I think he's had enough of what we call civilization.

  • Lt. Commander Jiro Nomura: I don't know. Do you really think we could locate Kong?

    Commander Carl Nelson: I'm sure we'll find him... as long as they haven't taken him to the North Pole.


    Commander Carl Nelson: [Kong is shown imprisoned at the North Pole]

  • Lt. Commander Jiro Nomura: Wish we could have talked to the old one sooner.

    Commander Carl Nelson: He told us enough. I've an idea who the kidnapper is. It must be my old friend, that international Judas, Dr. Who.

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