Colonel Trautman Quotes in Rambo III (1988)


Colonel Trautman Quotes:

  • Colonel Trautman: How's the wound?

    Rambo: You taught us to ignore pain, right?

    Colonel Trautman: Is it working?

    Rambo: Not really. Don't take it personal.

    Colonel Trautman: Thanks.

  • Zaysen: Are you insane? One man against trained commandos... Who do you think this man is? God?

    Colonel Trautman: No. God would have mercy. He won't.

  • Zaysen: [over the chopper's radio] Drop the weapons! Now! You have no chance of escape! Come forward! I wish to take you back alive! This is your last warning! The choice is yours!

    Colonel Trautman: What do you say, John?

    Rambo: Fuck 'em!

    [Shoots at one of the Soviet trucks with his grenade launcher]

  • [Rambo and Colonel Trautman stand alone, surrounded by a large number of heavily armed Soviet troops]

    Colonel Trautman: You got any ideas?

    Zaysen: [over the chopper's radio] Drop your weapons!

    Rambo: Surrounding them's out.

    Colonel Trautman: Hell of a time for humor, John.

  • Colonel Trautman: I'm sorry I got you into this Johnny.

    Rambo: No you're not.

  • [after barely escaping the explosion of a fuel bomb dropped by a helicopter]

    Colonel Trautman: That was close John. How are you?

    Rambo: Well done.

  • Colonel Trautman: Can you fly that helicopter?

    Rambo: Let's find out!

  • Colonel Trautman: You expect sympathy? You started this damn war! Now you'll have to deal with it!

    Zaysen: And we will. It is just a matter of time before we achieve a complete victory.

    Colonel Trautman: Yeah, well, there won't be a victory! Every day, your war machines lose ground to a bunch of POORLY-armed, POORLY-equipped freedom fighters! The fact is that you underestimated your competition. If you'd studied your history, you'd know that these people have never given up to anyone. They'd rather DIE, than be slaves to an invading army. You can't defeat a people like that. We tried! We already had our Vietnam! Now you're gonna have yours!

  • Colonel Trautman: The Kremlin's got a hell of a sense of humor.

    Zaysen: Please explain.

    Colonel Trautman: You talk peace and disarmament. And here you are wiping out a race of people!

  • Colonel Trautman: Let me tell you a story, John. There was a sculptor. He found this stone, a special stone. He dragged it home and he worked on it for months until he finally finished it. When he was ready he showed it to his friends. They said he had created a great masterpiece, but the sculptor said he hadn't created anything. The statue was always there, he just chipped away the rough edges. You're always going to be tearing away at yourself until you come to terms with who you are. Until you come full circle.

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