Clinton Quotes in Sweet Home Alabama (2002)


Clinton Quotes:

  • Clinton: Well hell's bells, if it ain't Felony Melanie.

  • Nate: May I PLEASE be excused?

    Carolyn Carmichael: No, you may not. You're gonna sit there until you eat every black eyed pea on your plate.

    [to the kids]

    Carolyn Carmichael: And when I come home tonight, I want this kitchen clean.

    Clinton: [the kids groan] See what you started, Nate? Shoot!

    Nate: I HATE Black-eyed peas!

    Carolyn Carmichael: Yeah, that's right! There's no reason why your father and I should have to run around here cleaning up after you shifty Negroes!

    Clinton: Daddy don't make us clean up, don't you, Daddy?

    Woody Carmichael: [Pouring lemonade in glass] I ain't in this. Leave me out of this.

    Carolyn Carmichael: Your daddy may not mind but your momma do. I'm going with your father to a gig tonight and when I come home, this house BET-TER be clean. I'll be goddamed if I should have to do anything when I come home from work but sleep and relax!

  • Clinton: Wait. Isn't Ricky Martin Cuban?

  • Clinton: Is it true nuns are married to God?

    Father Bailey: Yes. Yes, nuns have taken a vow of celibacy.

    Clinton: Didn't YOU?

    Father Bailey: Yes. Yes, I did.

    Clinton: So, are you married to God, too?

    Father Bailey: I think I know where you're going with this, Clifford, and I... I-I'm not gay. And neither's God. Ask Sister Vasquez. Of course, you know, the wife's usually the last one to find out.

  • Clinton: [dressed gayly and getting hit on by a guy] Scram, loser. I'm as straight as they come.

    Bartender: Sure you are, yummy boy.

    Clinton: This closet's closed.

  • Clinton: Mr. Sharp... Now them white boys here, They is getting obstreperous.

  • Dustin: It's all about the night.

    Clinton: It's all about the night.

  • Clinton: What do you want me to do, drop trou right here and now?

    EricBerson: Yes!

    Berson: Dude, Clinton, just take the pill and stick it up your ass. It's not brain surgery.

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