Colonel Kurt Steiner Quotes in The Eagle Has Landed (1976)


Colonel Kurt Steiner Quotes:

  • Captain Clark: Colonel, there's no such thing as "death with honor". Just death.

    Colonel Kurt Steiner: I have no intention of dying now. But if I'm going to, allow me to choose where and how.

  • SS-Obergruppenfuhrer: Sturmbannfuhrer Stauff was doing his duty!

    Colonel Kurt Steiner: He reminds me of something that I occasionally pick up on my shoe in the gutter! Very unpleasant, on a hot day. And if you have the dubious honor of commanding this senseless slaughter, then I'd advise you to keep him downwind at all times! That is, of course, if you can tell the difference anymore.

  • [Devlin has just provided Steiner with a much-needed resource]

    Colonel Kurt Steiner: Mr. Devlin, you are an extraordinary man.

    Liam Devlin: Col. Steiner, you're an extraordinary judge of character.

  • Colonel Kurt Steiner: You are going to jump in those clothes?

    Liam Devlin: It might look a bit silly going down Mr. Steiner, but i'll be hell of a lot safer when i land on the ground. There is an old poem i know, which freely translated from the Irish says; i realized fear one morning, when the blare of the fox-hunters sound. When they are all chasing after the poor bloody fox, it's safer to be dressed like a hound.

    Col. Max Radl: You're quite a literary man, Devlin.

    Liam Devlin: The truth be known, Colonel, I'm a bloody literary genius.

  • Woman: [a German paratrooper has died while rescuing a drowning girl, revealing the plot to kidnap Churchill] Colonel, I understand none of this. And I don't wish you well. But i'm grateful for the life of my child.

    Colonel Kurt Steiner: So am I.

  • Father Verecker: Colonel, my one consolation is that that thanks to my sister, your plot has failed.

    Colonel Kurt Steiner: Really? I thought the plot failed because one of my men died saving the little girl out there.

  • Colonel Kurt Steiner: [about SS-Obergruppenfuhrer] There you are. You see Hans? It's infallible. I can always tell a thorough-going bastard when I see one.

  • Liam Devlin: [to the pilot] How do I jump out of this thing?

    Pilot: Undo your safety belt. I turn the aircraft upside down, you drop out.

    Liam Devlin: [turning to Steiner] Has it occurred to you that piece of paper you keep waving about could just be a clever forgery?

    Colonel Kurt Steiner: Why don't you fly to Berchestgarden and ask him yourself?

    Liam Devlin: Oh, let's not bother the man!

  • [the disguised Steiner gets into the jeep with Capt. von Neustadt]

    Colonel Kurt Steiner: [under his breath] Not too slowly...

    Colonel Kurt SteinerCapt. von Neustadt: And on the *left... hand... side* of the road!

  • Liam Devlin: [after using a whistle to subdue a gauard dog at the airfield] A little trick I learnt from an uncle I've got in Belfast.

    Colonel Kurt Steiner: In the Middle Ages, they'd have burned you for that!

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