Col. Feroud Quotes in Sirocco (1951)


Col. Feroud Quotes:

  • Col. Feroud: Why don't you do both? Take the money and kill me too.

    Emir Hassan: You want to die? Why do you want to die?

    Col. Feroud: I only want to arrange a truce. Cease fire for 24 hours, so that Syrians and Frenchmen can sit together.

    Emir Hassan: And what shall we discuss, the terms of our surrender?

    Col. Feroud: We can try to settle our differences according to the dignity of man.

    Emir Hassan: There is dignity in men who are willing to give their lives for what they believe in.

    Col. Feroud: Men needn't die to prove their dignity.

    Emir Hassan: You're asking me to surrender!

    Col. Feroud: I'm asking you to consider your people. An effort must be made. We must make some effort! Otherwise, we're not civilized men. Perhaps we'll fail and the war will go on, but at least we will have tried. That's all I want.

    Emir Hassan: Colonel, you are a fool.

    Col. Feroud: I come to talk of peace and understanding and you call me a fool?

    Emir Hassan: Yes, Colonel. I respect you, but you are a dreamer and a fool.

  • Col. Feroud: What about my money?

    Harry Smith: Confiscated.

    Col. Feroud: I'm dead without it.

    Harry Smith: Let's say you'll be alive in a new way.

  • Col. Feroud: [discussing Smith] As far as I know he's reliable, but don't trust him.

  • Gen. LaSalle: Why don't you say it? Go ahead and say it. This hostage business makes you want to vomit.

    Col. Feroud: On the contrary, General, I think it's an excellent idea, as far as it goes. But why shoot only five hostages? Why not ten, or even twenty for every soldier killed? In no time at all, you can have the whole population of Damascus lined up against the walls and you've ended all resistance.

  • Gen. LaSalle: Do you think I like to slaughter civilians?

    Col. Feroud: The Syrians will think so.

    Gen. LaSalle: They don't think. They're guerillas, bandits

    Col. Feroud: They consider themselves patriots. We French came along with a mandate...

    Gen. LaSalle: And they don't like it and they don't trust us. I know all that! And I know how to make them happy, too. Pack up my army and march out.

    Col. Feroud: Sir, if I may say so, there is another way. You could send me to see Emir Hassan.

    Gen. LaSalle: You never let go of an idea, do you?

    Col. Feroud: It still isn't too late to arrange a truce.

    Gen. LaSalle: You'd only get your throat cut. You know what a butcher he is.

    Col. Feroud: I wonder what they'll call *you* after you execute those hostages.

  • Col. Feroud: I have here your dossier. It contains the history of your life. You're a man entirely without moral scruples of any kind. You supply the Syrians with guns and ammunition, but I respect them, they fight for a cause. Your cause is only money. While Frenchmen and Syrians kill each other, you profit by it. According to military law you have to be shot. The punishment seems hardly adequate.

    Harry Smith: What have you got me up here for? To watch me sweat, to watch me crawl? I'll bet they didn't bring Nasir up here before they shot him.

    Col. Feroud: What a pity you could only die once.

    Harry Smith: Sure, I know I'm going to be shot, but not for running guns, but because I'm something special. I made a monkey out of you. I'm the guy that ran off with your girl.

    Col. Feroud: Don't you realize if I *wanted* you shot, you'd be in a ditch right now?

  • Harry Smith: I sure thought you were a goner.

    Col. Feroud: Buying my freedom was your idea, I suppose.

    Harry Smith: Yes, it was.

    Col. Feroud: Why did you do it? I should think you'd want to see me out of the way.

    Harry Smith: I made a little money on the deal.

    Col. Feroud: I see.

    Harry Smith: I saved your life and you seem to resent it.

    Col. Feroud: I do.

    Harry Smith: Maybe you should have had me shot after all.

    Col. Feroud: I agree.

  • Gen. LaSalle: I have news for you, Colonel. Lt. Collet returned. Now I know where I stand.

    Col. Feroud: What did he say, sir?

    Gen. LaSalle: He didn't say anything. He couldn't. His throat was cut! He was found in an alley collecting flies!

  • Col. Feroud: Last night we arrested one Nasir Saleem, a friend of yours. We have his full confession. The evidence against you is incontrovertible. Do you know the penalty?

    Harry Smith: Yeah, a slug in the head and a whole in the ground.

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