Cody Quotes in Tropic Thunder (2008)


Cody Quotes:

  • [Cody and Tayback are tied to a post in the Flaming Dragon compound]

    Cody: Dude, dude, what the hell is going on here? Where are we?

    Four Leaf Tayback: I have no idea, I've never been outside the states.

    Cody: Wait what? Are you fucking kidding me? Did you make this whole goddamn thing up? Dude you weren't even in the fucking service?

    Four Leaf Tayback: Yes! Of course! Coast Guard!

    Cody: Coast Guard.

    Four Leaf Tayback: Sanitation Department.

    Cody: Oh my god! You're a fucking garbage man! Dammit! F.L. Tayback lies to me and the whole U.S. of A.!

    Four Leaf Tayback: I wrote the book as a tribute! I'm a patriot!

    Cody: Yeah, you're the Milli Vanilli of patriots, okay? You lied about fighting in the Vietnam War. It's like - it's like punching the American Flag in the face goddammit! God, to think I believed you!

    Four Leaf Tayback: Writers lie all the time!

    Cody: [a guard bursts in] Can I be tied to another post please?

  • Alpa Chino: [Cody and Four-Leaf are tied to a post] What're you guys doing here?

    Cody: He has hands!

    Four Leaf Tayback: He killed Damien!

    Cody: Bullshit!

    Four Leaf Tayback: He blinded Jamie Lee Curtis!

    Cody: Almost!

    Alpa Chino: What're you talking about? Damien stepped on an old land mine.

    Cody: Oh, sweet, thank God!

  • Cody: Just say no to this, you drug-making midget!

    [an explosion occurs]

    Cody: Oh my God! I am moving to catering after this!

  • Cody: Damian, what's the dealie dude? Are we gonna blow up this tree line or what? Tuk-Tuk and Kim got the blue balls and I wanna let em squirt it for a go... Peter, can he hear me?

    [one of the men bring a box to Cody]

    Cody: That's C-4, dipshit. Put that back. I said a detonator! I need some dudes who speak American god dammit! He's making a fucking sweater here, I'm tryin' to put Tiger Balm on this jungle's nuts.

  • Cody: [setting off a rig of explosives] Big ass titties!

  • Cody: [after blowing up a row of palm trees with napalm] Mother Nature just pissed her pantsuit!

  • Cody: I don't know what it's called; I only know the sound it makes when it *lies*!

  • Cody: [rigging a bridge with explosives] Oh my God! I'm going into catering after this!

  • Cody: Look, man, I almost blinded Jamie Lee Curtis in "Freaky Friday." This shit will ruin me, man!

  • Cody: [to Big Daddy] Let me out now? I gave you all them names and addresses. Hey, I won't say nothing to nobody. You and your crazy midget friend can go bash whoever you want. Hey, come on. Hey, I know some very bad people up town. Really nasty individuals.

  • Teresa: What do you suppose would happen if... if we just decided not to fight each other?

    Cody: I don't know. Probably come down here and shoot us both?

    Teresa: [Contemplates Cody's answer] How's your mother?

  • Cody: I'm going in there to waste some teachers - are you with me?

  • Cody: [after blowing up chemistry lab] I guess I blew that course.

  • Cody: Reach down the back of my pants.

    Christie: What?

    Cody: Come on! Live dangerously.

  • Cody: Now be careful! These things are like a bad, fucked up, George Jetson nightmare!

  • Cody: He was so wasted he wouldn't even know the end the bullets came out of.

  • [Ms. Connors smacks both Cody and Hector off their bikes]

    Ms. Connors: Here I am, boys.

    Cody: Shoot her!

    [Hector fires an rounds from an automatic gun at Ms. Connors; Hector chuckles, but Ms. Connors laughs, as the bullets have no effect on her]

    Cody: Shoot her again!

    [Hector fires again]

    Hector: [yells] Die, you fuckin' bitch!

    [Ms. Connors induce laughter as the bullets have no effect on her again]

    Hector: Let's get the hell outta here!

    [Ms. Connors activates her XT-6 defense hardware as Cody stabs her with a switchblade knife, revealing herself to be an android]

    Ms. Connors: You're gonna need more than that, boys.

