Clara Quotes in Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014)


Clara Quotes:

  • [first lines]

    Hector: [waking suddenly from a nightmare] Clara!

    Clara: Hector... Morning, sweetheart. Time to raise and shine.

    Hector: [narrating] One upon a time, there was a young psychiatrist called Hector, who had a very satisfactory life. His world was tidy, uncomplicated. And he liked it that way. He took great comfort in its predictable patterns. Patterns his girl friend Clara was happy to maintain.

  • Clara: I hope the desert is as romantic as it has been pictured. I am mad to see it.

  • Uncle Drosselmeier: But there's something I must do first for my nephew.

    Clara: Nephew? I didn't know you had a nephew. How old is he?

    Fritz: Will we meet him?

    Clara: Is he really your nephew or does he just call you uncle like we do?

  • Uncle Drosselmeier: No, No! The spell will be broken if he slays the mouse king.

    Clara: And wins the hand of a fair young maiden.

    Uncle Drosselmeier: Precisely.

    Clara: [yawns and looks at her kitten] Oh Pavlova, why are all fairy stories the same?

  • Clara: [whispers] I think you're supposed to wave.

    Nutcracker: [sheepishly] Oh, yes, of course.

  • Nutcracker: [holding open a door and bowing] Allow me, Clara.

    Clara: Oh, Nutcracker. Stop bowing. We're friends, aren't we?

    Nutcracker: Always.

  • Nutcracker: Clara. Clara, are you alright?

    Clara: Yes, I'm fine. But I'm so small.

    Trudy: One gets used to it, my dear.

  • Clara: I could never live off lemonade and candy.

  • Clara: This is all like a dream come true. The Land of the Dolls is so beautiful and everyone's so kind. I've known some of you all my life. And to think we could all be together forever.

    Nutcracker: Then you'll stay. Clara, what is it?

    Clara: Oh, I want to. I want to stay with you, I do. But.

    Nutcracker: But? But what?

    Clara: Oh, I don't know, I'm so confused. It's just, well, the Land of the Dolls is where you all belong. But I want to grow up. There's a million things I want to do. People to meet, worlds to explore. I've always wanted to dance in the ballet. Nutcracker, I do love you, but I can't stay in the Land of the Dolls forever.

  • [last lines]

    Hans: [Drosselmeyer's nephew Hans meets Clara for the first time, and he is shy] Hello, Clara.

    Clara: [realizing that Hans is really the Nutcracker Prince] Hello Nutcracker.

  • Clara: Why, every Christmas tree we've ever had is here!

  • Clara: [about Prince Edward] He was on the bus this morning, he tried to kill me

  • Clara: Now, is it true that you've been injecting yourself with semen from baby pigs?

    Riggan: I'm sorry, what?

    Clara: As a method of facial rejuvenation.

    Riggan: Where did you read that?

    Clara: It was tweeted by @prostatewhispers.

    Riggan: No, that's not true.

    Clara: I know, but did you do it?

    Riggan: No, I didn't do it.

    Clara: Okay, then I'll just write that you're denying it.

    Riggan: No, don't write anything! Why would you write anything? I didn't... don't write what she said.

  • [possibly dead Sheriff Dullard is looking for the owner of a frilly shoe]

    Clara: Can I have my shoe please?

    Sheriff Dollard: [disbelieving] You're a drag queen?

    Clara: Nothin' this pretty could be real.

  • Beatrice: This is my Aunt Martha's dress. I thought you could use it. She was real big on the shoulders.

    Noxeema Jackson: Thank you, girl.

    Vida Boheme: Oh, sweet pea. Now, you listen to your Auntie Vida. I want you to believe in yourself, imagine good things and moisturize, I cannot stress this enough.

    Clara: Miss Noxeema.

    Noxeema Jackson: Miss Clara.

    Clara: Now, listen, when you get to Hollywood, you give this letter to Mr. Robert Mitchum.

    Noxeema Jackson: Oh, I will, I will, I promise you. I'll guard it with my life. Thank you. I'm gonna miss you.

    Clara: I'm gonna miss you, too.

    Noxeema Jackson: Good bye.

    Clara: Bye.

    Noxeema Jackson: I hope she leaves me those albums in her will. Alright, let's see. Can I hear it?

    Tommy: Good afternoon.

