Colonel Berman Quotes in Buffalo Soldiers (2001)


Colonel Berman Quotes:

  • Colonel Berman: What is this? What have we here?

    Ray Elwood: Just some requisitions, sir.

    Colonel Berman: One thousand gallons of Mop & Glow... my God, do we really need that much?

    Ray Elwood: Well, cleanliness is next to godliness.

  • Colonel Berman: [reading a coroner's report] Heroin, cocaine, marijuana, lysergic acid, deithyl... whatever the hell that is, amphetamines, traces of barbiturates, estrogen. Estrogen? McCovey was on the pill? How could this be possible?

    Ray Elwood: Well, he might have taken it by mistake, sir.

    Colonel Berman: What?

    Ray Elwood: The birth control pill. He might've thought it was something ele.

    Colonel Berman: Well, fine, but he didn't take heroin, speed and cocaine by mistake, did he?

    Ray Elwood: It seems unlikely, sir.

  • Ray Elwood: Sir, you've got to relax...

    Colonel Berman: Don't you tell me to relax, goddammit! You're an E4, I'm a goddamm full bird Colonel! You don't talk to me like that. You understand me, soldier?

    Ray Elwood: Yes, sir.

    Colonel Berman: Oh, Jesus, Elwood, I'm... I didn't mean to take it out on you. Elwood, I'm sorry.

    Ray Elwood: That's OK, sir, I understand the kind of pressure you're under.

  • Mrs. Berman: When was the last time you even held a rifle? Do you even know which end the fucking bullets come out? Why, in your opinion, was it a good idea to challenge Marshall to a training exercise when you're Supply and he's Infantry?

    Colonel Berman: You're the one who told me I should go on the attack.

    Mrs. Berman: Right, I said attack, I didn't say fall on your own sword!

  • [Colonel Berman has been telling General Lancaster about how he found out that he's descended from the Civil War General John Bell Hood, hoping to impress him]

    General Lancaster: I guess I'm surrounded by people with famous relatives. Isn't that so, Marshall?

    Colonel Marshall: I try not to play it up but when I found out I was related to former Army Chief of Staff General George C. Marshall, I guess it gave me a strong sense of my heritage. I've always been proud of my family, but knowing that I was from fighting stock affected me quite profoundly. I seem to recall this General Hood... he was involved in some disastrous battle and lost a leg, didn't he?

    Colonel Berman: I wouldn't say it was disastrous.

    Colonel Marshall: And an arm. He lost an arm as well, didn't he?

    Colonel Berman: No, he didn't lose an arm. He lost the use of it. He kept the actual arm.

    General Lancaster: You know what? I don't go much for this lineage shit. I'm not related to anyone famous, and this family-line bullshit makes me feel insecure. My belief is, if you come from dirt, you'll fight better, because you don't want to go back to the dirt. The best fighters in the world are people with nothing to lose.

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