  • [Cody, Christy, and Hector head into the Vocational Education classroom when Dr. Forrest come from behind and holds Christy hostage with a gun to her head]

    Cody: What are you, a cop?

    Dr. Bob Forrest: Bob Forrest, Department of Educational Defense.

    [a "Terminator"-like Mr. Bryles is seen walking down the corridor of the school]

    Cody: So, you're the humanitarian who decided to bring these teachers here.

    Dr. Bob Forrest: That's right. A billion-dollar operation.

    Cody: Well, tough shit, Bobby. You can use what left of it for garbage cans.

    [Dr. Forrest chuckles; Bryles still walking towards his enemy]

    Dr. Bob Forrest: Everything was fine, just fine. This was going to be the future of education. We would've eliminated dirty, little insects like you, made me a lot of money. But now, all I have left is my reputation as a upstanding citizen. And that I intend to keep, which means, of course, none of you can survive.

  • [Cody hits Hardin, but Hardin knocks Cody down to the floor. Hardin attempts to use his prosthetic claw to kill Cody]

    Mr. Hardin: You're a good fighter, Cody, but you're defeated.

    Christie: Cody! Help!

    Mr. Hardin: [yells] It's important to know when to surrender!

    Cody: You're history, Mr. Hardin.

    [Cody blasts the Hardin android with his machine gun, destroying him]

  • [Cody is about to rip Bryles' robotic head off with a forklift]

    Cody: [screams] Have a nice stretch, COACH!

  • [Mr. Hardin arrives at the Detention Zone]

    Cody: Curt! Curt!

    Mr. Hardin: [yells] Wanna rumble? Come on! COME ON!

    Cody: You come on. Come on!

    [Cody and Curt fires their machine guns at Hardin, but with no effect. They fire again at Hardin, but still no avail. Hardin, revealing himself as an android, self-chops off his right arm, unleashing a metallic claw]

    Cody: [to Christy] Run! Run!

    Mr. Hardin: I'm still coming.

    [Christy tries to escape, but the gates immediately close and lock]

    Christie: [screams] Help! Help!

    [Hardin comes toward Cody and Curt. He smacks Curt, then he grabs Curt's head with his claw while choking Cody's neck]

    Mr. Hardin: [to Curt] I'd love... to mold your mind.

    Curt: [last words as Hardin operates a drill in his claw] You son-of-a-bitch! Goddamn you!

    [Hardin drills into Curt's forehead, instantly killing him; Christy helplessly screams at its horrifying scene while Hardin yells]

  • Leroy: Well, I'll tell you one thing, you're lucky the man wasn't around.

    Cody: The man *was* there. Every time we go out we come face to face with the man.

    Joel-the-Mole: We take one drink and there's the man, and we hop on our sickles and the man's on our tail.

    Cody: Look, the man is out there, and he's gonna bust us all.

  • Cody: [describing his relationship with Leroy] ...'cause I is he and he is me and we is we.

  • Cody: I've decided we're gonna split from this pad. We're gonna pick up our old ladies and whatever little we have, and we're gonna put on our colors, and we're gonna roll! And neither man nor beast is gonna stop us until we find a place we can blow our own peace, and we're gonna love each other.


    Cody: I love ya, Leroy.

    Leroy: Cody, I love you.

  • Cody: [instructing Leroy to pay a gas station attendant after ransacking a store] Leroy, don't you know that this is the man behind the man behind the man?

  • McLeach: [McLeach is sharpening several knives. Cody sits tied up in front of a map] Let's see if we can't refresh that rusty old memory of yours. Is she on Satan's Ridge?

    [He throws one knife and it sticks on the map under lettering that says "Satan's Ridge"]

    McLeach: Or Nightmare Canyon?

    [He tosses another knife, again with perfect accuracy]

    McLeach: What do you think Joanna?

    [Joanna breaks an animal cracker in half]

    McLeach: Yeah, that's it. Right smack dab in the middle of that Croc Falls, ZAP!

    [This time the knife comes dangerously close to Cody's head]

    McLeach: Am I getting warm?

