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Cisco Quotes:

  • Keiko Nishi: It says "businesses." That's what it says. You said for me to read the note; not to improve it.

    Cisco: Oh! "Improve!" What are you... Meryl-fuckin'-Streep?

  • Cisco: Well ain't that a bitch... All I wanted to do was to sail my boat, man, you know? Navigate by the stars, see dolphins race alongside, you know, maybe even kill a few of them.

  • Cisco: Why don't you just dump the bitch?

    Melvin: The truth?

    Cisco: Yeah, I want the truth.

    Crunch: You can't handle the truth!

    Cisco: (to Crunch) Shut the fuck up!

    Melvin: The truth is, I can't handle the idea of her not liking me. I can't handle the idea of ANYBODY not liking me.

    Cisco: Hey Melvin, the hundred or so people you've killed in the last five years, more than likely have families that don't think too highly of you. (Laughs)

  • Paris: What would you do to someone... who decided to fuck with you in your own house?

    Cisco: I'd bust some caps!

    Paris: Bust some caps! Give this man a gold star.

  • Melvin Smiley: [to Video Store Kid] You know, I've taken a lot of shit from you. I put up with your high prices, your lousy selection, and your rude phone calls. I just wanna tell you one thing... I will never, ever rent tapes from this store again your snotty little...

    Cisco: [kicks open doors] I come back to finish what I started motherfucker!

    [whips out knives]

    Cisco: Knuckle up, bitch!

    Melvin Smiley: Yeah, lets go motherfucker! Lets work.

  • Cisco: I don't want no fuck-ups on this kidnapping, boy.

    Gump: Oh, come on, yo. I ain't like that no more, kid. You know I gots my shits - ugh - ugh...

    Cisco: Together! "Ya got your shit together," ya non-word-rememberin' motherfucker!

  • Cisco: C'mon, Mel. You know I love you, baby!

  • Cisco: She ain't no bitch, huh? Oh, I see - you "like" this girl? Shit, man, come on! She tricked you: just another ho manipulating your sorry ass to get what she wants.

    Melvin Smiley: You don't know what the fuck you're talkin' about, man. That's not true.

    Cisco: You never learn! Haven't I taught you nothin'? She don't like you! Hell, man, I don't fucking like you!

  • Cisco: [In the car driving to kidnap China] Hey,Yo Gump, I don't want no fuck-ups on this kidnapping boy.

    Gump: C'mon Yo, I ain't like that no more kid. You know I gots my shit... uh, uhm,


    Gump: ...

    Cisco: Together! You gots your shit Together, you non-word remembering mutha fucka.

  • Cisco: [shoots a bad guy in the back] That was for Jesus. And my homies.

  • Cisco: No... Gary Cooper was in 'High Noon'.

  • [after almost getting in a car accident]

    Lance Barton: Sontee, you okay?

    Sontee Jenkins: Yeah, I'm okay, Cisco, you okay?

    Cisco: Yeah, I'm okay, Wanda, you okay?

    Wanda: Hell no! I spilled my drink!

  • Cisco: Okay, I was driving around last night in my sixty-two thousand dollar car. And I was trying to think of a name for the drug, then it hit me.

    Don Roritor: The name?

    Cisco: No a bird, it hit my windshield. When that happened, I got depressed.

    Natalie: Not you, Cisco!

    Cisco: Yeah, even me. But as soon as I got depressed, I got undepressed. 'Cause as I was cleaning the gleaming guts of that bird off my car, I thought of a name for the drug - Gleemonex. The slogan - Gleemonex makes it feel like it seventy-two degrees in your head... all... the... time!

  • Dr. Chris Cooper: [holding out cappuccino cup to assistant] My cap is luke.

    Assistant: Lukewarm, Chris?

    Cisco: No, Luke Skywalker, you fuckin' inbred.

  • Cisco: Come on, girls, let's go and sign those papers that say last night never happened.

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