    Noxeema Jackson: Sounds wonderful. And look at the shirt, the shirt is fierce, and the hair is working. Get along now. You take care. Be good to yourself.

  • Frank: [calming Don, who is hyperventilating] Easy, Don. Start again, from the beginning. Patient smile.

    Clara: Stop saying your facial expressions out loud. It's extremely annoying.

  • Jon Burroughs: Wow, this is beautiful. What do you call it?

    Clara: Stay away from my fucking theremin.

  • Frank: We were in the forest like secret squirrels, and now we're likable! We're - we're so like... nnnnng... hmmm... it's gonna be huge! Jon fixed everything! You gotta come see us tomorrow night, I promise nothing bad'll happen to you!

    Clara: Let's go take a walk.

    Frank: I'm incredibly happy to be here! I'm fine! I'm relaxed!

  • Clara: You are a mediocre child.

  • Jon Burroughs: He said I was cherishable, and he picked me to join the band.

    Clara: You are fingers being told which keys to push.

    Jon Burroughs: I push my own keys...

    Clara: Ten little bits of bone and skin.

    Jon Burroughs: And I'm perfectly capable of going to my furthest corners and composing music.

    Clara: Your furthest corners?

    Jon Burroughs: My furthest corners.

    Clara: Someone needs to punch you in the face.

  • Clara: I'm not playing the fucking ukulele.

  • [last lines]

    Clara: Forget it, Funke. It's high school.

  • Bobby Funke: Look Clara... I am the best writer you got.

    Clara: Bobby, you've never finished an article.

    Bobby Funke: [sternly] Well, are you going to give me this one, or not?

    Clara: ...No.

    [awkward pause]

    Bobby Funke: Do you want to come to Homecoming with me, then?

    Clara: [smiles] ... No.

    Bobby Funke: [narrating] Clara was one tough cookie. All I wanted was a taste.

    [Funke sighs and walks away]

  • Clara: [speaking to Jack] You are a good man but, you have a secret.

  • [Last Lines]

    Clara: [speaking in Italian] Edward, Edward, Edward.

  • Clara: If you keep moving, you don't stop. If you stop, it traps you.

    Lucio: Cement.

  • Clara: I'm not helping you. But I can't go on working for that devil John White. He has to pay for his madness and cruelty. And Rambu, I'm paying for my own sins.

  • Clara: Throughout history humankind has used drugs. Drugs are a form of grace. Aspirin for the soul.

  • Clara: A shower always works wonders.

  • Clara: I'm never merciful, and knowledge is a fatal thing.

  • Clara: [to Frank] I must say, you are definitely Ella's type - earnest, clueless, about as sexy as a pair of shoes.

  • Clara: If you could have anything, what would it be?

    Darvell: Your pardon.

    Clara: In time. Maybe.

    Darvell: Your company, then? We have time.

  • Clara: I had eyes that cut through lies, I had lungs that breathed eternity. Felt I'd lived my whole wretched life just to prepare me for that moment.

  • [while Trying to Strangle Savella with a Chain]

    Clara: Amazing how two little girls with no money and learning slipped through your fingers for an eternity!

  • Clara: I was a harlot.

    Darvell: But that is in the past.

    Savella: Some things are eternal.

    Werner: You were to find a man on of good blood who appreciates this brotherhood and what we do.

    Clara: What is it you do?

    Savella: We are the pointed nails of justice.

  • [to a Pimp She's Just Killed]

    Clara: The world'll be more beautiful without you.

  • [to Darvell]

    Clara: It was on a beach like this that we first met. But I went with Ruthven, for all my damnation. But it was you. You were the pearl.

  • [after Darvell Beheads Savella Instead of Her]

    Clara: You truly are a wonder.

  • Clara: It's impressive what people say about lack of education, and they always refer to poor people, but lack of manners isn't in poor people, it's in rich, well educated people like you, the elite, who think they are elite, who think they are privileged, who don't stand in line, you know? People like you who took a "business" course, but lack basic human decency, who have no character, you know? No character, no I mean, you do have a character; your character is money, all you've got is your shit-eating smile; that's what you got.

  • Clara: So when you like it, it's vintage; when you don't like it, it's old. Is that right? You guys don't know what it's like to feel crazy without being crazy and that the madness is out there, don't you? Another thing that's really crazy around here is that we're talking about money.