    Cody: I told you I don't remember!

    [He starts walking towards Cody carrying a fourth knife]

    McLeach: Don't realize that a bird that size is worth a fortune!

    [McLeach stabs the wall]

    McLeach: I'll split the money with ya fifty-fifty. You can't get a better offer than that boy.

    Cody: You won't have ANY money when the rRngers get through with you!

    [McLeach walks across the room growling the whole way. He kicks over a pot of boiling water]

  • Cody: There must be a way out of here.

    Krebbs: Oh, there's a way out, all right.

    RedFrank: There is?

    Krebbs: [to Red] Absolutely! YOU'LL go as a wallet,

    [to platypus]

    Krebbs: YOU'LL go as a belt, and our dear Frank...

    Frank: No, no, no! I don't want to hear it!

    Krebbs: Frank will go as...

    Frank: I can't hear you!

    [covers ears while singing nonsense; stops to see if Krebbs is done]

    Krebbs: A purse.

    Frank: Oh, no!

    Krebbs: Oh, a lovely lady's purse.

    Frank: I don't want to go as a purse! Please, please don't let him do it!

  • McLeach: Well, Joanna what'd we get today? A dingo, a fat old razorback or a nice big... boy?

    [He pauses for a moment and then kicks Joanna in the side]

    McLeach: Joanna, you been out here digging holes again? Dumb lizard's always trying to bury squirrels out here.

    Cody: Uh-uh. It's a trap, and poaching's against the law.

    McLeach: Trap? Now where'd you get an idea like that, boy; I think you've been down in that hole too long.

  • McLeach: It's all over, boy. Your bird's dead. Someone shot her. Shot her, right out of the sky. Bang!

    Cody: No!

    McLeach: What do you mean no? You calling me a liar? I heard it on the radio this morning, and she could have been mine if it wasn't for you. Now you better get out of here before I change my mind. G'on, git!

    Bernard: Why is he letting him go?

    Jake: It's gotta be a trick.

    McLeach: Too bad about those eggs, eh, Joanna? They won't survive without their mother. Oh, well. Survival of the fittest, I guess.

    [Cody runs off]

    McLeach: Bingo.

  • Cody: My mom will call the Rangers!

    McLeach: [faking fear] Oh, no! Not the Rangers. What'll I do? What'll I do? Don't let your ma call the Rangers, please!

    [McLeach tosses Cody's backpack in the water, where crocodiles attack it]

    McLeach: My poor baby boy got eaten by the crocodiles. Boo-hoo-hoo.

  • McLeach: Say, where'd you get this pretty feather, boy?

    Cody: It was a present.

    McLeach: Aw, that's real nice. Who gave it to ya?

    Cody: It's a... secret.

    McLeach: That's no secret, boy.

    McLeach: [pulls out tattered feather]

    McLeach: You see, I already got the father.

    McLeach: [makes throat-slashing gesture]

    McLeach: Now you just tell me where Mama and those little eggs are.

    Cody: No!

  • [McLeach throws Cody into an Animal Cage, in an area where he's captured multiple animals already]

    McLeach: I'll give you a Night down here to think about it.

    Cody: I'm NEVER Telling!

    [McLeach and Joanna leave]

  • Ricketts: And where are they?

    Cody: Where are who?

    Ricketts: The people from the Guinness Book of Records. There must be some kind of prize for raging idiocy.

  • Cody: Mr. Kauffman, do you believe in monsters?

    Kauffman: Monsters. Son, for twenty years I was married to one.

  • Wendy: [Cody prepares his homemade diving suit] Cody it's illegal for somebody to stand around and let somebody else commit suicide!

    Cody: Well can't ask you to break the law. Thanks for your help. I can manage from here.

  • Cody: Mr. Kauffman.

    Kauffman: Cody Walpole - the boy who wanted the formula for dry rocket fuel. Did it work?

    Cody: Uh - heh, not really.

  • Charlie Pride: You wanna know about spirit business?

    Cody: Like bunyips, sir? Like donkegin?

    Charlie Pride: Are you a man?

    Cody: I'm a boy.

