Clyde Tolson Quotes in J. Edgar (2011)


Clyde Tolson Quotes:

  • J. Edgar Hoover: It's easy to be the expert if you're the only person in the world with any interest.

    Clyde Tolson: He does also claim he can tell as much from a cut of wood as a doctor can from an autopsy.

    J. Edgar Hoover: Ah.

    Clyde Tolson: He has, um, social difficulties.

    J. Edgar Hoover: He is mentally ill, isn't he?

    Clyde Tolson: He's only as mad as you are - sir.

  • J. Edgar Hoover: It's time we at least have one thing the bad guys don't.

    Clyde Tolson: Decorating skills?

  • [J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson discuss over dinner about the first time they ever met]

    Clyde Tolson: Edgar... you can lie to everyone else, the whole world, for you own sake... and for the sake of the bureau, but you cannot lie to me.

    J. Edgar Hoover: I should've never given you your job, Clyde. You know that? You weren't even qualified. You remember the day you came in for your interview.

    Clyde Tolson: I do.

    J. Edgar Hoover: You walked into my office and you fixed my window, you picked up my handkerchief. You handed it to me. You remember why I was sweating, Clyde?

    Clyde Tolson: It's because you were exercising.

    J. Edgar Hoover: No, I was... I was sweating because I... I knew at that very moment...

    [Clyde hands Hoover his handkerchief from the dinner table]

    J. Edgar Hoover: ... I knew at that very moment that I... I needed you. And I've never needed anyone else in my entire life. Not like that. So I began to perspire.

    Clyde Tolson: I know.

    Clyde Tolson: [Edgar grabs for his stomach and gasps] Edgar, are you all right?

    J. Edgar Hoover: Yes, yes it's - it's just indigestion, Clyde. Let's go to dinner tomorrow night, shall we? Our old corner booth.

    Clyde Tolson: Perhaps if I feel better.

    J. Edgar Hoover: Yes. And you must - you must. We have a great many things to discuss. And now I can't trust anyone else at the bureau right now. I can only depend on you.

    Clyde Tolson: [Edgar walks up to Clyde and holds onto his hand, kissing is forehead] Thank you, Edgar.

    J. Edgar Hoover: [Edgar leaves the handkerchief in Clyde's hand] Good night, Clyde.

    Clyde Tolson: Good night, Edgar.

    [Edgar walks off and Clyde holds Edgar's handkerchief to his cheek]

  • J. Edgar Hoover: I want to see him.

    Clyde Tolson: He works in the kitchen, Edgar.

    J. Edgar Hoover: Not the boy, idiot. Nixon!

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