  • Clara: I survived cancer. More than 30 years ago, you know? And these days I've been thinking about something. I'd rather give you cancer than having it myself.

  • Clara: These are her letters to him. Love letters. He gave them to me unopened, to prove that he loved me more.

  • Clara: You can't go around pretending you're someone you're not!

    Young Sean: Well... I can't be Sean... because if Sean was in love with you, I'm in love with Anna, so I'm not Sean.

  • Clara: See how dirty my hands are?

  • Clara: You're not Sean. If you had been Sean, like I'd hoped you had, you would have come to me first.

  • Clara: Mr. Quick, I am a human being. Do you know what that means? It means I set a price on myself: a high, high price. You may be surprised to know it, but I've got quite a lot to give. I've got things I've been saving up my whole life. Things like love and understanding and-and jokes and good times and good cooking. I'm prepared to be the Queen of Sheba for some lucky man, or at the very least the best wife that any man could hope for. Now, that's my human history and it's not going to be bought and sold and it's certainly not gonna be given away to any passin' stranger.

  • Clara: Well don't throw in the towel yet, Agnes, dear. Those tranquilizers may see us through yet.

  • Ben: Put them things down, Miss Clara, 'cause I'm gonna kiss you. I'm gonna show you how simple it is. You please me, and I'll please you.

    [Attempts to kiss Clara, but she slaps him across the face]

    Ben: [chuckles] Oh, I know what's troublin' you. It's all those boys hollerin' for Eula every night. And Eula with her hair hangin' down and Jody with his shirt off chasin' her. And your old man at 60 and he's callin' on his lady love.

    [Bends down to kiss Clara, and she makes no resistance]

    Clara: All right, you proved it. I'm human.

    Ben: Yes, ma'am. You human, all right.

  • Clara: You're too much like my father to suit me, and I'm an authority on him.

    Ben: He's a wonderful old man.

    Clara: One wolf recognizes another.

    Ben: Tame us. Make pets out of us. You could.

  • Will Varner: Thousands of acres out there. Millions of seeds put down in the ground, and every year the seeds come up again. Life goes on. Where's my crop, huh? What follows me? What happens when I'm dead?

    Clara: You'll probably have the biggest funeral in the state of Mississippi.

    Will Varner: That don't scare me none, just so long as there are plenty of Varners to mourn me.

    Clara: Jody and I'll be there.

    Will Varner: You and Jody and Jody's kids and yours and their kids, my descendants, sister, a line, a long line with my face stamped on 'em, my blood flowing in their veins.

    Clara: All of that from the two of us?

  • Clara: You are barking up the wrong girl, Mr. Quick.

  • Clara: I've spent my whole life around men who push and shove and shout and think they can make anything happen just by being aggressive. And I'm not anxious to have another one around the place.

  • Ben: Well, that's all right. I'm a quiet-living man, myself.

    Eula Varner: Oh, I only know one reason for living quiet; that's if you're too old to live any other way.

    Ben: In other words, you two girls take your fun where you can find it.

    Clara: Don't jump to conclusions, young man. We're giving you a ride and that's all.

    Eula Varner: Where you headed?

    Ben: I go as far as you go, ma'am.

    Eula Varner: Oh, you sound as free as a bird. Doesn't he sound as free as a bird, Clara?

    Ben: Well, Clara's wondering what kind of bird. Aren't you Clara?

  • Clara: Barn burner!

  • Will Varner: I was young myself once. I used to hide in the greenery and hoot and bellow.

    Clara: I'll bet you did. I'll bet you stayed longest and yelled loudest.

    Will Varner: Your mama listened.

  • Auctioneer: This is gonna be about the most expensive chicken supper you ever had, boy, but worth every cent of it, considering the charming company you're gonna be eating it in. I, uh, I hope you're gonna give him dessert for that price, Clara.

    Clara: He'll get his just desserts, all right.

  • Agnes Stewart: Why aren't there enough men to go around?

    Clara: There's no shortage. Just of the right kind.

    Agnes Stewart: Ooh, I'm not fussy on that subject.

    Clara: Neither am I.

  • Clara: He's studying sea birds' sexual mores.Did you know they invented the stag party?

  • Clara: I thought Jean only lent you out all the better to keep you.He let you make love to whomever you wished, but he was in control.