    Charlie Pride: Maybe we find out, eh.

    Cody: Sir?

    Charlie Pride: You like to dance?

    Cody: Dance?

    Charlie Pride: You like to dance with the devil?

    Cody: I don't understand.

    Charlie Pride: First you dance with the devil. Then you find out about donkegin.

  • Cody: When you were my age and you wanted to do something and your parents wouldn't let you 'cause it was too dangerous, would you have promised them or would you have lied?

  • Linda Porter: Where is he?

    Cody: You may prefer privacy.

    Linda Porter: I would not.

  • Lenore: For what it's worth, I still really wanna fuck you.

    Dick Kelly: Oh, we're gonna fuck.

    Lenore: Yeah, we are.

    Dick Kelly: We're gonna thunderfuck.

    Lenore: You're gonna tsunami on my face.

    Dick Kelly: You're gonna flood like the Nile.

    Lenore: Yeah, I guess the drought in my pussy is finally over.

    Dick Kelly: The villagers will finally eat.

    Lenore: If you're gonna die while you're eating me out, I want your last breath to be in my pussy.

    Cody: Lenore, you're such a slut!

  • [telling future to a pregnant woman]

    Cody: It's a boy. He's going to be an asshole.

  • Cindy: Cody, did I ever tell you what your mom said about you the day you were born?

    Cody: No.

    Cindy: I was in the delivery room with her. She was having a hard time. Then you began to come out of her. And your mom screamed and screamed in pain. She yelled, "Just kill me. Bludgeon me with a bedpan. Whatever you do, put me out of this pain." She was gushing torrents of blood. I have this all on tape if you want to see it someday. Well, finally you came out. Your mom cut your umbilical cord herself. Well, on the second try. The first time she snipped your penis in half. After all, she was drunk. Actually, drugged. We'd been out the night before celebrating St. Patrick's Day. And she thought, "Hey, I never tasted crystal meth." So she did just a little.

    Cody: My penis?

    Cindy: Yes. They sewed it on upside down.

    Cody: So that's why I pee up?

    Cindy: Yes. We'll get it fixed, honey. It's on my list of things. Right after we get TiVo. Anyway, there you were. Your mom turned to me and she said, "Hey, you want him? Take him." And then she died. And I took you. Do you know why? I'd just lost my cat in a fire, and I needed something to pet and feed. And I miss that cat, Cody. But I love you. And nothing's ever gonna change that, not even the very painful death we're about to experience.

  • [standing on stairs telling future to man walking out of restroom]

    Cody: You're getting lucky tonight.

    [to "woman" walking out behind him, holding his hand]

    Cody: He doesn't know you're a guy.

  • Cody: [telling fortune to a smoker] Smoke all you want, you're gonna get hit by a bus.

  • Cody: [pointing at a mans toupee] That's not fooling anyone

  • Cody: You should've been an actor.

    Morty: There's no money in it.

  • Cody: You can't drive the tour.

    Morty: Why not?

    Cody: Because you're plastered!

    Morty: What difference does that make? Now, never forget rule number one.

    Cody: I know, never turn down a paying customer.

    Morty: I may be a little loose, but I am not so far gone that I would turn away a packed hearse.

    [Morty drunkenly tries to exit the bathroom, but walks into a toilet]

    Morty: Of course, there's always rule number two.

    Cody: Which is?

    Morty: Never kill a paying customer.

  • Cody: Everything is a scam to you, isn't it?

    Morty: Damn right.

  • Morty: They found this dead kid at Bridgette's, she's missing, everybody says you did it.

    Cody: Me? That's crazy!

    Morty: That's what I told the cops, now what the hell happened?

    Cody: A leprechaun did it.

    Morty: Maybe I should call the cops.

  • Morty: I probably should've kept you away from all this supernatural stuff.

    Cody: He dropped a rack of pots on my head.

    Morty: Oh, well now I'm convinced.

  • [an angry woman chases them away from her house]

    Cody: Oh by the way, that was the final resting place of Bela Lugosi.

    Tourist: Then who the hell was that?

    Cody: Um, his stepdaughter Stella Lugosi.

