Claudius Quotes in Æon Flux (2005)


Claudius Quotes:

  • Claudius: We're sick. And Trevor's trying to cure us. That's all I know.

    Æon Flux: [reaches for a vial concealed in her high heels] Trevor tried to dope me. Tell me what's in this.

    Claudius: [examines the vial with a glass contraption] It's a message.

    Æon Flux: Well, what does it say?

    Claudius: You have to drink it. That's how it works.

  • Aquila: What would Rome say?

    Claudius: Eagle lost; honor lost. Honor lost; all lost.

  • Claudius: Our land will be cursed forever!

  • Messalina: What is your name?

    Demetrius: Demetrius.

    Messalina: You spoke of a god, Demetrius. Which god?

    Demetrius: There is only one God.

    Claudius: He's one of "them". This is very interesting. A Christian!

    Messalina: Are you a Christian?

    Demetrius: Yes.

    Messalina: And you won't fight?

    Demetrius: No.

    Claudius: He can't my dear. It's against his religion to kill.

  • Caligula: [hallucinating] Do you see her Claudius ? The Goddess Diana. Every night she comes to me. My arms. There there she goes. Now do you see her ?

    Claudius: No, sire.

    Caligula: [angrily] Why not ?

    Claudius: Only you gods are privileged to see each other.

  • Claudius: Men do not kill what they despise - only what they fear.

  • Caligula: I have the power of life and death over every being in the empire! My power is as great as any god's! True?

    Claudius: True, sire.

    Caligula: Why should I have to die? Who should I have to suffer death like any plebeian, any slave? Is that logical? Is it?

    Claudius: No, sire.

  • Messalina: Don't you find him interesting?

    Claudius: He's a remarkable young man. He has something that Rome has lacked since the early days of the republic, something to believe in - faith. Our early conquests weakened it. My family, we Caesars killed and buried it. Strange if the memory of a dead Jew should bring it to life again. Messalina, don't hurt him. Don't destroy what he has.

  • Claudius: Where is Polonius?

    [Strikes Hamlet with the back of his hand]

    Hamlet: In heaven. Send thither to see. If your messenger find him not there, seek him in the other place yourself!

  • Claudius: When sorrows come, they come not single spies but in battalions.

  • [first lines]

    Claudius: Hamlet! Think of us as of a father. For let the world take note: you are the most immediate to our throne. And with no less nobility of love than that which dearest father bears his son do I impart toward you.

  • Archie: Good afternoon, gentlemen. I see you got yourself a brand new vehicle. Very nice.

    Claudius: That piece of shit? We only got for when we have to come out here.

  • Claudius: As a token.

    [presents a jar]

    J.T.: A bug in a jar?

    Claudius: You see J.T., you are the bug, and I am the jar. Get It?

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