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Col. Lancaster Quotes:

  • Brad: Hasn't Seaton told you about the radio impulses coming from your house?

    Col. Lancaster: No. Seaton?

    Seaton: Yes, Colonel!

    Col. Lancaster: What's this all about?

    Seaton: Nothing very precise. I mean... the signals are weak, but the strange thing is: you can hear them even here.

    Col. Lancaster: Well, can you detect the source of the impulses with that thing?

    Seaton: I... could try, Sir.

    Col. Lancaster: Go ahead and try it, quickly!

    Seaton: Yes. Yes... I've got it.

    Brad: Here? Where?

    Seaton: It's coming from here.

    Col. Lancaster: The eye! I'll be damned.

  • Col. Lancaster: Welcome aboard, Brad.

    Brad: It's always a pleasure to visit your boat, Colonel.

    Col. Lancaster: Inherited from the Lancasters. The service doesn't offer this kind of transportation.

    Brad: [chuckles] My salary wouldn't even pay for the fuel.

  • Col. Lancaster: Come over here. Go ahead an open it up.

    [the opened trunk contains the body of their stabbed agent]

    Col. Lancaster: It was sent to my villa last night. No card from the donor.

    Brad: He looks pretty dead.

    Col. Lancaster: He is. Knifed in the heart. Once we're out to sea we'll dump him. I don't want to keep this kind of cargo aboard. No license.

  • Col. Lancaster: You've heard of the laser, of course.

    Brad: Classical military legend. The super death ray.

    Col. Lancaster: Precisely. And our boys at the defense department have been playing with the same toys. McGruder says that the girl hasn't talked, at least not yet.

    Brad: What do you want from me, Colonel?

    Col. Lancaster: The girl. And right away.

  • Willie: Good morning, Colonel!

    Brad: Hi Willie. Thought you were in Hong Kong.

    Willie: Oh brother, was I. I ate boiled serpents and fried ants for three weeks. What's on the menu this time, Colonel?

    Col. Lancaster: Couscous, gentlemen. I hope you don't get indigestion.

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