  • Cody: Sure, walk away! I understand. If hearing the actual sound of Jayne Mansfield's head being severed from her body is too intense for you, well then, you know, more power to ya.

  • Bridget: How did you know it wasn't me you gave the coin to before?

    Cody: He kisses differently than you.

  • Morty: Okay so you found a gold coin and it looks like the one in this book. It's probably worth some cash. But this leprechaun stuff...

    Cody: Listen, it says "Leprechauns are devious creatures. They live for trickery, even get pleasure out of it".

    Morty: Cody, if you were taking some dope you would tell me, right?

  • Cody: Based on what we've seen, if anybody were to drop some Z, they'd become a zombie no matter what!

  • [Aims for zombie girl, but shoots man]

    Cody: Oops! I hope he was a zombie.

  • Julian Garrison: [shows Cody a radioactive container the size of a beer keg] Well, do you have any idea what the hell is this?

    Cody: Maybe it's candy? Like a big metallic pinata?

  • Cody: [Fighting the pizza delivery zombie] Man, you're always late!

  • Cody: Shoot her man!

    Julian Garrison: I can't shoot her! She's my friend! I lost my virginity to her.

    Cody: Man, everyone knows your first time sucks! Split her damn head open!

  • [On the top ledge of a building]

    Eric Stark: If you believe? JUMP! If not, you come to me.

    [She turns and looks at him]

    Cody: After you?

  • Eric Stark: Watch. If God loves his children so much, maybe he'll stop this. Redeem him, somehow. Or maybe the release I've offered him is his only salvation.

    [Homeless man strikes match to light himself on fire, Cody blows out match and hugs homeless man]

    Cody: He hasn't forgotten you.

  • Eric Stark: Jump, Cody, jump. If you believe in God, jump. And if not, you come to me. What do you believe in, Cody? My hand - it's here, you can see it. Satan rules it and it will protect you always... Or his hand? Is it there? Or isn't it? Will he catch you or not? If you believe, Cody, jump. JUMP!

    Cody: After you.

  • Sister Rosa: Hi Cody.

    Cody: Hi.

    Sister Rosa: We don't want to work today?

    Cody: Please sister, after you!

    Sister Rosa: Why thank-you, don't you think we should work today? I think we should.

    Cody: Cody no work, Sister Rosa go work, Goodbye.

  • [last lines]

    Maggie O'Connor: Honey, is everything okay?

    Cody: Everything's okay, now.

  • Jessie: [from trailer] Why do you have all these pills, Cody?

    Cody: I don't like to sleep.

  • Cody: [from trailer] I'm awake! I'm awake! I'M AWAAAAKKKKEEEE!

  • Cody: To run a successful civilization, you have got to have your lines of demarcation: between right 'n' wrong, between this'n 'n' that'n. Your daddy understood that. He was uh what-you-call-it... the referee of this damn menudo we got down here. He understood how most folks don't want their salt and sugar in the same jar.

    Sheriff Sam Deeds: Boy, you mix drinks as bad as you mix metaphors, you'd be out of a job.

  • Hock Banyon: I thought she was raised more sensible

    Cody: Sensible? She's twelve! I know there are hard lessons in life but a kid doesn't have to learn them all at once. Especially not from her own Grandfather... or her father, for that matter.

    Lillian Cole: She makes perfect sense to me. All she sees, in all living things... is the potential. God, why would anyone want her to see it any other way.

  • [first lines]

    Cody: [wielding harpoon] Let's do it!

    Otis: Hey, I think we oughta wait a minute.

    Duke: Don't go pussy on me.

    [cocks his gun]

    Otis: I'm not man, I just think...

    Duke: Don't!

    Otis: This is the stupidest goddamn thing I've ever done.

  • Cody: A fucking flashlight that works... is that too much to ask?

    Clay: Electricity, is *that* too much to ask?

  • Cody: What the fuck?

  • Mayor: You don't really think we stand a chance against those guys, do you?

    Cody: If we don't stand up to them, we won't stand a chance at all.

  • Cody: Nobody thought there would be a nuclear holocaust, but there was.

  • Cody: Faith can be the difference between being good, and being great.

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