Colonel Hathi Quotes in The Jungle Book (1967)


Colonel Hathi Quotes:

  • Colonel Hathi: Esprit de corps! That's the way I earned my commission in the Majarajah's Fifth Pachyderm Brigade. Back in '88 it was. Or... or was it?

    Winifred: Here it comes. The Victoria Cross bit again.

    Colonel Hathi: It was then I received the Victoria Cross for bravery above and beyond the call of duty. Ha ha! Those were the days. Discipline! Discipline was the thing! Builds character, and all that sort of thing, you know.

  • Colonel Hathi: [Seeing Mowgli for the first time] Well, a new recruit, eh? Ha ha... uh say, what happened to your trunk?

    [Begins prodding Mowgli's nose with his twig]

    Mowgli: [Much annoyed] Hey, stop that!

    Colonel Hathi: [Surprised beyond belief] A mancub! This is treason!

    [Picks Mowgli up with his trunk]

    Colonel Hathi: Sabotage! I'll have no mancub in my jungle!

    [Puts him down]

    Mowgli: It's not your jungle!

    Bagheera: [Running onto the scene] Hold it! Hold it! I can explain, Hathi.

    Colonel Hathi: Colonel Hathi, if you please sir.

    Bagheera: Oh yes. Colonel Hathi. The mancub is with me. I'm taking him to the man village.

    Colonel Hathi: To stay?

    Bagheera: You have the word of Bagheera.

    Colonel Hathi: Good. And remember: an elephant never forgets!

    [Mowgli folds his arms in disgust]

  • Winifred: Dear, haven't you forgotten something?

    Colonel Hathi: Nonsense, Winifred, old girl. An elephant never forgets.

    Winifred: Well, you just forgot our *son*!

  • Colonel Hathi: [as Bagheera tries to appeal to him about searching for Mowgli] Sorry, Bagheera, fortunes of war and all that sort of thing, you know.

    Winifred: [walking up to Hathi] This has gone far enough! Far enough!

    [stands in Hathi's way]

    Winifred: Now just a minute, you pompous old windbag!

    Colonel Hathi: Winifred, what are you doing out of ranks?

    Winifred: Never mind! How would you like to have our boy lost and alone in the jungle?

    Colonel Hathi: Our son?

    [close to a mumble]

    Colonel Hathi: Alone?

    [out loud]

    Colonel Hathi: But Winifred, old girl, that's an entirely different matter!

    Winifred: Hmph!

    Colonel Hathi: [proudly] Different entirely.

    Winifred: That little boy is no different than our own son. Now you help find him or I'm taking over command!

    Colonel Hathi: What? A female leading my herd? Utterly preposterous!

    Junior: Pop, the man cub and I are friends. He'll get hurt if we don't find him. Please, Pop, sir, please?

    Colonel Hathi: [softening up a tinge] Now don't you worry, son. Your father had a plan in mind all the time.

    Winifred: [smirks smugly]


    Winifred: Sure, you did.

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