Commandant Quotes in The Flying Deuces (1939)


Commandant Quotes:

  • Oliver: Just how much do we get paid for all this?

    Commandant: One hundred centimes a day.

    Stanley: That's not bad...

    Oliver: How much is that in American money?

    Commandant: American money? About three cents a day. Of course, it varies with the exchange rate.

    Oliver: If you think you're going to get that kind of work outta *me* for three cents a day, brother, you're *crazy*.

    Commandant: Is that right?

    Stanley: That's right because we don't work for less than twenty-five cents a day! Do we, Ollie?

  • Commandant: All of you that have never been listened to before and have seen your family killed, huh, you now have something that stands for you. You now have something that stands for you!

  • Preacher: Come and tell him how much we are suffering in here. Come! Everybody come.

    Commandant: So, you... You are the big man now, huh? Where will you be going? Huh? Will you surrender to the other NDF camp? No. they will eat you. And what of ECOMOD? Huh? That might be better, but what next? Jail? War crimes? Huh? You think you can just go and do what you want in peace? You will go back to your village and your family will not associate themselves with you. Huh? You will be nothing. You and your uneducated, poor mind, you'll be NOTHING. Nobody will care for you. Huh? Look at you. And you will wake up and you will rise and see the sun rise and see the sun set, and you can just wait all day ALL DAY with thousands of men just like you, waiting for somebody to give you a job. Huh? that's what you want to go and do? You are stupid! You have Nothing! No future! I am your future.

    Preacher: [Points gun to Commandant] You fucking die here, sir.

    Commandant: What?

    [Points Gun to Preacher]

    Commandant: How are you going to shoot me if you don't have bullets?

    [Agu points gun to Commandant]

    Commandant: And you, Agu? You wanna kill Commandant? Hey, Agu, I want you to kill Commandant. Come. Push it.

    Preacher: [Whispers] Do It.

    Commandant: Come, Agu, come. Put It here. Here! A-ha! Aha! Wanna Kill Commandant?

    Preacher: Do It, Agu. Do It

    Commandant: Kill Commandant! You wanna surrender? Huh? You wanna surrender? You wanna surrender?

    Agu: Yes.

    Commandant: Hey, Agu. Just get out. Just Remember, when you are all poor and hungry, you'll remember me! You'll remember your commandant. Just go! Just go!

    Preacher: Come on. Everybody, let's move!

    Commandant: And know that I will be calling for you one day. Go and drink gunpowder tea and playing draughts. No, no, no. You remember me. You remember your Commandant. You're gonna say, Yeah.

    [Points to Agu]

    Commandant: Remember, I will call for you again... and you'll come. Remember.

  • Commandant: I will always protect you because you are my son. And a son always protects his father.

  • Commandant: What is this thing doing in here?... Who is responsible for bringing this thing? Strika, is it you that is bringing this thing?... Strika, untie him. So all of you grown men, it is Strika, the small boy, that is finding this prisoner. Where is 2 I-C?

    [Soldiers scream 2IC]

    2nd I-C: Commandant, Sir!

    Commandant: 2 I-C, What are we to be doing with this thing?

    2nd I-C: This thing? It is just a boy

    Commandant: A boy? A boy is nothing. A Boy is harmless?

    [Young soldiers -Harmless no, Sir!]

    Commandant: Does a boy have two eyes to see?

    [Young soldiers -Two eyes, Sir!]

    Commandant: A boy has hands to strangle and fingers to pull fingers. Why you saying a boy is nothing? huh? A boy is very, very dangerous. You understand me? Very dangerous, you understand?

    2nd I-C: Yes, Sir.

    Commandant: Strika, are you hungry? Are you wanting to be eating this thing?

    [Strika shakes head]

    Commandant: Let me see your hands... Oh, you have hands like a baby. What are you doing here?... You should be telling me. If you are telling me, I will be helping you. You see, Strika is hungry. He will eat you. Huh? What are you doing here?

    Agu: The Government army killed my father... And my big brother and my father told me to run into the bush.

    Commandant: Everybody here is calling me Commandant.

    [Young soldiers -how is the Commandant look?]

    Commandant: [all Right, Sir!] Now, what are they calling you?

    Agu: [softly] Agu

    Commandant: Oh, you must say like you are prouder!

    Agu: Agu

    Commandant: Uh-huh. Well, Agu that is what I be calling you then, eh? Leave this one under my charge. I will be training him to be a Warrior. So you can be fighting the army that is killing your father. Is that what you want ?

    [Agu shakes head confirming]

    Commandant: You must be saying yes! Say yes!

    Agu: Yes

    Commandant: YES, SIR!

    Agu: Yes, Sir

    Commandant: [Saluting] YES, SIR!

    Agu: [Stand up and Salute] YES, SIR!

  • Commandant: -You wanna take that brige?

    Young Soldiers: -Yes sir!

    Commandant: -We're gonna take that fucking bridge?

    Young Soldiers: -Yes sir!

  • Commandant: What this thing is doing here?

  • Commandant: [addressing new arrivals] Welcome, ladies to Love Camp Number Seven. At the moment, perhaps, some of you feel you're unfortunate... but let me assure you that your being sent to Love Camp Seven was by far the most pleasant of all alternatives. I cannot guarantee you that you will love Love Camp Seven but I can guarantee that you will love in Love Camp Seven. You have been brought here for one purpose and one purpose only; that is to please the frontline officers of our armies. I and my men will see to it that you please them entirely. To please will be your only function.

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