Cleopas Quotes in The Miracle Maker (2000)


Cleopas Quotes:

  • Jairus: Master, come with us. Sit by our fire.

    Cleopas: There are many things we don't understand.

    Jesus: [distracted] I will come and talk to you Cleopas. I... I promise... Jairus... very soon and we... we will talk about many things.

    [walks toward the Garden of Olives]

    Tamar: Where are you going?

    Jesus: You can't come with me now.

    [kneels before her]

    Jesus: But one day you will.

    Tamar: [sad] I don't *want* you to go.

    Jesus: Shh, shh don't be upset. Don't be afraid. In my Father's house there are so many rooms,


    Jesus: *so* many.

    [he embraces Tamar]

    Jesus: I'm going to find a wonderful place for you. One day, you will always be with me.

  • Rachel: We must take her to him.

    Jairus: What?

    Rachel: We must take her to Jesus.

    Jairus: Rachel...

    [Cleopas arrives]

    Rachel: Oh Cleopas... you must tell him.

    Cleopas: How is she?

    Rachel: She's dying.

    Jairus: No! She is not dying Rachel!

    Rachel: Oh Jairus! Are you that afraid of them? They have such a hold over your life!

    Jairus: God is my life! Not man... not any man!

    Cleopas: I think we should listen to this Jesus.

    Jairus: What?

    Cleopas: No one ever lost their soul by listening to a liar. Only by believing him and following him. And if he speaks the truth...

    Simon the Pharisee: The truth?

    Cleopas: We have nothing to fear from the truth, do we?

    Simon the Pharisee: No, no. We must question Jesus, see how he defends himself.

    Rachel: Yes! We must listen.

    Simon the Pharisee: Why should the people think their leaders do not listen? I will invite Jesus and his band of followers to my home, and we'll see whether he really is God's prophet.

  • Jairus: We were walking the way to Emmaus.

    Cleopas: To my cousin's house. The women and children had gone ahead.

    Jairus: We agreed to meet at Emmaus, hide there for a few days and travel back.

    Cleopas: When this man came up to us...

    Jesus: Hello! Do you mind if I join you?

    Cleopas: [surprised] No... um... no.


    Jesus: [breaking the silence] It um... sounded like an interesting conversation.

    Cleopas: Some things are too terrible to explain.

    Jesus: Oh? What things?

    Jairus: What things? The terrible death of Jesus from Galilee.

    Jesus: Tell me about it.

    Cleopas: Tell you? Where have you been?

    Jairus: We believed he was a great... prophet.

    [shakes head]

    Jairus: More than that.

    Cleopas: That he was the chosen one who would... save Israel.

    Jesus: Oh the Messiah!

    Jairus: But how could the Messiah die the death of a common criminal?

    Jesus: [chuckles] Oh foolish men. You're so learned. You talk of prophets, have you never read the prophets? You talk of the Messiah - don't you understand that he *had* to die? Don't you understand the scriptures at all?

  • Simon Peter: The Lord! I... he was... I thought they'd taken the body!

    James the Disciple: Who?

    Simon Peter: Priests! Romans! But... but he was there! In front of my eyes! In front of me! *This* near! Like...

    Thomas: [irritated] I cannot believe what I'm hearing.

    [walks toward door]

    Simon Peter: Thomas! I saw him!

    Thomas: You're all crazy, all of you. Dreams, visions, everyone's going mad.

    [goes to open the door]

    Thomas: I'm leaving.

    Cleopas: [burst through door, knocking Thomas to the floor] THE LORD!

    Thomas: Ow!

    Jairus: [breathless] We... we have...

    Cleopas: [excited] We've seen him!

  • Tamar: Why are we meeting in secret?

    Mary Magdalene: Because Jesus is safer here.

    Cleopas: No one would arrest him at Passover.

    Tamar: [surprised] Arrest him?

  • Cleopas: You have to watch out for those dreams, nephew. It runs in the family. Well, they do. In fact, we have dreams to thank for being here. Come to think of it, every big decision this family has made in the last eight years is because of dreams.

  • Cleopas: [with a chuckle] Nazareth. Right where we left it.

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