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Clarisse Quotes:

  • Percy Jackson: I never called him brother... all he ever wanted was a brother but... I was too wrapped up in myself. And now Luke has the fleece... because I gave it to him. I destroy Olympus... Just like the Oracle said.

    Annabeth: Forget the oracle! Your worried about your destiny, then write a new one. You're angry at Poseidon for ignoring you, then show him why he shouldn't. You're upset about Tyson, make sure he didn't die for nothing.

    Clarisse: She's right.

    Annabeth: What?

    Clarisse: There's no way you're getting me to repeat that.

    Grover: What Annabeth is saying, Perce, is that we're with you. Just give the word.

    Percy Jackson: Why me? I mean, who voted me leader.

    [Annabeth and Grover raise their hands. Both of them turn to stare at Clarisse, who slowly and reluctantly raises her hand]

  • Clarisse: Don't worry about always coming in second, Jackson.

    Percy Jackson: You know everything they say about you is wrong, Clarisse. You actually do have a sense of humor.

  • Clarisse: You still sleep in the raw?

    Charlie Kohler: Yes. It's healthier.

  • Clarisse: With this dress on, business is good. You know me, I don't go out of my way to get customers. "How much? - Three thousand!" It's take it or leave it! I never bargain with them.

  • Clarisse: I'd rather have pretty underwear than those exciting skirts some of the girls wear.

  • Clarisse: The girls always ask me where I buy my things. Aren't they cute? I pay four hundred francs apiece. Dirt cheap!

    Charlie Kohler: I'm not an authority on girls' panties.

  • Clarisse: I did go to the movies this afternoon. I saw "Torpedoes in Alaska".

    Charlie Kohler: How was it?

    Clarisse: It's a picture with John Wayne, to show that the Americans want peace.

    Charlie Kohler: No kidding? Then they're just like me, the Yankees.

    Clarisse: You're always making fun of me.

    Charlie Kohler: No, I'm not making fun of you, my little chickadee.

  • Guy Montag: Do you remember what you asked me the other day: if I ever read the books I burn? Remember?

    Clarisse: Uh-huh.

    Guy Montag: Last night I read one.

  • Clarisse: You don't like books, then.

    Guy Montag: Do you like the rain?

    Clarisse: Yes, I adore it.

  • Clarisse: But why do you burn books?

    Guy Montag: Books make people unhappy, they make them anti-social.

    Clarisse: Do you think I'm anti-social?

    Guy Montag: Why do you ask?

    Clarisse: Well... I'm a teacher, not quite actually, I'm still on probation. I was called to the administration office today, and I don't think I said the right things. I'm not at all happy about my answers.

  • Clarisse: Is it true that a long time ago, firemen used to put out fires and not burn books?

    Guy Montag: Your uncle is right, you are light in the head, put out fires? Houses have always been fireproof.

    Clarisse: Ours isn't...

    Guy Montag: Well, it should be condemned, destroyed, and you'll have to move to one that is.

  • Guy Montag: [trying to figure out why Clarisse was fired] You must've said something that...

    Clarisse: Oh I never got along well with the staff, they disapprove of me... I... don't always stick to the times tables... well we have fun in my class, and they don't like that.

  • Guy Montag: Tell me, this uncle of yours, did he ever tell you not to talk to strangers?

    Clarisse: No, he did say once if anyone asked how old I was to say I was 20 and light in the head. They always seem to go together.

    Guy Montag: Light in the head?

    Clarisse: Mm-hmm, loopy, crazy.

  • Clarisse: Why?

    Guy Montag: What?

    Clarisse: How did it come about? How did it begin? How could someone like you be doing this work? I know everyone says that but you - you're not like them. When I say something to you, you look at me. Why did you choose this job? With you it doesn't make any sense.

  • Guy Montag: Look at that fellow over there.

    Clarisse: What's he doing?

    Guy Montag: That's the information box. He can't make up his mind.

    Clarisse: What does he want to find out?

    Guy Montag: He doesn't want to find out anything. He knows someone who has books, so he got hold of the person's picture and number and is going to drop it into that box.

    Clarisse: But he's an informer!

    Guy Montag: No, he's an informant.

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