Coach Gennero Quotes in Necessary Roughness (1991)


Coach Gennero Quotes:

  • Coach Gennero: Well, is it fatal?

    Doctor: Indigestion? Only in Mexico.

  • Coach Rig: Not much of a crowd.

    Coach Gennero: Well, at least we have the home field advantage.

    Coach Rig: The Alamo was the home field.

  • [as Paul, who is 34 years old, approaches]

    Coach Gennero: Wally, did you hire an Assistant Coach without telling me?

    Coach Rig: No, I found a Quarterback without telling you.

    Coach Gennero: Well, I hope he gets younger as he gets closer.

  • [after a running play fails]

    Coach Gennero: What happened, who missed their assignment?

    Coach Rig: Everybody missed their god-damn assignment!

  • [Featherstone is unable to catch any pass thrown to him]

    Coach Gennero: Keep your eyes on the ball, son.

    Coach Rig: I'd rather he kept his hands on the ball.

  • [During an indoor practice, Popki's pass bounces off the rim of the basketball hoop]

    Coach Rig: How about that, he stinks at two sports.

    Coach Gennero: I can work with him, just butt out of my offense.

    Coach Rig: If you can build an offense around a guy who throws like Edward Scissorhands, we're gonna be playing a hell of a lot of defense.

  • [During practice in the gym, Popki throws a wild pass that bounces off the rim of the basketball hoop]

    Coach Rig: How about that, he stinks at two sports.

    Coach Gennero: I can work with him, just butt out of my offense.

    Coach Rig: If you can build an offense around a guy who throws like Edward Scissorhands, we're going to be playing a hell of alot of defense.

  • Coach Gennero: Get up, Wally, people are watching. Not many... but they're watching.

    Coach Rig: If this wasn't friggin astro-turf, I'd dig a grave for myself.

  • Coach Gennero: Hurts when they poke you in the chest like that?

  • Coach Gennero: Dean Elias is looking for any reason to bury us.

  • Coach Gennero: Wally call me crazy but I've got a funny feeling about tonight's game. Maybe we've got a shot.

    [thunder sounds and clouds cover the sun]

  • Coach Gennero: Listen, no speeches. I'm proud of you. Now let's get out of the typhoon.

  • Chris Berman: From Champs to chumps. Just six months ago, The Texas State Fighting Armadillos were billed as the greatest college football team in history, and now, they are history. Yesterday, the commision slapped Texas State with a staggering list of infractions including recruiting violations, steroid abuse, illegal payments to players and , of course, grade tampering. To where these guys are going, their yearbook photos will be used as mugshots. Joining us tonight is our guest commentator, the legendary Ed "Straight Arrow" Gennero, the man who once threw five All-Americans off his football team for taking money from boosters, but still won the Cotton Bowl. Thanks for joining us tonight, coach.

    Coach Gennero: Good to be here, Chris.

    Chris Berman: Coach, what's the latest on the Armadillos?

    Coach Gennero: Well, Chris, the penalty handed down to Texas State will set an example for the future of College Football.

    Chris Berman: What happened to the players?

    Coach Gennero: All the players from the old team have been expelled and all the coaches have been fired.

    Chris Berman: Where will they get their new players?

    Coach Gennero: Their new players must be real students. No more scholarships, no more monkey business, no more special favors or else no more football.


    [students leave as he addresses Coach Gennero]

    Sargie: Sir, we haven't had this many deserters in the Republican Guard.

    Coach Gennero: Son, are you all that you can be?

    Sargie: [yelling] SIR, YES SIR!

    Coach Gennero: A little too much.

    Sargie: [softly] Sir, Yes Sir.

    Coach Gennero: Move It!

    Sargie: Sir, Yes Sir!

  • Coach Gennero: [after McKenzie refused to wear pads, and was knocked unconscious by a tackle] Look at that. He held onto the ball. Well, let's wake him up and get him some pads.

    Coach Rig: I don't know, Ed. Pads might hurt his game.

  • Coach Rig: I forgot. You're a genius. That's why you have a bigger whistle than I do.

    Coach Gennero: I can't believe it. Now he has whistle-envy.

  • Coach Rig: [visiting Gennero in hospital room] Ed, it's me. Wally Riggendorf.

    Coach Gennero: I know it's you. I'm not in a coma.

    Coach Rig: [hands bouquet] I brought these for you.

    Coach Gennero: Thank you. They're lovely.

    Coach Rig: I hope you don't mind - I had to charge them to your room. I'm a little short this week.

    Coach Gennero: I understand, Wally. Will you sit down? I want to talk to you.

    Coach Rig: I'm here, Ed. I'm here.

    Coach Gennero: You don't have to talk like I'm dying! They're just running some tests. They haven't found anything yet.

    Coach Rig: That's wonderful news.

    Coach Gennero: [hands Wally binder] I want you to have this, Wally.

    Coach Rig: [emotionally] Your playbook. I don't know what to say. I'll cherish it - always.

    Coach Gennero: I'm not bequeathing it to you! I'm just loaning it to you. You're coaching the team tonight.

    Coach Gennero: [hands Wally his whistle] You can do it, Wally. Just be yourself.

    Coach Rig: The big whistle...

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