  • Clara: How much Indian do you have to be, to be Indian?

  • [Clara asks Billy if he's ever heard of Candyman]

    Clara: Have you ever heard of Candyman?

    Billy: No.

    Clara: Well, his right hand is sawn off, and he has a hook jammed in the bloody stump. And if you look in the mirror... and you say his name five times... he'll appear behind you, breathing down your neck. You want to try it?

  • [Clara and Billy stare in the mirror as Billy touches her body from behind]

    Billy: Candyman... Candyman... Candyman... Candyman...

    Clara: [Clara breathes, turning around to face Billy] No one ever got past four.

  • [Monica finishes the Clara and Billy story about Candyman]

    Monica: [Monica narrating] She looked in the mirror, and I don't know why, but she said his name the last time.

    Clara: Candyman.

    Monica: [narrating] She turned out the lights...

    Monica: [as we hear the sound of Clara's scream] And what he saw turned his hair white from shock. Killed her. Split her open with his hook, and then killed the baby, too. And Billy got away but soon after, he went crazy.

  • [last lines]

    Clara: It was sunset when they came to the foot of the mountain. There was no sign of life, nothing but desolation mounting to desolation, and the summit was lost in heaven. On the ground was a heaping of human skulls, and the dust of bones.Then she grew quiet and afraid. But then he said, "Do not fear. What you have asked to see will be shown to you."

  • [last lines]

    Clara: Hector...

    Héctor: It's okay.

    [throws the scissors]

    Héctor: We still have a while before it starts raining.

  • Héctor: [first lines - everything has fallen out of the back of his car] Clara! Clara! Clara! Didn't you hear me calling you?

    Clara: You called me?

    Héctor: Yeah. You didn't hear me?

    Clara: No.

    Héctor: This was the one you wanted, right?

    Clara: Yeah. And the fertilizer?

    Héctor: Up there.

    Clara: Put it there.

    Héctor: You'll assembled it here?

    Clara: Sure.

    Clara: [a quick kiss] Time flies here.

    Clara: I'm going upstairs to lie down.

  • Clara: Have a nice party.

    Muffy: Nice? It's gotta be better than nice. It's gotta be bloody unforgettable.

  • Clara: Hoy es mi día.

  • Clara: [to Larry] Darling, I haven't a thing to get married in.

    Harold Brandon: Oh, wear anything! Larry's wearing a shroud.

  • Larry MacArthur: What brought you here?

    Clara: The Trans American Airline, you double-crossing - Who's that woman?

  • [On the desire to have a baby]

    Clara: We want to make a little kiwi.

  • Clara: [at Thanksgiving dinner] How are you parents, Sam? Where are they living?

    Sam: Well, my fathers living in an apartment on Lee Road and my mother's still in the house.

    Clara: Did you hear that Charles? Sam's parents aren't living together!

    Charles: You knew that, mom! Sam's parents haven't lived together since Sam and I were in the eighth grade.

    Clara: I certainly did not know that! That must make you very sad, Sam.

    Sam: I'm accustomed to it.

    Clara: Brave boy!

    Charles: Do you want me to get the food, mother?

    Clara: What food?

    Charles: The turkey!

    Clara: There isn't any turkey.

    Charles: Well, whatever it is that you prepared, would you like me to go into the kitchen and get it?

    Clara: I didn't prepare anything. There isn't any dinner. Ha ha. There isn't any dinner!

    Sam: I guess the joke's on us.

    Clara: [laughing hysterically] That's right. The joke's on you!

  • Charles: That's a nice ribbon in your hair.

    Clara: Well, I told the nurse that it was like the song. "Tie a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree."

    [starts to sing]

    Mrs. DeLillo: [wearing a green ribbon] And I say tie a green ribbon 'round the old oak tree.

    Clara: Mine's a real song!

    Pete: Mommy sure does know her music, doesn't she?

    Mrs. DeLillo: [angrily] Huh!

    Pete: Mrs. DeLillo knows her music, too.

    Mrs. DeLillo: Thank you so much.

  • Clara: Here, how long are we gonna be up there on this farm?

    Pirrie: How the hell do I know? Why?

    Clara: [sarcastically] Well, we're gonna have a smashin' time up there, aren't we?

    Pirrie: You forget the smashin' time, just keep your legs crossed.

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